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    Encounter with a succubus.

    , 01-25-2011 at 03:39 PM (4869 Views)
    non dream - lucid - non lucid

    Iím at a hotel, with my parents. (The hotel has some resemblance to a place an Italy and to a cruise ship Iíve been on in waking life. Most of it is random though)
    A few things happenÖ thereís a discussion with my parentsÖ (the dream skips a few minutes ahead)
    Iím following my parents downstairs. The stairs have an odd flow to them. We seem to be leaving the hotel.
    I notice my parents are dressed for a fancy dinner, but Iím wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I ask my dad if I should be dressed. He says yes.
    Iím annoyed that no one told me and I decide to go back to my hotel room to get changed.
    On my way back I end up in some kind of a 2 floor high lobby room connecting different hotel rooms together. The structure makes little sense.
    I want to go to the second floor, but the only way up is to jump onto some kind of indoor sunshade which is attached to the edge of the second floor.
    I try to pull myself up but I notice the thing can barely carry my weight, I risk breaking it. Some people enter the lobby.
    I feel like I look stupid and could get into trouble for breaking the thing, so I let go and push it back in its original position.

    I'm confused, and look around for another way to get to the second floor.
    There's a small bench in the middle of the room I'm currently in, and a young women is sitting there reading a book.
    I want to ask her how to get to the second floor and approach her.
    One of the hotel rooms on the current floor opens, 2 girls run our, and they leave the door wide open.
    Why did they do that?
    The girl from the bench gets up and looks at me:
    "follow me"
    She starts approaching the room where the door was left open.

    I follow her into the room, but I'm not really sure why.
    She tells me to sit on the bed. I suddenly become aroused, but it feels weird. Something is wrong but I can't tell what it is.
    She sits on my lap, just looking at me and smiling. I try to focus on figuring out what's currently happening, and suddenly I can think clearly.

    I can feel my energy being drained, she's absorbing it, and judging by the look on her face, she's enjoying it quite a bit. A succubus?
    I'm not amused. I send a sudden surge of energy her way. She can't absorb it this fast and jumps up in pain.
    I stand up and get into a defensive position.

    "How the hell did you do that? Nobody can do this, there is no way you know!"

    I think I understand what she's saying. She's never met a lucid dreamer, she doesn't know that you can resist when you're lucid.
    Feeling superior, I decide to play mind games with her.

    "You're quite young, aren't you?"

    "Screw you! This is impossible!"

    I act amused and laugh at her, like she's a little child not fully understanding how the world she's in is working.
    Obviously I have nearly no idea myself, but I don't show this to her.
    She's pissed, and I can clearly feel her projecting thoughts my way.
    She's trying to make me fall in love with her, and let her do whatever she wants to me.
    The feeling is strong, she grows more attractive every second.

    But I know what's happening, and manage to focus.

    "Kiss me!" she says, absolutely certain that she managed to control me.


    She jumps back furious and confused.
    I laugh at her again.

    "You better not try this again in the future young one."

    She's scared. She draws a portal, gives me another quick look and flees through it.
    I contemplate following her for a second but the portal closes behind her.

    The dream fades away...

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    Tags: succubus
    lucid , non-lucid


    1. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      What did you learn from this?

      Do you think this creature is a real person? a dreamer? a demon?
    2. Hyu's Avatar
      I don't know...

      You know like in your everyday lucids you have this sense of security? You know that you're absolutely safe, heck you may even kill yourself out of curiosity to see what happens.
      Well, I didn't have it. I sensed danger and the excitement resulting from it, even though I was fully aware that I was dreaming.

      So yeah, I think she may have been real, but in case she was, I doubt she was a fellow dreamer. If she was, she should have understood the concept of being lucid.
      During the dream I was absolutely certain that she was a young demon.
      fOrceez likes this.
    3. Peetee36's Avatar
      Very interesting. All your Lucid dreams are
    4. Hecaloth's Avatar
      Hi Hyu, could you please share more about the energy defense you used here? It would really help me out. Thanks a lot.