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    The mirror towards the land of dream games

    , 08-21-2011 at 09:31 PM (659 Views)
    I was at gamescom with a few friends, so I had no way of updating my DJ.
    I'm a bit foggy on the details since this dream is from 2 days ago.
    This was after being at gamescom for a day.

    I'm walking through one of the massive halls at gamescom in cologne with both of my friends.
    The big camera I'm wearing around my neck is quite heavy and annoying to carry around, but I definitely want to make some good photos.

    Suddenly I notice a booth right next to me.
    It's pretty huge and I nearly walked by without noticing it... how weird.
    The booth itself is closed off, as is common with 18+ games, you have to go inside to see what's going on.
    Outside, the booth is covered in surreal paintings which I like a lot, and on top of it there's a huge led sign saying "DREAMS".
    How interesting, there's a game about dreams? How come I've never heard of it?

    I proceed to take a picture of the booth.
    I have some trouble using the camera... it acts weird, but I end up getting my shot.
    Then I notice I've somehow lost both of my friends... how annoying!
    It's going to be a pain to find them in this crowd.
    I just remain still for a few seconds, hoping they'll turn around when they notice they've lost me.

    But they don't... I can't see them anywhere.
    Annoyed, I take out my mobile to call one of my friends in order to meet back up again.
    Unfortunately, I have trouble navigating my contacts list.
    The names appear to be out of order and I have trouble reading names.
    I decide that my mobile is bugged and put it back into my pocket.

    I initially wanted to restart it, but I just noticed that there is no queue to get into the dreaming booth,
    but oddly enough, a lot of people are approaching it.
    I quickly get in line so I can get in. I'll just reboot my phone after this and call my friends then.

    Inside there is more surreal art, and very weird lighting.
    I like it a lot though, it has a very nice and "dreamy" atmosphere to it, which is obviously what they were aiming for.
    In the center of the room there's a very big mirror, stretching all over the room.
    But I can't see any computers anywhere...
    What kind of game is this? Is there no demo I can try out?

    I overhear someone explaining the deal about "DREAMS", that it's not a game you play on a pc, it is a game you play with your mind.
    I get an inexplicable shiver when I hear this.
    He proceeds to explain about the mirror. According to him, only "dreamers" can enter the mirror.
    You can spot dreamers because they have no reflection in the mirror, so they can walk straight through it to the other side.
    Looking closely at the mirror, I can see that I have no reflection, but everyone else seems to have one.

    Wait... I can't believe it took me this long to notice... the clues were so obvious. I'm dreaming!
    The guy giving the explanations realizes that I have no reflection and starts mentioning it very cheerfully:
    "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! It looks like we've got ourselves a dreamer everyone!"
    He approaches me, clearly wanting to interview me.

    Nope I think, and quickly approach the mirror.
    I want to know what's on the other side... I need to know, I am driven by curiosity.
    I walk through the mirror without resistance and exit the booth on the other side.

    I'm still at gamescom, but everything is different.
    The booths are different, the lighting is different.
    All games are played by dreaming, people just enter them with their mind.
    I am amazed by this idea and I want to try every single one of them
    Excited I start running towards the first game I see, but then everything darkens...
    Shit, I'm an idiot, why did I not stabilize and try to control my excitement?
    The dream ends...

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