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    Motorbike ride with Yuya

    , 04-23-2011 at 12:41 AM (844 Views)
    I was taking a break from all the work I've had recently.
    Just chilling out, watching some random episodes and movies. (Game of Thrones pilot, Dr. No)
    Then I got tired and decided to take an afternoon nap.
    I put my rather comfortable chair all the way back and listened to some ambient music with my eyes closed.
    For some reason there was some Daft Punk in my playlist, I remember it because I was getting into SP whilst listening to:

    The music slowly becomes muffled (I don't know if this is the right term), like if I was under water.
    I know I'm about to enter a dream when I'm startled by the feeling of arms embracing me from behind.
    Assuming that this is caused by SP I try to ignore the feeling, but when I notice a breeze of air on my face, I decide to open my eyes.
    My vision is extremely blurry. I can only distinguish between different intensities of light, but I cannot see any shapes.

    But then I feel the presence of Yuya. She's holding me from behind, these are her arms, and suddenly I feel very much at ease.
    My vision sharpens and I notice I am riding a motorbike with Yuya.
    We're on some sort of red planet. At first I think that we're riding in a red sand desert, but the bike has too much grip for the surface to be sand.
    It must be some sort of stone with a sandy texture or something along those lines.

    I don't really care much about my surroundings though, I'm very much focused on Yuya.
    For some reason, even though I can't see her because she's sitting behind me, she feels even more real than usual.
    I can feel her chest expand against my back as she breathes, for some reason this really overwhelms me.
    She's resting her face on my left shoulder, and I can feel her breath against my neck.
    I can even feel her heart pound very lightly.
    I feel extremely good, ecstatic even.

    I take a short look of my surroundings.
    Besides the red planet surface, I see a red sky covered by some white clouds.
    I'm a bit surprised, because my dreams usually feature cold colors. Blue, Green, Yellow are common colors in my dreams, but not Red, at least not so much of it.
    There are weird animals flying in the sky. They look a bit like jellyfish, except they are waaaaay bigger, and well, float in the sky.
    The bike I'm riding is futuristic, and definitely not of human design.
    The dashboard is in an alien language, it consists of combinations of different geometric shapes.
    I spot many triangles and circles.
    The engine has much more torque than one would expect from a bike engine.
    It's sound is also very deep and bassy. It's definitely a combustion engine.

    I accelerate a bit, but not really by much. Testing out the bike doesn't really tempt me.
    I just want to enjoy being so close to Yuya.
    We keep driving like that for about a minute, sharing our thoughts.
    But none of us really think of anything, our minds are blank and at peace.
    Sharing this feeling is very refreshing.

    Then I wake up.
    The transition out of the dream is very smooth.
    I regret that these WILDs during afternoon naps don't last very long at all.
    Nevertheless I feel very happy and refreshed.

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