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    Hyu's Adventures

    The quest for the lost katana

    , 04-18-2011 at 08:01 PM (1174 Views)
    non dream - lucid - non lucid

    I haven't attempted a WILD in a long time because I don't get enough sleep as it is.
    I woke up after about 5 hours of sleep this night, and realized that I could sleep as long as I wanted this day.
    This sounded like a good occasion to try to WILD.
    I was drifting in and out of split second dreams, having trouble to transition into an actual dream.
    After some time I finally managed to properly calm down and transition though.

    I open my eyes, and find myself in a weird bedroom.
    A kings palace is what first comes to my mind, seeing the insanely big bed I'm in, and the luxurious Victorian decors.
    I don't feel like wasting time though, I have a goal!
    For some reason the dream feels immensely stable, I feel like I'll be able to stay for a long time.
    I immediately teleport to Teraluna using my phoenix wings.

    As I emerge from the fabric of space, Yuya is standing right in front of me, waiting for me.

    "Ready when you are."

    She knows what I am planning on doing. I remembered that Faye has helped me remember that in childhood dreams, I was wielding a very special katana.
    We've already established that if I try to fight all out with a conventional weapon, the vibrations of my dragonic energy causes them to break.
    I know that my old katana still exists, and that it was made specifically to withstand these vibrations.
    But that is not the main reason I want it, I mostly want it because it is an item from childhood dreams, the idea of finding it again amazes me.

    "How do we do this?"
    "Only you can find the katana, but in order to do so, you must first remember it properly."
    "Any suggestions?"
    "Absolutely. We are going to venture into your past."
    "We can do that?"
    "Well, not exactly. We can't turn back time obviously, but we can relive your past to some extend."
    "That sounds amazing!"

    With no more than a wave of Yuya's hand, water emerges from a lake below us, and starts forming a portal on the bridge we are standing.
    The water calms down, making the portal look like a mirror surrounded by a stream of water defying gravity.
    It's quite beautiful, but it also feels weird and mysterious.
    Maybe I find it mysterious because the mirror is reflecting everything besides ourselves.

    We walk through it holding hands, and with just one step we are in a completely different location with no portal leading back.
    I immediately get a very strong déjà vu feeling, I have been here before, a very long time ago.
    We're inside an old stone tunnel. For some reason I know that it is part of a tower structure.
    We start walking forwards, going through some stone rooms and more tunnels.
    I note how real everything feels.
    Walking barefoot, I feel the structure and humid surface of every single stone I step on, and the coldness within them.
    The place smells old, wet, a bit like salty water, and I feel a light breeze on my skin.
    My vision sporadically becomes unnaturally effective, allowing me to see the surface structure of stones very far away.
    The place is old and broken down, it hasn't been maintained for a long time.

    As we keep walking the déjà vu sensation becomes stronger and stronger.
    Everything feels rather mysterious.

    "We're here."

    We enter a bigger room through a tunnel, and I get quite a bit of a shock.
    There are three people standing in the middle of the room, but I immediately know they are not actually there, they are a projection of my memories.
    One of them is a younger version of myself, probably 14-15 years old.
    Then there's a past version of Yuya, although she doesn't look younger than she does now.
    And the last person, holy shit! is that Selene?

    Yes, I know it is her. She's only a little older than the younger version of myself, maybe 16 or 17.
    She has long brown hair and is wearing some sort of leather armor.
    She's also carrying two long knives.

    The younger version of myself is wearing loose white pants and a white armless shirt.
    He doesn't seem to be wearing the katana I'm looking for though, which I find a bit odd.

    "Holy shit! Is that us and Selene?"
    "Yes... let's follow them."

    As we follow them I sometimes catch a glimpse of what this place looked like years ago around them.
    My past self gets attacked multiple times by samurai covered up in black clothes, but he doesn't seem to have any trouble getting rid of them.
    I was so confident back then, I didn't overthink things, I didn't hesitate. I just lived in whatever reality I was presented with without thinking about it.
    Seeing myself like that is oddly amazing.

    We enter a new room, which I identify as the center of the tower. The room has no ceiling, it goes all the way up to the end of the tower.
    In the middle there's some sort of elevation. In the past version, there's a small table with a crystal on it there, but it isn't there anymore now.
    My past self takes the crystal, but gets interrupted by some dark humanoid creature before he can escape.
    Out of nowhere he summons a katana and cuts the creature into its face.
    The creature is only barely able to escape its death.

    This is the katana! this the one! It is very beautiful. It reflects the moonlight all over the room.
    One side of the blade is engraved with a dragon, similar to the fire tattoo appearing on my back.
    The other side is engraved with a bird, presumably a phoenix.
    The illusion suddenly disappears, and I am alone with Yuya in the room.
    I sense a presence and immediately power up.

    The dark creature from the memory appears. He has a massive scar on his face from the katana cut years ago.

    "Hyu... and there I thought you were dead."

    I'm afraid, he seems to be very strong.

    "You must fight..."

    He teleports right in front of me and hits me in the stomach.
    It hurts. The punch is so strong I am thrown a few meters through the air, right into a wall.
    As I get up he is right in front of me, about to smash me with a twohanded sword.
    It cuts into my left sholder, and I am barely able to teleport a few meters away.
    Fuck... a split second and I would have been dead.
    I need to focus, especially because this teleportation maneuvers are quite disorientating.

    The wound on my left shoulder immediately stops hurting and the bleeding stops.
    I focus on the creature as hard as I can. If only I had my katana right now...
    He charges me again by teleporting right in front of me, but this time I am prepared.
    As he tries to cut me with his blade I teleport behind him, just before he hits me, and I launch a ball of concentrated energy at his back.
    It hits him hard and explodes.
    The burning remainder of his clothes are scattered all over the room.
    He has a massive wound on his back, but still faces me again.
    He wants to keep going.

    He laughs hysterically.

    "It seems my end has finally come."
    "I shall do no such thing. Finish what you have started years ago!"

    For some reason I know he is right. I have to kill him, he needs to die.
    He needs to pay for sins he committed years ago, and he knows it...

    He charges me again, but this time I take the innitative.
    Before he is able to teleport, I teleport myself towards him.
    I slap him in the head with the back of my right hand, releasing as much energy as I can in the process.
    The vibrations caused by the impact cracks his skull and most likely destroys his brain.
    He falls to the ground dead and his remainders erupt into flames.

    My shoulder starts hurting again, and there's a little blood coming out the rather deep cut.

    "Now you remember the katana, now you know that it is more than just a memory."
    "The rest is up to you."

    Yuya approaches me and heals most of my wound using water magic.
    I teleport us back to Teraluna...
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    1. saltyseedog's Avatar
      That katana sounds badass. What I normally do when I fight is cut people up inflicting them pain, then I rip there dream body into pieces sucking them into a bunch of portals into places that are hard to get out of. If they resist being sucked into portals then I will swoop them up in it. Many entities are way stronger than me though, you're pretty much fucked with them. I also have a bow that I use that shoot arrows that make a gigantic explosion. I have used it so much I will pull it out instinctually in dreams to fight.
    2. Hyu's Avatar
      You seem to have your dream combat quite figured out.
      I'm still learning, though I feel much more confident and in control than I did during first combat attempts.
      I still get caught off guard rather often, but once I'm focused it's usually all good.
    3. saltyseedog's Avatar
      Beings from another planet tought me some interesting things about fighting after we fought a group of demons. They tought me that you can slow down time in dreams. Time is subjective and you perceive it slower so you can do complicated moves in slow motion that are very precise. They tought me to multiply myself and control one double at a time making it do what I want then go back in time and control one of the others then resume when I got it how I want it to play out. Also they tought me to control the entire enviorment of the dream, which can be a good strategy when dealing with large groups of enemies.
      Then they showed me how to fight with elemental energy. Everything in a dream is made out of elemental energy. Basically its common sense. Water puts out fire. Fire can vaporise water or melt ice. Air can manipulate fire and water. Earth can smash things.
      We fought using elementals and slow motion. He kind of was going easy on me but I surprised him and kicked his ass.
      Then we meditated in a circle holding hands in a large circle. Blue energy flowed through us one at a time through the circle. Then after a while it floated in the center of the circle and individuated into all of us.
    4. Hyu's Avatar
      That sounds awesome!

      I can slow down time like you described. Yuya told me that by focusing intensely on the combat, I can think much faster than in waking life, which is why I get the illusion of time slowing down.
      You can indeed do some very complicated and precise moves like that.
      Elemental energy is a theme in my dreams as well.
      I have never tried to control my entire environment though.