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    1. Pugosaurus - Autumn Competition 2023 - Night 12

      by , 09-14-2023 at 01:25 AM
      I was vaguely lucid because I got attacked by someone, used a protego (invisible shield/defense) spell and was annoyed by my magic never having visual effects in my dreams and about the need to explain (LARP-like) the effect to the opponent. Other than the lack of any visual effect, the spell worked well though. I even used it to push against the enemy (at that point it worked like an invisible wall without any need for explaining or roleplaying it). I don't know if I was lucid before that or if the use of the spell led to lucidity, either way it was still pretty low lucidity.

      A short time later, there was a FA. I was recalling the dream and writing notes. I figured out that I was still asleep, got up from the bed and RCed.

      I wanted to go to DreamPrague library but after getting up and taking a couple of steps, there was nothing urban and I had no visuals. By the time I managed to open my eyes and regain visuals, I was in a completely rural landscape and also alone, no DCs anywhere. For teleporting, I typically need something connecting me to the desired location, something that makes the change more believable (at least some buildings and door to go through or something obviously Prague-like… considering the landscape an urban park would probably work but I didn't get the idea), so I continued walking. The dream was still shaky and not very vivid, at one point, I walked through a young tree as if it wasn't there. For a while, I ran and enjoyed how running felt in my dream body.

      Then I arrived at a crossroad of two paths, still no buildings in sight. I decided to get some points in another way and looked for something to eat. There was a bush with white and red flowers and I tried both, but they were boring. So I went into a small woodland and looked for mushrooms. I found a nice boletus mushroom and took a bite. It tasted the same way as mushrooms smell in the autumn.

      I walked out of the forest and saw a huge animal in the distance. It had the head and face of a pug dog and the body of a hippopotamus or a large dinosaur and was as big as an average family house. Looks like fun, I thought and wanted to fight it, maybe jump on it Legolas-style. As I got close to it, I noticed it actually was on wheels and had these sets of huge tires instead of legs. I could easily run between the front legs, even though the tires were bigger than I was because the animal was too big to react to me. It tried to get its back legs together to trap me there and I stopped for a moment to think. Not having any obvious idea what to do next, I woke up.

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