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    Women's Institution - Winter Competition Night 12

    by , 12-13-2022 at 08:42 PM (186 Views)
    The non-lucid dream had a Handmaid's tale vibe, not negative though, however weird it sounds. I mention this because it affected the location of the lucid.

    I got lucid via fake DEILD. It's becoming a pattern for me - I start to review and recall a dream while still dreaming. Because I am in my thought, the location usually fades to parallel vision or disappears completely and I am not really present. And because I am already conscious, waking up is very soft. This all ad to me doing this without even noticing.

    Anyway, this night, the intention was to prioritize DEILD and V-WILD over recall.

    Being in a nice cafeteria next to a pool, I was thinking how nice it would be to be there lucid. I started to imagine more details and walking around, assuming it was just a visualization. For a moment, I was thinking how to make it lucid, touching a wall next to me and my body for stabilization. No signs of real life, so I concluded I was already lucid.

    I walked away from the pool, down an empty corridor. After a while, there were some windows and I was wondering if I was strong enough to eat something like a dry dead fly for points. I looked at the parapet and found a flower - that would be surely better than a dead fly - but I wasn't in the mood for eating that either and considered going back to the cafeteria.
    I also considered punching the window, to get points for superstrength, and then trying superspeed. But I disliked the place and decided to walk a bit more before trying something.
    Following the corridor, I suddenly heard a female voice. So I went back but the woman noticed me and went after me, trying to stop me. I passed a bathroom door on my right and entered, quickly considering peeing (I felt like I needed to, a feeling leaking in from real life) but it was a dead end, so I didn't do it and continued to try to escape from the woman. The area around me become a big dormitory. The whole location was some kind of a women's institution and I wasn't supposed to walk there freely, the woman was a guard or maybe a nurse.

    I woke up shortly afterward.

    Back to sleep and to more non-lucid dreaming.

    At the end of the next dream, I felt awake. Sitting next to an attractive guy...

    Spoiler for NSFW:
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