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    Last Minute Points - Winter Competition Night 14

    by , 12-18-2022 at 01:25 AM (194 Views)
    I was with a friend and we were touching a little bit. I figured if it was a dream, it would have gone a lot further.
    Then I thought: This can't be a dream, right? And I slowly realized that not only can it be, but it was.

    I was in my childhood home, in my grandmother's bedroom. The house is a two-generation house, with kitchens on both floors.
    I quickly wanted to score some points, so I went into the kitchen and found a piece of old bread. It was pretty nasty and dry, maybe even starting to mold. I swallowed one bite with great difficulty.
    Then I decided to complete the third task of the 3-step task (element manipulation), I considered air but chose fire. I wanted to turn on the stove to start with the existing flame, but it was old and obviously not working.
    I went downstairs to the other kitchen. My grandmother was there and she had some sort of roasting pan on the stove. I gently pushed her away, she protested, and I said I just needed to do something.
    I was going to ignite one burner, but several started burning. I tried a hand gesture to put out one of the burners. It worked, but it wasn't clear if the flame had gone out because of the movement. So I put my hand over the other burner, held it still, and gave the fire a mental command to die out. The fire disappeared without a trace.
    I wanted to try again just for fun, but I couldn't get the stove to turn back on. It suddenly acted like an electronic device with a graphic display and didn't cooperate at all.
    That gave me the idea to try using an electronic device. I asked my grandmother if I could borrow her phone. Noticing her phone on the line, I picked it up, but it was just a dumb phone. I wanted to go back upstairs and try to use my smartphone.
    But grandma had enough and stopped me. As I struggled, she grabbed me around the neck with her elbow. I bit her arm but she ignored it. Opportunity for DC mind control! I straightened up, calmed down, and said, "You're gonna release me and let me go." Grandma started to squirm, but she still held me. I said again, "You release me and let me go." Grandma let me go, curled up in a ball, and sobbed, "I hate this, I hate this."
    I ran back upstairs and found my phone. Only it wasn't my phone. I was worried it wouldn't respond to my fingerprint, but it woke up. I got the home screen, touched it, and went to the apps menu. There was a green icon in the middle that had the label tax, so I selected it because I was curious to see what it was.
    Then I woke up.

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