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    Apologizing for criminal company.

    by , 04-30-2021 at 07:32 AM (65 Views)
    I'm walking into a big store of some kind. The boss is in the front and one of his workers is holding in a pillow. He hits someone we walk by with the pillow and the person faints. We walk to the cashier, an old man with white hair, and the worker hits him with the pillow too. The cashier falls to the floor and his wife (?), an elderly woman with gray hair, comes running and takes care of him. The two evil persons leave and I'm left with the woman and unconscious man. I ask the woman if there is anything I can do in order to repay for what my boss did. At first it seems as she doesn't have any work to give me and I am relieved but she finds something I can do after a while. She gives me a scraping tool and show me the walls. They look pretty old and have a lot of dry white paint shattered over them. I take the scrape and try to remove the paint but it is stuck. I inspect the wall and notice that it is made out of 8 cm wide wood planks. The woman is inspecting me and gives me some piece of advide. Suddenly it goes a lot better and I'm able to remove a lot of paint fast. She is grateful.

    Notes: This was the same work I did on our other house the summer last year.

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