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    DJ of lucid goals and how it goes

    Bad flight

    by , 03-09-2021 at 08:58 PM (189 Views)
    I'm lucid in Sturkö and acknowledge how free I am. I fly out to the waters against town but my flying is very bad. I try to fly forward but end up flying up instead and then fall to the ground. New fragment I lose myself to the dream and end up flying on some icebergs with dad (he's not flying, just present on the ground).

    Notes: Just took a 15 minute nap and thought about how I don't have a dream goal right now and that I need one in order to develop my dreaming. I thought about getting a massage and to learn how to bend the different elements and thought about how cool it is to have a fire in your hand. I decided to start with fire bending.

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