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    Big bombs and war

    by , 07-09-2020 at 07:56 AM (42 Views)

    Been away for a while now. I've had this troubling theme of war and big bombs.

    I'm by some kind of half circled arena and there is a kid in the middle. He is to show us his invention and there is a prize to the person who has the best invention. He shows us his rocket and it starts. It flies up in the sky and there is a big explosion, but it doesn't end there. There is another rocket coming from the explosion and one more time. After some explosions there is only a very small rocket left. This small rocket fires of the biggest explosion of them all. The kid won the competition and got a golden slipper.

    I'm by an army camp and they are training for war. There is a big airplane flying very close to the ground and it's releasing big bombs of different sizes and shapes. I think it's weird that it isn't only loaded with one kind of bomb.

    I'm by our summer place and I fly with some people. I'm not that good and it's really hard to fly. I don't even manage to fly off the ground. This was a scary dream but I don't remember what was scary.

    Notes: Me and my mom talked about war and it's negative effects.
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