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    Flying with a dog

    by , 01-03-2021 at 03:27 PM (286 Views)
    I haven't been lucid at a long time since my bad sleep habits during holidays. I slept well this night and did my mantra.

    I'm in church and there are a lot of chairs in a circle in the primary room. I feel out of place and almost lay down on a chair with my feet at some other girl's knees. I don't notice it at first but I feel embarrased when I notice that she has my feet in her knee. She starts to touch them and I feel comforted.

    I'm in a school canteen and pick some food up on my plate. William is also there.

    I wake up by an alarm but go to sleep again. I have this lucid dream.

    I'm in my room and there are three frisbees in different colors and a ball. I do my RC and it doesn't trigger lucidity. I walk to the window and throw a ball out. There is some weird transition in my vision and I gain some lucidity. I do my RC and succeed after some fails. I open the window and I am about to fly out. I feel a bit worried that it is not a dream but jump out and fly away. My flying is very controlled but I don't feel that much sensations. I fly behind the house and spot a dog. I fly against it and pick it up as I fly away. It's a light brown dog about 20 kg. I don't remember more.

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