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    Freezing. crabs, drones and cat.

    by , 12-15-2020 at 09:36 AM (142 Views)
    I've had some longer dreams the past 3 nights which feels good. They always leave me with some kind of impression when I wake up.

    I'm in a big tent and there is a lot of snow and some wet spots inside the tent. There are a lot of grown up men with sacks in there that are about to sleep and me included. I tell them that if it is going to get any worse I'm going to walk back in the night. Some of them say that we shouldn't do that. I tell them that we should sleep closer together not to waste any warmth. Everyone thinks it is a good idea. We pack together and it doesn't feel as cold anymore.

    I'm sitting in a car with my cousins. William and Sara are there. Everyone is holding small crabs that are important for something. William cracks open the shell of a crab and loses it. I tell him that we need the shells and I try to find it under the seats. New fragment. We arrive at some kind of big house where a woman stands in front of. She has some kind of drone and Therese has hired her collection so that we can play with all her drones. She flies with one of her drones on the ground to me. I walk in to the house and spot a white cat sitting on an empty shelf. It looks like our cat but older and not as well kept. I pet it and it really enjoys it.

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    Tags: animals, cold, cousins