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    Pricey training. Grilling crab.

    by , 04-26-2021 at 07:15 AM (51 Views)
    I'm almost by Hemmakväll and walk with Albin. He invites me to train with him in a big hall, they have group training soon. There is a fee of 200 kr but it is free the first time. I join him and see Emma and greet her. When we go inside the big hall we aren't doing anything, just waiting and talking.

    I'm outside with Therese, Klaus and my sister. Therese wants to start a fire since there is a big pile of wood there. My sister says it is a bad idéa and that we may start a fire in the forest. Klaus starts the fire and it burns really fast. Someone brings water and controls the fire. Klaus brings a metallic sheet and puts under the fire so that we get a grill. The fire is under control and there is no risk that it should turn in to a forest fire now. Most of the wood have turned into coal now. There are some crab meat in plastic on the floor. We are about to grill them but Klaus says that one of them is going old in some weeks. He asks my sister if she can take it home and fix it.

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