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    Shapeshifting and remembering a face completed!

    by , 08-28-2020 at 07:42 AM (254 Views)

    I'm in a school and I know it's a dream. I say out loud that it's a dream. I walk into a classroom and pretend to be the teacher. All the pupils leave when I say I'm the teacher. I walk out of the classroom and enter a new one. I see Gabriel, my classmate there. I look at his face and I'm impressed over how real he looks. I look back and see Signe. She has long hair instead of really short like she has it now. I look into the window and see my reflection. I try to make my hair longer and it succeeds. I see the hair come in front of my eyes in the same time I see my hair grow in my reflection. I look at Signe again and she says that my hair grows really fast. I try to make it shorter again. I look up with my eyes and the hair loses its length. I have really short hair now. I sit in the back row and see a young girl next to me but I know it's my chemistry teacher in real life Maria. She is about seventeen in my dream but 50 in real life. We talk a little but she says that she can't speak with me while she has a class. I fly in the classroom a bit and then walk out. I see Signe again and I inspect her face. I can tell it's not her real face. The dream face is a little bit too big and her cheeks are too big. I keep inspecting her and see her dress. It's white with some nice looking patterns that remind me of flowers. She has a yellow ribbon by her stomach and I think it's pretty.

    Haha, I remembered a face! I usually can never remember the persons' faces from the dream. I also succeeded in shapeshifting by growing my hair in an instant and reversing it.
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    1. HumbleDreamer's Avatar
      Congrats on your Lucid!
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      Thanks a lot HumbleDreamer! Are you Lang or do you just have similar profile pictures?
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    3. HumbleDreamer's Avatar
      Yes, I'm Lang.
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