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    Teleportation madness, where will I come? (And Yoda)

    by , 05-31-2020 at 06:44 AM (57 Views)

    I've been using some longer mantras lately and thought about how much the mantra actually does. I change it to a more simple mantra, "It's a dream, pinch your nose". I had two lucid dreams tonight so I guess it worked. I have been trying out the "summon a mirror and teleport through it skill" and I tried it out several times this night.

    I'm in our summer place on the upper floor. I think about flying out the window but I sense that the dream is not stable and I think that I will wake up if I do anything crazy right away. I walk down the stairs instead and say to myself "this is a dream". I walk out through the door and try to summon a mirror in front of me. I say "take me to the place I want to go to". As the mirror rises from the ground and I start to see what is in it I am not satisfied. There are several worms that look disgusting in the mirror. I don't enter the mirror and keep on walking to the waters instead.

    I'm walking outside our house and wonder if this is a dream, I think about it and don't find any reason why I would be walking the street outside my house. I do my RC and realize it's a dream. I summon a mirror and don't give the teleportation any directions. I walk in... I don't remember more but I think this next part is the same dream.

    I'm walking the streets in a medieval town. I start to walk behind someone and I think to myself that I should not walk so close to a stranger because they might think I am trying to kill them. I slow down and walk at a distance from the person in front of me. He pulls out a flintlock pistol with a long pipe and shoot on me. He misses and I run away. I have a long adventure and my friend Albin is next to me. We run all over the place. I don't remember what we run from and I come to a white room with people in it. I grow bored and realize it's a dream. I try to summon a mirror in front of me without giving it directions. The mirror rises from the ground and I start to see something through the mirror. I walk in and see all these trampolines but they are all a part of the ground. There are people I know there. I have read a post about someone who talked about being nice to your DCs so I start to say hi to those I know the name of. It's a little bit awkward when I don't know the name of a person. I come to the last trampoline and the people on it act as if I have jumped with them before. There are beartraps on the trampoline and they play a game where you are supposed to avoid the beartraps. They invite me to play with them but I don't want to. They want to show me a new game they have made. I stay a little bit longer as they show me. All the people are supposed to jump except one. The last one rams the trampoline from the side and those on the trampoline are supposed to avoid the beartraps as they move when the trampoline is rammed. I grow tired of this place and try to summon a mirror without directions. A mirror rises from the ground and there are weird patterns on it. Mostly black and white. My reflection is shown when I move my hand up close the mirror. I try to enter it but it won't let me. I think about how I can use another medium as a teleportation tool. I look along the wall next to me and see a starwars poster. Almost like an instinct I go to the poster and open it up from below. When I open it up it's black on the other side. I enter and as I do there are space ships flying past me. I fly and try to come to the space ships. I succeed and I am faster than the space ships. It's a feeling of freedom. (I just shivered when I thought of the feeling because it was really nice.)There are two space fleets. The "good guys" and the "bad guys". I notice who are the bad guys because they have a big ship and the good guys have many small ships instead. I fly really fast to the big ship. I come to it and stop. The other ships fly past me and I wait some time. When the ships are far ahead of me I fly as fast as I can to race with them. I fly a while and I'm not sure if I am able to win anymore. I get some extra speed and pull it of. I come past them and there is a planet ahead. I fly and accidentally crash with another small ship. I see the small ship crash landing and when I have a closer look on the crashing ship I see that Yoda is holding on to the falling ship on the outside of the ship. It looks as if he is having a hard time holding on to it. I think Anakin is in the inside of the crashing ship. I am suddenly in a ship and I am about to crash in the water. In the last second I am able to steer the ship up and as I do the ship touches the water. (This is in third person and I lose my lucidity around here) I fly some time and suddenly it is a video game. I hear my little brother's voice. He is asking William for tips how to clean up his base in the best way. My view is like a screen and I see that it is my little brother who plays because I hear his voice as he makes his decisions. William gives my brother some advice and they sound to be smart. The game is a blend between two games. Starcraft 2 and a "tidy up your home game". My brother is preparing his base for an attack and tidying away some litter on the ground from his base. The enemy comes and my brother manages to survive with only defensive structures.

    Possible recurring elements: Summer place, worms, walking outside my house, Albin, old classmates.

    Notes: It's soon summer vacation and my dreams are affected. That's why I dreamt about being in our summerplace. It's to bad that the first strategy didn't work. "Take me to the place I want to go to". I had nothing in mind and wanted the dream to surprise me. I wanted the dream to give me an answer to what I wanted to do in my dream. I have been walking close to my house a lot in the past nights. I think I dreamt about the medieval town because my brother played Assassin's Creed some months ago. The gun the man tried to shoot me with reminded me of Assassin's Creed anyways. I dreamed about the trampolines because our summerplace has a trampoline. I only remember Oliver from my last class in the trampolines. The beartraps comes from a game I play with my little brother, it's called Dead by Daylight. The flying was one of my best ones ever. I had almost no restrictions and went on full speed with full control. My cousin William had a Starwars marathon with some of his friends and I dreamt about Starwars because of that. Now after the dream I realize that the big ship that was on the "bad guys'" team actually was the good guys' ship in Starcraft 2. I dreamt about Yoda because he is a meme that me and David likes. It is natural for me to dream about someone asking William for advice since I think that he is really smart.

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