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    The journey of JussiKala

    The creature

    by , 08-15-2011 at 06:54 AM (628 Views)
    I was on this smallish island in the middle of nowhere. I was on the balkony of this lighthouse on the edge of this island. I was looking at the sea, waiting for the boat I had ordered to pick me up. I saw it in the distance. I also saw some black thing waddling through the water near it. I walked down the stairs of the lighthouse. There again, in the water, I saw the same black ripples. I went to the dock to intersect with the boat captain. The boat was this small motorboat with a couple of seats. At least it had a cockpit. I went with the ship captain to a restaurant on the island. Afterwards, while walking back to the boat, the black ripples were back. I heard a loud roar. I saw the black ripples slowly rise from the water, it was this giant lizard like creature (though I considered it a whale in the dream). It wrapped around the boat, and started dragging it away from the island. This continued at least 500m off the shore at which point the creature snapped the boat in half. Now the captain freaked out. But he yelled in the air and called out a dragon (how random, lol) to help. The dragon flew around, injured the creature. Then he retrieved the boat halves and put them near the dock. The captain told him to go and get it fixed on a nearby island. The creature swam near the dock, stood out of the water, and looked at all of us. The dragon looked at the creature for like 20 seconds, after which he wrapped his body and tail around the boat and totally crumbled it to pieces. The creature looked at us and asked us why the heck we trust a dragon but not him. Clearly the dragon had evil intentions as well. I seemed to feel trusting of the creature now, for some reason. The dragon looked around, hissed, and flew away. The creature just stood in the water.. looking at us. Dream end.

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