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    Comp Night 8

    by , 03-10-2023 at 02:08 AM (34 Views)
    Pretty mid recall compared to last night. 2 Dreams.

    Dream 1: It was my birthday. Cracker Island on CD and Vinyl arrived. I for some reason started packing up all my things and went to a bus. I waited as the bus driver played Gorillaz. I waited for like 10 minutes before we stopped back at my house and I woke up.

    Dream 2: I was basically playing Boneworks 2. It had the map layouts of some Mario game. I got to a room where I had to time pressing 2 buttons on both sides of the room before the door closed in. I failed, but I didnít reset. I was stuck in this locked room. I saved and woke up.

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    non-lucid , memorable