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    Comp Night 9

    by , 03-10-2023 at 05:46 PM (56 Views)
    I was with a group of friends. We were having fun and it was great. Played this word game that was like Wordle mixed with some letter game. Well, this game gave me inspiration to look at DALLE 2. I wanted that lake SCP. SCP-1630 Im pretty sure (That SCP in reality is a group of bean people) It had a great result though. Then I just wrote SCP in the AI art prompt and without pressing anything, It started generating a bunch of disturbing images of people getting killed and screaming, with distorted music playing.

    My friend passed it off as normal and this got me insta-lucid. I originally was gonna gtfo cause of how messed up that art was but I remembered my PR and tried teleporting to it. I failed, and instead made it to this big mansion. Instead of using doors, I traveled by fusing into walls. Went out of bounds, like a game. I found two twins. Both of them looked mentally disabled but they were really built up. I tried asking one of the twins for directions, but then I woke up.
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