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    1. Dreamworld Explorer Society: January Targets

      by , 01-24-2014 at 05:36 PM
      A little update.
      I decided to try to go to your Bosnian Pyramid WN.
      This was my first experience.
      I saw a field of dry golden tall grass and began walking to what seemed to be west. Up a little rise, I saw with my big horse eyes (I put myself as my Avatar...a black horse) a flag waving in the wind. I thought, O.K. this must be a sign. Upon closer inspection, the flag was about 4ft x 6ft. The background was white, and the fill was thin golden and black stitching in a pattern like handwriting. I tried to make sense of the "writing or pattern", then something else caught my eye and I was distracted, dream faded.
    2. Dreamworld Explorer Society: January Targets

      by , 01-24-2014 at 05:32 PM
      I saw a little hole under a mound of sod. The mound was about 6, maybe 10 feet high, but this little opening beckoned me. As I stick my head in, I can see that there is a tunnel. I go in and as I am walking along, I feel the sides of the tunnel. They are dirt, but hardened and compacted. This is not a pyramid. I walk on. Thinking about the little blue vial of lucidity potion that I am looking for and wondering about the pyramid and if this tunnel will lead me to it.
      The tunnel takes a slight turn to the left and becomes wider. I can stand at full height now. I think "there needs to be light" and torches appear spaced intermittently and wala! I can see bricks! Large rectangular blocks! This must be a pyramid!
      After walking along for a bit more and not finding any other passages, the tunnel turns to the left again. I walk into another larger chamber and immediately notice there are DC in here. I stand back in the shadows and just watch them. They are in blue coveralls and pushing a hand cart over newly turned earth. They do not see me, or at least they don't let on that they do. On the cart is a HUGE drum of who knows what! Probably a 500 gallon drum of something and they are really struggling to keep the hand cart on track. I cock my head to the side all of a sudden understanding comes to me. I smile as the DC's finally straighten out he cart without spilling the huge drum of....LUCIDITY POTION! The one in the front turns to look at me. I guess he was expecting me or something, but he stands aside and

      Woke up.
      So yeah, I had seeded my dream with the image of a little blue bottle of potion and the DC's bring me 500 gallons of it!
      I guess that means I REALLY, REALLY need help with my lucid abilities.lol
      lucid , memorable
    3. Dreamworld Explorer Society: January Targets

      by , 01-21-2014 at 07:59 PM
      Ok. I'm going back to the pyramid tonight. Going to visit it at night with a full moon lighting the way. If anyone else wants to go, ill be the black crazy horse. Lol
    4. meditations progress

      by , 01-19-2014 at 06:10 AM
      The new meditation using focused breathing( Buddhist) focus on upper lip....
      well its going good. 15 minutes passes pretty fast. Now I'm supposed to add 10 more minutes, but every time I get to about 20 minutes, I start to go into hypnogogic stage like normally happens when I am actually trying to AT. It seems almost like a side effect of this new meditation or maybe its too similar to the method I used to use for AT? Idle. Anyway I think its time to try a new meditation as I do not want to AP at this time. Trying to get to 1 hour 2x a day of meditation.
      side notes
    5. passing notes.

      by , 01-05-2014 at 12:39 AM
      So last night after logging out after a brief conversation with havago, I went to bed and began my new nightly breathing/ focused meditations. As usual it was difficult to keep my mind quiet, so I get myself back on track. Getting really relaxed and focused finally. All of a sudden I have an intruder! Again! So this time I telepathic ally say Wain I'm meditating. I start to go back to my breathing and my intruder says "WHAT" really loudly. I mean right next to my ear for Pete's sake. I stuck my hand out and passed em as note. Then realizing I forgot to write on it, I grabbed it back and scribbled NOT NOW! YOU CAN VISIT LATER.
      I guess that did the trick because the rest of the meditation went well and i fell right off to sleep.
      Don't know if its my sub breaking into my meditations lately or what have you, but its not freaking me out so much now.
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