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    meditations progress

    by , 01-19-2014 at 06:10 AM (700 Views)
    The new meditation using focused breathing( Buddhist) focus on upper lip....
    well its going good. 15 minutes passes pretty fast. Now I'm supposed to add 10 more minutes, but every time I get to about 20 minutes, I start to go into hypnogogic stage like normally happens when I am actually trying to AT. It seems almost like a side effect of this new meditation or maybe its too similar to the method I used to use for AT? Idle. Anyway I think its time to try a new meditation as I do not want to AP at this time. Trying to get to 1 hour 2x a day of meditation.
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    side notes


    1. Sospiro's Avatar
      That's a long time. Good luck with your goals.
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