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    20th of June.

    by , 06-20-2014 at 06:32 PM (613 Views)
    Date:20th of june.
    Total sleep: Not sure.
    Daytime Techniques: RC's, dream yoga, awareness.
    Lucid Techniques: Memory.
    Recall Techniques: DJ, lying in bed remembering.
    Fell Asleep: Unknown
    Dream Title: The magical ring.
    Dream: I am in a tower. It is a long way down in a spiraling staircase. I am a lower ranking person of sorts. I go outside the house, i find a lake, and i dive downwards into it. I find 2 silver rings, a green ring, and a gold ring. The green ring can crush anything that is hit by it, into a thousand pieces. The gold ring makes me invisible. The silver rings are just pretty/valuable. With closer inspection, i find that the tower is my house, just very altered, and that the outside with the lake, is simply my yard, slightly altered.
    Vividness: 9
    Awareness: 2
    Length: 4
    Emotions: Surprise, temptation.
    Dream Signs: My house, magic.

    Dream Title: The cluttery mess of the long-road city.
    Dream: This dream was an INSANE mess, with parts of the dream scattered in my memory, and the dream constantly evolving and changing. I start out in the normal world, it seems like my ''person'' in the dream grows. Eventually i am somehow teleported to a different universe, the universe in new or something, since i am much higher ''level'' (level 13 to be exact) than everybody else. My friends were baffled how i was oneshotting every enemy. I eventually tell my friends in the new universe how i am actually from a different place. It seeems the new universe does not have the word remove or anything similiar. I was very popular in the old universe, but now i have to rebuild my relationships. I see a beautiful girl, we start flirting for a bit. She then takes something that is mine and run off (cant remember), i chase her and pin her to the ground. I give her a long kiss. I get up and jump over the brushes, i gain lucidity (actually i may have been lucid earlier, cant remember). I look at my hands for a second, and try to feel the ground. However i quickly lose lucidity since i was not paying attention. I end up in a house, where some man brutally murders this girl i knows' familiy. He doesn't kill me or her, however. We give him some eggs, and he passes out somehow (did i hit him?). We escape upwards using bikes
    Awareness: 1-9
    Length: 9
    Emotions: Happines, disgust, temptation, pride.
    Dream Signs: My city, friends, games, supermarket.

    Dream fragments/parts of the dream i cant pinpoint: -I am biking with a large group of my friends.
    - I am in car
    - I buy GoT in a supermarket.

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