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    Dream - I Can Do Better Than Him

    by , 06-25-2020 at 08:53 AM (530 Views)
    Date of Dream: THU 4 JUN - 2020

    Dream No. 665 - I Can Do Better Than Him
    Lucid Dream 36

    I don’t remember how this dream started. From where I do remember, I was doing things around my house when I wanted to try and see Riku again. However like usual, these days, maintaining a stable dream environment seemed very difficult. The dream showed me actually lying in bed, like it was morning; and my grandma came into the room with a mischeivous smile on her face. She came up to the bed and started rapidly and forceully tapping at me to ‘wake me up’.

    The dream morphed to make me think I was now awake, but then I somehow managed to realise that I was still in it, and therefore I realised that I had become spontaneously lucid. The next segment in this dream would prove so, and I used this scene to be able to gain enough control so I could seek Riku with a clear intention. I took out my phone and went on the Discord forums to check messages from my friends.

    Every time I would look at the time, it was different, and not just by a minute. That’s when my lucidity really started to pick up. I then tried changing the time on purpose a few times. I finally declared that if I could command the time to be 1:07, I would be successful. I looked back and the time was 1:06, however, it only clicked over to 1:07 after a few seconds; so I deemed the command to be executed pretty accurately. I finally felt I was ready to go and look for Riku and left my bedroom to initiate the new venture.

    Initially, I was going to call Riku myself but then I walked past my dad in the sitting room next to the kitchen; so I asked him if he could help me find Riku. I was pleasantly surprised when my dad agreed and actually went off to look for Riku himself. He went onto the back verandah and said something, though I panicked as my dad was not asking for Riku by name, and so I was worried that the dream would interpret his request to summon somebody stupid. However, I perceived an energy wafting off my dad and into the house like he was confident he knew what was doing.

    However, I was still freaked out about the fact he didn’t specifically call for Riku, but I felt that Riku was coming, so I ran outside through the back door as fast as I could, in hopes that I would intercept Riku, with that fear of him passing right by. I sprinted to the bottom of the backyard but then I hear the verandah door opening, with Riku stepping out in his KH3 appearance and I was dumbfounded. So I realised he had appeared at the top of the backyard like I predicted but he went the opposite way to what I thought; straight into the house.

    He looked at me amused, like in a ‘silly girl’ kind of way. His clothes were as they as were in cutscenes; his t-shirt being purely white and his jacket in the dream looked like it was from black luxury suede. However, his pants were slightly different; they were plainly black with no belts and buckles on the legs. With my feeling of dumb surprise still wearing off; I moonjumped up over the rails and onto the verandah to go to Riku. He greeted me with a casual hug; not like last time where he almost squashed me to death. He was also rightly lankier and taller than me in this dream.

    What he did next, I wasn’t expecting though. As we went through the house to go out the back door, Riku picked me up and began to carry me. Then as he carried me down the sloping backyard again, I started to study how he felt. He was much thinner compared to 18-Volt and with the way Riku was holding me, some parts of his body felt rigid and uncomfortable to me. Heading into the lower part of the backyard, I remember saying to Riku “I think 18-Volt does a better job at carrying me”. Riku wasn’t offended but there was a feeling of ‘oh you think that do you?’ and as if he was now out to find a way to 1-Up 18-Volt; Riku was silent in this dream. Although Riku was more joltier and uncomfortable, he did have the advantage over 18-Volt of moving quicker.

    It’s when we got to the door to the garage that Riku struggled to hold me and open it at the same time. There was a time where I felt like I was almost going to fall backwards off him as he struggled to scoop me back up, but that all stopped when he finally opened the door and he perched me up on himself again. I could tell that Riku felt bad whenever he struggled with me as he was keeping in mind that 18-Volt was ‘better than him’. He continued to carry me precariously into the front yard and up the hill towards the local primary school.

    Part way up the hill, there became a point where Riku realised that he just wasn’t good at carrying me, and so he gave up and put me down; but he wasn’t done. This was the part where he was going to show that he was better than 18-Volt. He started to float and get into a hovering, sitting position; I knew he was going to take me somewhere. In-fact, I realised that he was going to take me to the world of Kingdom Hearts!

    He patted his hands on his lap, telling me to come and sit on him, so I did. However, as he started to ascend into the air, I couldn’t see his hands anywhere and so I panicked as once again, it felt like I was going to lose my balance and fall off him, but sideways in this case. I shouted in a fluster, telling Riku that I needed to be secured. I remember specifically saying “If you’re doing interdimensional travel, then you need to be wearing a seatbelt”. Riku finally realised, lowered us back down and put his arms around me as loosely as possible, still having no ‘secure’ effect whatsoever; like he still didn’t know what he was doing. I said “tighter” and so he tightened his grip slightly, but it wasn’t even near enough. So I kept saying “tighter” until I could finally feel his arms securely and there was no gap between them and my stomach; I remember I had to say it 5 times.

    He was finally then able to ascend into the day time sky and when he descended with me again, it still felt like the same area (the hill at the bottom of my court), but it wasn’t day or night. As Riku helped me off him, he told me that we were now in Kingdom Hearts; in this dimension he spoke, as if he was now confident because we were on his side of the realms. And in return, I now became unsure of myself in some ways, as well as where we were because I didn’t realise any difference.

    I kept asking in a confused tone ‘we’re in Kingdom Hearts?’ because I couldn’t see any sign that said so. That’s when Riku walked slightly down the hill with me and pointed into the sky as he said “there it is, that’s Kindgom hearts”. I looked up and realised the heart shaped moon in the sky; but to me, it seemed like it was the sun and the moon at the same time, hence no definitive day or night time. After I had examined it for long enough and the reality had set in, I turned my attention back to the streets and Riku began conversing with me. I couldn’t remember what he said but it seemed like he was telling me more about Kingdom Hearts, and he sounded very fond of the stories he was telling me.

    Eventually though, it seemed like Riku and I were all caught up, and for once, there was no longer a purpose for him to be around, and so he gave me a farewell and then actually walked off and left the scene, but I was satisfied. This was a lucid dream and so I realised I was still in control. I wanted to do more but I couldn’t think of anything to do, so I continued to walk aimlessly up the hill. As I got nearly to the top of the hill though, a sudden realisation had hit me and I needed Riku back; I remembered I wanted to ask him about his age as per the task I had set in my waking life dream journal. I became anxious as I thought I wouldn’t be able to get him back. After some hesitation, I urged out to the sky “Riku! One more question!”, hoping that I would be heard.

    Something happened; the dream turned into to an empty void, but an entirely white one, and I was all alone in it. But shortly, Riku appeared again (same KH3 appearance but in all default clothes including pants), but this time as somewhat of a giant; he was only two or three times bigger than me, but it was still an obvious discrepancy. He got on his knees and leant over me to hear what I had to say. Then I asked him “What is your age between the number of 16 and 25?”. At first, he didn’t seem to get what I was saying but after I repeated the question, he got it, but didn’t seem to receive it well.

    His anxiety spiked through the roof as the question had seemed to catch him off-guard; almost like he wanted to prepare an answer before-hand but couldn’t. His eyes (and eyebrows) gained the look of sheer horror as he rapidly mumbled and stuttered but managed to utter out an “18” amongst it all. It’s almost like he knew I was going to lock his age once he said it, and so he did not want to make the decision so impulsively. He continued babbling nonsense afterwards like he thought I wouldn’t be satisfied with his response. Being lucid, I knew he needed to stop and calm down, so I said over the top of him, “It’s okay. Thank you Riku” in which he then was able to stop but still looked flustered. Then I came in and put my hands on his sides, trying to hug the giant Riku in which his panic competely stopped and he looked rather delighted. Now I was truly done and the dream took me back to the hill.

    I started to slowly walk back down the hill and while doing so, reflected on the previous scene. The emotions were raw as I recall how panicked Riku was. I then thought that perhaps I wouldn’t lock in his age straight away; that I would assume he was 18 but allow him a revision when he would be feeling more confident. Then I finally had nothing else to do as I stared off into the distance of what seemed to be a mix of my suburb and Twilight town (the Kingdom Hearts sky was now pinkish with an actual sun on the horizon); so I declared to wake up.

    Dream No. 665
    Dream Guide: Riku
    Lucid?: Yes

    I might add side notes to this dream at a later stage; I have an interesting discussion in-mind.
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    1. JakeMcDake's Avatar
      I love how Riku is competetive against your other dream guide, it's cute in some way. I don't even have a dream guide yet, I'm hoping I can meet a dream guide soon. Once in my dream I asked my cousin if he was my dream guide and he answered "No, dream guides are only for those who have mastered dreaming" and I understood he meant that I was only a beginner.
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