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    lucid experiments and having fun

    by , 09-26-2015 at 12:24 PM (409 Views)
    So i woke up, always wanna WBTB lol after i wake up, so i put some calming melodies/music to let me fall asleep, had 2-3 times Sleep paralysis and couldnt get through so i woke up again and again, till the time where i was like ok now i can do it and get in SP anytime i want and then enter the dream scene, i did ... so i was near some beach park, no idea was trying to have fun around u know, catch some ladies etc, but wasnt easy lol so i woke up 1-2 times and re-entered my last dream was a dream with my bro surrounded by like 10 ppl came and ask me to give em my euro coins u know 2 euro / 1 euro etc and i told them ok ill drop on the air and u choose [words or numbers] u win if you guess right, then i run lol and there was that guy from Youtube Vitalyzdtv trynna catch me and i jumped above a Fence (flied) did a flip and entered into a big game soccer field with that red sand while he wanna catch me and he got stuck on a fence and i asked, u believe in god? he said yes, u believe in jesus and prophet mohammed? he told yes i believe peace be upon them
    then i trolled him by saying.. "haha you in a dream and u got pranked i am the camera and laughed and i flied back and decide to wake up lol.

    dats it
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