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    1. random dream

      by , 10-24-2015 at 07:44 AM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      Was trying to OBE/AP

      suddenly i wake up in other bed (like a soldier lol) where everyone has to get up and go for their duties...
      i wake up slowly... look abit around and go somewhere...
      i was like what the H is this drean? couldnt see everything nicely but i was on a Boat or something..
      then i went around to see whats up and found nothing interesting, looked for any female and woke up..
      tried to LD then, i had another LD but i forgot it totally..
      then i had some vivid weird dreams .
      lucid , non-lucid
    2. building dream worlds

      by , 09-27-2015 at 02:56 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      so i was like okay today after WBTB i will try to astral project (obe)
      i sleept/ hit the sleep paralysis and somehow i i was suprised and woke up, then again 2-3 times it happened the same, i remember
      i also had falsea awakenings, that i got out of my room and went to the kitchen and i saw things missing, so i decided to jump from the window and it was like the appartment i lived on was above the sky Lol i flied so high for few secs, and i woke up, decided to re-try.

      This time i was trying to SP and get out of my body more aware, so i had many FA, and i remember that i tried to fly from my bed and i did, but when i tried to switch back to my self so i an see is this me or what, i woke up, but directly went to another SP and a dream, where i met someone on Steam (a friend) and i told him dude i gotta get through this SP thing, he told me put some rap music on headphones and go for it, and also send me some links in youtube to watch, (didnt understood what he send me anyways some weird video) so i woke up after a bit i thought ok last time, i hit SP couldnt notice i was dreaming, was FAand i felt like someone sit on my Foot, so i was like damn thats real or what? when i tried to move abit i woke up..

      then ok i decided to listen to this whole album:
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8Rvnn89-08 and sleep.

      i did, after 2-3 songs of it i appear somewhere... that was really wow lol, too bad i didnt realize i was dreaming there, i was i na park? sitting on some place behind a building, drinking and listening to music lol, so there was (15 meters) away from me a woman, she looked asian and she was staring me like every 2-3 secs she had to look at me, and i was like the heck she wants and why she sitting there too...
      anyway after that i started doing some crazy stuff, i went somewhere probably underground or something, and i wanted to build an alternative exit of my building?, so somehow i was doing that... u know was like carving but everything was done lol, and at one moment i remember i was outside in a public park and there was many ppl waiting some big monsters or big machines to take action and i took pics with my iphone and i dont know what that was exactly, so i moved back on that building trynna make it done, dream scene changed again, i was at some park near another building, and on 4th floor or 5th, there was some girls doing gymnastics lol, i was staring and it was fun, i got seduced in few words, and there was 2 sisters seeing me sitting down there, they say hey to me and move hands with a greeting, then i see them disssapear, after 1 min i see them coming down to the park with their father and one brother, they tell me so my daughters said u were taking PICS, i loled and i said huh? okay lets check... i checked all pics lol i've seen the pics of that big monster/robot things that i did earlier and his dad and son didnt believe me so they wanted to watch on my other ''Folders'' while there are no other folders in iphone for pics Lol, but somehow i found other stuff, and that was about that building was doing trying to make another exit or another entrance, so somehow i went back to that building and i did the exit Lol, i did a big hole with big fences and like stairway and i was like wow look at dat i did it...

      anyway thats it for now

    3. lucid experiments and having fun

      by , 09-26-2015 at 12:24 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      So i woke up, always wanna WBTB lol after i wake up, so i put some calming melodies/music to let me fall asleep, had 2-3 times Sleep paralysis and couldnt get through so i woke up again and again, till the time where i was like ok now i can do it and get in SP anytime i want and then enter the dream scene, i did ... so i was near some beach park, no idea was trying to have fun around u know, catch some ladies etc, but wasnt easy lol so i woke up 1-2 times and re-entered my last dream was a dream with my bro surrounded by like 10 ppl came and ask me to give em my euro coins u know 2 euro / 1 euro etc and i told them ok ill drop on the air and u choose [words or numbers] u win if you guess right, then i run lol and there was that guy from Youtube Vitalyzdtv trynna catch me and i jumped above a Fence (flied) did a flip and entered into a big game soccer field with that red sand while he wanna catch me and he got stuck on a fence and i asked, u believe in god? he said yes, u believe in jesus and prophet mohammed? he told yes i believe peace be upon them
      then i trolled him by saying.. "haha you in a dream and u got pranked i am the camera and laughed and i flied back and decide to wake up lol.

      dats it
      lucid , memorable
    4. Wake back to Bed experiences

      by , 09-22-2015 at 03:38 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      So i wanted to experiment wake back to bed
      and so i did wake up at around 11 am, did some activity, went back again to bed after a hour.

      i woke up in my room in the dream, i got lucid and i tried to check out my window see whats out there etc, everything looked fine but i kind of lost it there, so i re-entered the lucid dream (false awakening) did some reality check like pushing my finger in my hand and it worked so i was even more sure, so wanted to do something and i lost it again !
      well then i had some sleep paralysis, imeddiatly skipped it cus i knew its nothing to be afraid of, and entered again a false awakaening, i think thats my skill now lol,so that time i tried to fly like jump and see if the gravity is life the earth's gravity, it was llower so i could fly higher and .. i decided to try and stabilize this dream, so i open my room door and decided to go outside meet people etc..

      in the hall of our appartment my dad was in kitchen as usual doing stuff, but i opened my door and exited the appartment, going down 2 levels opened the door and went outside, it was dark, i tried to change it but i couldnt no wonder why exactly, but thats my longest lucid dream and i think its fine, i found few people to talk with and no wonder why they said we should go to my place, so they rushed there... and i followed but i found 2 ladies in the stairs and i focused on them looking and they were kind of shy so i kind of woke up and entered other dream lol . thats it . atleast i did my task and i think next time it will be easier.
    5. From Astral to Lucid Dreaming experience

      by , 08-22-2015 at 02:37 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      well i was preparing myself for OBE, and suddenly i did trick my body to fall asleep and i think i woke up in my room and couldnt easily move etc but somehow i managed to ask for Guideness from the (good) spirits etc and i said loud that any bad spirits should dissapear and i am controling this then i thought to jump of my body to real astral project like i wanted to see my self and then experience, i did but i forgot to check on my self lol, i think it was kind of mixed with lucid dreaming cus to be honest i directly went to jump from my window and i had the lucidity feeling that i ahd before and i flied randomly, but i fall few times and got my mind back to bed and/sleep paralysis but i went back to the dream like continue where i last, sadly i just forgot to check my self to be sure i am astral or LD, but i think it was lucid mostly cus it wasnt also thaat vivid i know how vivid are my lucid dreams so i think i continued with lucidty doing fun around explore random places near my place etc when suddenly i went to a kiosk shop (mini shop where u buy tobacco etc) and i bought few things and somehow i got a boner lol i told the owner ill be back in a min and i went outside and some lady saw my boner and kind of started playing it and .... i wake up lol =D
    6. Killing / Flying / Ballin

      by , 11-19-2014 at 08:01 AM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      Hell, that was a crazy ass dream i had..
      i remember only few scenes.. first i was a bad man or something in a killing field and killing people or something with karate techniques,
      then some monsters came with arrows and shit so we busted em, and later on i got rocket man that think u can fly by pressing a button so i flied baaaaaaack to that big tower nearly like in GTA, and i got stuck in a building of army, killed few nubs there and almost died my self lol but i had hooked my self back to 3rd floor and when i got up, the master was there and killed almost every soldier, so he yellled to make party lol and there was on another room a swimming pool with Mud, which moves u back to jump again etc, i didn't jump but i saw 2pac once and we were ready to jump.. after few seconds what i hear? his song playing "Straight Ballin" and i yelled "motherf****** str8 ballin"
      and he started rapping lol, so i woke up after so much excitement or something.. had to go to bathroom too .

      lucid , memorable
    7. Quick LD

      by , 09-23-2013 at 03:14 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      So i just went to take a nap
      turned music on.

      sleepd about 20 mins and one moment when i just in ym dream dont know how
      i went to bathroom
      closed door ( BUT I DIDNT LOCK)
      to take shower i heard some ppl came in house.. so i try to check if door closed by opening it and someone opened it and laughed..
      then i realised im dreaming ..
      i was like going to wake up but i went hard and continued the dream
      what the fuck but..
      i went again to this bathroom and i was eating gum.. what i saw was 2 friends of me
      inSIDE THE BATHROOM cooking and i took my gum and throw it on the food where he was cooking on the pan , some potatoes and meat and i said good ,
      he said yess good..
      and i woke up LOL.
    8. Back to Childhood

      by , 07-24-2013 at 04:09 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      So this dream was really nice..
      ofcourse i had antoher dreams but somehow i remember my childhood and wanted to live it again.. so i teleprted to my old childhood house in nicosia (cyprus)
      i got lucid abit..
      i went out and first place i walked it was the shop market where was a old man , it was fun.. but shop was bigger and another guy isntead of old man..
      i bought some stuff snacs etc to go to the best net cafe and to a priest that i wasvisiting when i was young
      before i go i asked the guy in shop
      what happen to "giannakis?" that old man
      he told me he got short time left
      i asked he can hear etc? yes ..
      ok tell him hi from me spartakos and my family.
      he ok..
      then after sometime i walked out and was ready to go to the priest..
      but i couldnt walk i was excited i tihnk and it was hard to control
      so i woke up slwly.

      lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    9. Weird dream :D

      by , 12-16-2011 at 02:18 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      i remember girls and stuff like i was runnign somehting and i found an old friend from cyprus then we sleep hypnotize or something in a basketball outdoor hall something like that.

      but the weirdest was..

      i was sleeping and the window closed so it was dark inside the room
      and i woke up and i was searching my socks ! ... but i though i was dreaming.. and i was searching searching then i looked the room again more focusly and i saw that i woke up and i had my socks off.. i was like wtf.. my room was m oving ;D i think i had kind of headache..

      thatsa ll
      non-lucid , side notes , lucid
    10. ride to cyprus

      by , 11-09-2011 at 12:32 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      i remember being somewhere and walking and i saw i were in cyprus in a football field and playing football then i got into lucid and walked then and iwas excited cus i was in cyprus xd.

      so then i walked away and i had kind of bicycle and i had 1 friend with me and he told me what we do etc.. i tell him its a dream lets go to club and have some fun,, somehow we went to restaurant lol and then i woke up.

      lucid , non-lucid
    11. Quick Nap , Quick LD , Quick Push

      by , 10-10-2011 at 02:31 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      so i went to take a nap and there was my bro in the restarant kitche and he started pushing me so hard hard i was alreadyy LD BUT still i couldnt move just lauhg ;D

      then next dreams were so krazy idk i was .. omg never mind ;D
      lucid , non-lucid
    12. Restaurant Work & Sex at the Bridge

      by , 09-30-2011 at 02:36 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      So i was high and i sleept .. then cus i saw a movie and it had 1 cool girl .. at the morning i woke up several times and had stress about smthing .. then sleept back and i was in the restaurant i work usually.. , so then i was working working there were too much dishes idk alot of stuff and there were like 4 waitresses 2 who cook and myself..
      so i was working then i asked do i work toomorrow , they said no just satturday .. ok.. and it was just 12:00 am and .. i was like wtf everyone's leaving? i mean , restaurant closes at 2:00 at night and kitchen at 23:00 Lol.

      then somehow.. i was walking down to the (warehouse) and there was a girl ... that girl i saw in the movie @The.Covenant '' the blonde'' @
      then i took her and started kissing her everywhere but remember when i asked my self why is everyone leaving.. i also said and know that i am dreaming ;D..
      then after kissing her we like teleported or walked fast i dont remember exactly to a bridge.. she started getting naked and i started having sex lol.. then in middle of it.. i hear from somewhere.. @HEY [email protected]
      i am like wtf?
      then again .. @Hey [email protected] wtf... 3 times he said that.. then idk i started losing lucidity control and woke up.. But i keept my eyes closed cus i wanted to go back to the same dream..
      i entered the dream but the prob is , i was thinking about bridge.. and i was like fasttttt walking to the exact place where i was with the girl and i loosed control then and woke up ..

      than i sleept back ... i had weird dream lol . i dont remember it but itt was like damm it was also funny.. there was in a Tram Station[google it if u dont know what it means] a chinese lady and chinese man they both used rock o.o , they started pissing.. like dogs.
      everyone was laughing and he was saying why u laughing at .. rofl i was laughing alot too.. then i saw a old lady at the right or what it was.. i forgot and she started pissing too i think lol.. so weird.. then something happened i had like powers.. that the moon was coming down or so and i did smoething with my hands and i stopped it on a specific location.. i went near it and it was so big .. then i started moving my hand and doing things it started like being changed.. like from an planet to metal stuff or like the paris Tower..

      thats all i remember have fun ;D
    13. Quick Nap , Quick LD In BUS :)

      by , 09-10-2011 at 03:07 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      So i too kthe nap i woke up few times then went to rem sleep or whatever and i was in restaurant at first... i think the MUSIC Made my go to LD cus i turned on this song

      then in bar of restaurant this song started .. and it was cool 3-4 friends were there and we were goin somewhere but then i teleported somehow to BUS lol.

      i was alone.. and my close friend also behind me or near me but we dont talk anymore so..
      then i walked abit and i was like huh , thats a dream i am dreaming now i am lucid etc .. and walked abit more and i saw 1 gir i think it was "Geodae"l .. i said hey hello , hello ;D in german lol..
      then i said i know you .. do i know u ? i know u i think..
      then i tried to touch her kind of hug and she refused lol

      and i told her.. lets go somewhere else? lets go to a beach ? lets go..... and i iamgine in my mind to go there...i couldnt move alot. grrr i sleept weird in my bed thats why damn anyways it was o k.
    14. work , ld's

      by , 08-23-2011 at 01:54 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      so i doint remember my dreams exactly just the last ones.

      so i ws inwork and we finished almost and my friend didnt clean up something so i yell him to do that , then he did it and after that i joined to lucid dream world but it was ..hmm i wanted to stabilize
      i couldnt
      idk whas happening but i could see everything
      everything as going more blurry and shit.

      thats alll

      lucid , non-lucid
    15. Flying Astral Projectiion Short Dream

      by , 08-22-2011 at 01:24 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      So i went to take litle nap cus i was little tired , and i had litle short wild but i woke up quick and i stayed awake for like 2-3 hours ,,

      then i sleept and i keept seeing something at my pc Monitor.. it was some building stuff

      then i woke up but i didnt opened my eyes and i was going to join a dream and i said my next dream will be LD cus ii know "what i saw the building stuff at my PC Screen"

      so i joined the FA/AP Dream world and i said.. "I AM Lucid Dreaming CUS IM FUCKING AWESOME " And i started flying in my room like 10 secs then i didnt know what to do to go down to stabilize the dream my head was like bombed up it was hurting or how to say it and i woke up

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