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    side notes

    Side Notes

    1. long journey dream

      by , 10-23-2015 at 09:21 AM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      My gosh this dream i had was really deep,crazy,nice,interesting,thrilling,exciting,wei rd etc.

      I first started with 4-5 people going to some place...
      was a river if i remember right, and something happened and they got splitted and went along alone, and i had to go from another way to catch them.. i couldnt... i think the country was Israel lol, i really remember this dream somewhere i had it before, so it was like replay of the dream... then i went to some building like a church or whatever it was where i had to enter some doors and go down down to get inside the place where we normally had to be, untill a israel squad caught me and be like what u doin here etc etc i didnt know what to say so i pretend to be just there as a visitor etc and they told me not to go in the doors etc, they started taking showers and what so ever.. after they send me somewhere, they thought i am lost, which i did lol, to some guy in some other place i dont really remember what we did but he helped me u know live for that day, and slowly the dream started changing... started getting crazy lol, it was like i was viewing other's ppl dreams, where some people got stuck into some punishment stuff like they had to participate through some crazy things.... torturements or whatever u call it, then i had to ride a car and win someone lol, then there was this crazy room water room on the bottom
      where all people dead and someone was with me i forgot who who went through it and i was following...
      so wha happened we went up slowly (the room was really cubic with fancy green/blue color only) energetic room or something and we went to the top which was the end of the building, sounds weird i dont even understand what this was ...
      then i dont really remember, i keept waking up and gettin back to sleep to continue the dream, so yeah at the end i remember even being wit hmy mom on some building, and we were talking and on the edge of the building it had that feature (same from that water room) where the gravity holds you up (on the air lol) and we jumped from one building to another and could get to any window we like or at the top of it.... i dont know what happened to those 4-5 people i was with, if i was Lucid i could get there, but i wasnt.. so yeah end of dream was a kind of REPLY of the dream again, just from different perspect of view....

      dats it!
      non-lucid , memorable , side notes
    2. War Dream

      by , 06-27-2014 at 05:32 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      Hey ,

      Today i had a really crazy dream ...
      It was about some campaign on a astronaut ship or something that i had to join or be there.
      So what happened was i was inside there and we were about 20/30 people i think
      so something happened and someone got infected from something and he turned to a creature or something
      and we had some war about it , i dont remember everything lol.

      I remember after we arrived in earth .. i had to take some airplane you know those which only 1 person can drive
      the fight planes. And flyyyyyyyyy above the woods etc and find some place..
      while i was flying i had a great feeling and so i wanted to get down and stop to see the feeling , when i got
      down somewhere .. near some city or village a monster came to me Lol , so i attacked it by shooting with the bullets of the plane and bombs but there were few more and one got my foot from behind and ate me and i woke up lol.

      non-lucid , memorable , side notes
    3. Weird dream :D

      by , 12-16-2011 at 02:18 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      i remember girls and stuff like i was runnign somehting and i found an old friend from cyprus then we sleep hypnotize or something in a basketball outdoor hall something like that.

      but the weirdest was..

      i was sleeping and the window closed so it was dark inside the room
      and i woke up and i was searching my socks ! ... but i though i was dreaming.. and i was searching searching then i looked the room again more focusly and i saw that i woke up and i had my socks off.. i was like wtf.. my room was m oving ;D i think i had kind of headache..

      thatsa ll
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