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    My First DEILD.

    by , 07-23-2011 at 04:23 AM (689 Views)
    So it was awesome that i had to wake up and go to other bed and sleep.
    then i just sleept. and i got a dream FA and i was excited i guess cus it was on other room.
    then i couldnt just control it so i woke up but i didnt moved and opened my eyes nothing continued sleeping.
    then i went to DEILD it was also abit vivd and non lucid but i was lucid all the time then ;D

    i walked to my room .. and was searching what to do lol..
    then my brother comes..
    OH MY GOD I was like pls pls dont let my bro come...
    then after a few secs he come and jumps like a kid
    so happy i was like wtf man leave me alone lol
    he just wanted to play something idk hi's 20 years now
    i told him so..
    " Dude ! ,you know that your dreaming now?! , your are dreaming.. "

    he answers: "yes i am dreaming..."

    i was like wtf? and what?
    then i dont know i wanted to go outside in home it was so loled time..
    so i took the trash i said to my bro man wait ill throw the trash ill be back..
    i went outside then i just idk how i woke up or something but continued DEILD'ing ..

    i rly dont remember more..
    i could remember alot before if i could post it but i woke up and directly went to work ..
    forgot to write it somewhere home .. anyways ;D

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    1. zebrah's Avatar
      Nice one karli~
    2. Karlitaki's Avatar
      love u <3