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    War Dream

    by , 06-27-2014 at 05:32 PM (285 Views)
    Hey ,

    Today i had a really crazy dream ...
    It was about some campaign on a astronaut ship or something that i had to join or be there.
    So what happened was i was inside there and we were about 20/30 people i think
    so something happened and someone got infected from something and he turned to a creature or something
    and we had some war about it , i dont remember everything lol.

    I remember after we arrived in earth .. i had to take some airplane you know those which only 1 person can drive
    the fight planes. And flyyyyyyyyy above the woods etc and find some place..
    while i was flying i had a great feeling and so i wanted to get down and stop to see the feeling , when i got
    down somewhere .. near some city or village a monster came to me Lol , so i attacked it by shooting with the bullets of the plane and bombs but there were few more and one got my foot from behind and ate me and i woke up lol.


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