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    Pterodactyl. June 30th 2012

    by , 06-30-2012 at 07:28 PM (668 Views)

    The second this morning. Also the second I had about the old man teleporting me to somewhere.

    I was in the same room as before, with the old man. He teleported me to a sandy area. It was like a desert. It was in 3rd person, like a game. Just like the previous dream. I had some pokemon with me, not sure which ones or how many. Out of nowhere, this green pterodactyl flew out from the bottom left corner of the 'screen' and circled around that corner twice. I then ran over to the left and then it switched to first person again. I saw a fountain built into the wall and walked over to it. I touched the water then walked back to the desert.

    That is all for that dream. Not much to it .

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    Tags: game, water


    1. OctoberWind's Avatar
      saw pterodactyl and thought this
      Lunatide likes this.
    2. Komisoft's Avatar
      Yeeeaaah I think that is what caused this dream. You showed it to me a while ago and I watched it again the night before . Thank god he didn't tear me a new asshole.