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    1. Powerpuff Girls Frag, Unstable Lucidity, and Work Stress

      by , 09-07-2014 at 03:18 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was on a huge ship sailing on the ocean. It was nighttime. Something about a shower. The Powerpuff Girls were there. Bubbles broke off from the other girls for awhile because she believed a problem that was going on had no resolution, but towards the end of the dream, it got resolved. I was kind of disappointed that it got resolved for some reason. But what did I expect? The Powerpuff Girls TV show always had a resolution.


      I felt myself falling back asleep after being awake for 4 hours. -_-' But anyway. I was lucid sitting up in my bed, but everything was so dim. I looked at my hands, trying to examine them and make the dream brighter and more stable, but it wasn't really working. I floated into the other room where my husband was sleeping (he got home at almost 5am IWL so he went to sleep in the other room so as not to wake me or keep me up). I started trying to talk to him. He started to get out of bed as I was doing so.
      "Dallas," I rasped. It was surprisingly difficult to talk right now. I kept on anyway.
      "I'm lucid reaming," I said, either I said that or something similar.
      I started to undo his pants,
      but I woke up.

      Similar scenarios kept happening over and over again. I'd feel myself going back to sleep, I'd enter a dream where I'd be in my bedroom, I'd sit up out of my body, but everything would be dim. I'd try to examine my hands to induce clarity, but it wouldn't work. I'd go try to have sex with my husband, but everything would always black out, and I'd start the whole damn cycle over again. Sometimes, I wouldn't even get as far as approaching my husband before I'd wake. I just kept thinking to myself every time before I'd black out that I must not be in a deep enough sleep.

      There was one where I was looking at my hands, and imagining that they were burned or dismembered. Some of my fingers would then look weird and grown together, but that's about it.


      I was in my apartment in my kitchen, which had a brighter, more fluorescent lighting to it than IWL. A short black girl was living with me; she was my new roommate. We were talking about something else too, and I knew she'd be a great roommate.
      "We're going to get along just fine," I said, but she was on the phone. She acknowledged what I said, however, by looking at me and smiling while she was on the phone.
      She then started to tell me why she used a Keurig to make her coffee. I then saw an orange Keurig on the counter making a cup of coffee. I thought about how Dallas and I had gotten an off-brand one-cup coffee maker as a wedding gift, but we still hadn't opened it. I guess there was no use for it now.

      The Keurig then started to malfunction. Water was going everywhere out of the top of it. I was trying to hold the water back. I then noticed how clear and vivid all of this was, and more water started to come out. I realized I was dreaming,
      but woke soon after.


      I had just gotten to work. It was my last week there. Kaitlin was going home for the day; it was two o'clock, and I was coming in to relieve her. I then was by myself, and was trying to think of why I quit, and how I wouldn't be rehiriable. I started to regret my decision. I couldn't go back to Kohl's, and now I couldn't go back here. What had I done? I actually really like this job. Where would I go now? I had no back-up plan.

      I then had a customer who wanted a deli sandwich. I went to the sandwich bar and got some bread. The deli was on the opposite side of the bakery than it usually is. I also had never made a deli sandwich before, but the person working at the deli was already helping another customer. The customer, a female, was telling me what she wanted on the sandwich. I was having a hard time remembering what she was saying. I was also waiting for the sandwich bar to clear up so I'd have room; there were a couple of deli employees there already making sandwiches for customers. I put her sandwich on the end of the bar. I then saw Judy, a lady I used to work with at Kohl's, run up to the sandwich bar to help the deli really quick. I don't recall what else happened with that customer.

      I then had another customer, a younger man, probably in his 30's or so. He ordered some "garlic cheesy bread". I had never done this before, so I tried to repeat his order back to him so I knew I was going to give him the right thing. I had thought he said he wanted a lot of garlic, and I picked up a shaker of garlic salt. I asked him if he wanted lots of garlic, and he said no. So I put a moderate amount on there, and asked if that was ok. He said
      "It's fine," but he didn't seem happy that I had put any garlic on there at all.
      I don't remember anything else about this encounter.

      A lady then came to the counter and asked if Kaitlin was working. I said no, she left at 2.

      I then was cleaning up a mess on the floor. It looked like some small sprinkles of flour had gotten on the floor. There was water all over the floor for me to squeegee up, but there were a couple of long rugs on the ground as well. I kept trying to not get the rugs wet, but I'd always accidentally dip the squeegee into a puddle and it would soak the rug. I was trying to squeegee all the spots of flour up, but I was having a hard time with the rugs and all. I then noticed that water was now pouring all over the floor. I looked over and saw that the clear hose that drained water from something that ran the mixer into the drain was dislodged from the drain and getting water all over the floor. Ugh. I went over and lodged the hose back into the drain. I let it go, and saw it move a little, and thought it may come back out. I tried to adjust it a bit more. I then left it alone. Water and bread dough then sputtered out of something in the mixer as the hose started to function normally again.

      I then started to feel how full my belly was. I had eaten a big breakfast. I burped and puked a little bit in my mouth. Instead of swallowing it though, it came out of my mouth as little red, chunky-looking salsa bits. They landed on the ground, only about three or four of them though. I had eaten some kind of Spanish omlette with salsa for breakfast. I kept going on as if nothing happened; I didn't think any customers saw me, even though there were a lot by the sandwich bar. I then saw someone walk away from the bar who hadn't been helped yet. I guess maybe they had seen the vomit.


      Just a side note...IWL I have not quit my bakery job. I haven't even considered it. This is the second dream I've had about it, however, the other one being a couple of nights ago.
    2. Two Short Lucids, Dog Care Taking and Kohl's, and My Brother's Wedding

      by , 09-05-2014 at 03:13 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was waking up in my bedroom in the middle of the night. I saw that next to me there was no nightstand, and another bed close by. Definitely a dream; I have a nightstand. I got up out of bed and went to go try to phase through a long floor-to-ceiling window. Outside, I could see that it was actually a cloudy morning, not nighttime; I saw little slivers of light. I tried to go through the window, but instead of me going through it, it felt solid, and rose up out of its fixture and went outside with me. It looked kind of like a garage door would look like as it was opening. Wow, I bet this looked silly to my husband, who was in bed still.

      Speaking of my husband, I could faintly hear his snoring coming from waking life, and woke up.


      I went back to sleep, and was again aware that I was dreaming. I got up out of bed and went to try phasing again. I approached a wall. This time, I focused on simply phasing through. I don't know how else to put it, but really, that's all I had to do was think that "This wall isn't solid", basically. It worked, and I emerged in what looked like an alleyway at first with lots of dressers and chests of drawers of all different types and wood colors. They looked old. The wall in this alley was a soft olive green color with a black border on the top. Instead of an alleyway though, it started to feel more like a big room. I approached a dresser, and really started to focus on my surroundings, taking in the color and vowing to remember it. The dresser I approached had something attached to it that had lots of small drawers and doors, kind of like a jewelry box. I started to open some up to see what was inside. I wasn't finding anything. Some of the drawers and doors were to high for me to reach, so I decided to try to make myself taller. I thought to myself I would be taller, and I started to rise. It almost felt like I was levitating, not growing, but nonetheless, it worked! I opened a small door and saw what looked like a small shadow box with some figurines in it. I remember a miniature white teddy bear and some furniture, but nothing else.

      Again, I started to hear my husband's snores, and I woke up.


      The snores got so bad that I had to move to the other room to sleep more, so that's what I did.

      I then was dreaming of something that had to do with these big dogs I had. It's really hard to explain because it seems very abstract and jumbled in my mind. I feel like the dog care taking was kind of video game-esque. I had to go get something for the dogs. I went to Kohl's to get it. I was going up to some registers that don't exist IWL. I didn't recognize any of the employees there. I wondered where David was; he's normally up there all the time. I then approached a desk, I suppose it was the service desk, but it was round and in the middle of the store. Two boys were at it, one that had curly hair. They said whatever I was doing would take 15 minutes. Alright, that's fine. I waited. I do not remember what I got or if I even got it.

      At one point, I remember one of the dogs loving me a lot for something I did.


      I was at my brother's wedding reception. Something about maybe Dallas and I's wedding too? It was in this place that had lots of pathways and slopes, kind of like a hiking trail. I remember seeing my brother and his fiance' after the ceremony. I also remember thinking to myself I guess they decided to get married early instead of in December.

      I talked to a lady about some food there. I was helping to serve the food. She wanted white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. I went to grab her some out of this plastic container with drawers, but then realized that there was another container of fresher cookies nearby. I went to grab one. She was trying to grab one out of the drawer container. I asked if she wanted that one or the other one. I think she took one of each, or two of the old ones. I can't quite recall. My brother's fiance' got cookies as well, the old ones.

      Then, I was talking to an older lady with short, straight hair about a hair stylist. She was telling me she had expected me to leave her the name of someone that I recommended in the city I live in, and I hadn't, and if I could please do so. I wanted to tell her it wasn't my responsibility to find her a hair stylist, but whatever, I wrote down the name of a girl that I used to work with at Kohl's who does hair.

      Then, something about someone Dallas used to work with at his old job. It looked like the job, which resembled apartments or a beach resort, was overlooking a beach, but the "ocean", upon further inspection, was just a really long pond that would fill when it rained. I saw where the pond ended. Dallas was shushing me when I was talking about something to this person because of someone at that job, his boss or something, could hear me.

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    3. Ripped Off, End of the World (Brief Lucidity), Drunk (Lucid), and Cheating with My First Crush

      by , 08-30-2014 at 04:08 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at a school, an elementary school I believe. I went somewhere else to go get these pictures made. I got there, and the people who were taking pictures were a bunch of young brothers, and when I say young, I mean kids. They all had black bowl-cut hair and solid-colored sweaters. They were lined up from tallest to shortest. They were posing us (I believe more people were with me now, Dallas's sister being one) in these weird, cheesy poses. The way they talked seemed kind of shady. I think one that was talking had a weird accent. There was also something to do with these multi-colored pies; there was one that was bright yellow, which I assumed was lemon, and then there was a blue, a pink, and some other colored pies. I don't recall what they had to do with the photo shoot though.

      Anyway, during the shoot, I had a vague feeling I may be getting ripped off, but it was too late now, I was already getting photos taken. They finished and left. I was talking to someone else afterwards, and they said I got ripped off.


      I was living in an older-looking house with Dallas. The inside was quite dirty; the sinks in the bathroom were supposed to be white, but had this grime stuck to them making them look off-white. I was laying in bed with Dallas for the night when his mom came up to us with some cleaning supplies, and was yelling at me about something to do with the cleaning. She left the room, and there was some white, foamy cleaning stuff on the carpet that she had spilled. Ugh.

      I then was scrubbing a small section of the sink with a rag in the bathroom, and noticed that the grime was coming off when I did so. At first, I had thought the grime was just discoloration from old age, but I could see the white that was underneath. I didn't scrub it all off however; I don't think I had time, or I just simply didn't want to finish it all up at one time. I thought about how the past tenants obviously didn't clean; I thought it was supposed to get cleaned.

      Later, I said something to Dallas's mom about the white foamy cleaning stuff on the floor. I didn't want to further anger her as I told her this., so I told her a bit cautiously. I don't think she got mad. She did start cleaning it up.


      I was looking at an envelope that had the name and address typed up instead of written. I saw my old roommate's name as the sender. Wow, why was she contacting me? Weird. I then thought about how I had heard that she had been married, and took another look at her name on the envelope. I saw that her last name was now "Garrison" (Idk what it really is IWL).

      I then saw pictures of her. There was one with her and some roommates. She looked a bit different, a little longer face and she looked older, but quite happy. There was another one of her on the floor kneeling by a couch with some guy and then one guy that she dated and his roommate, whom I dated at one point. She was looking up at them eagerly. I wasn't sure what she was doing. I thought it was wild that her new husband was friends with her ex and my ex. I couldn't imagine how her ex could even stand to be around her anymore, but it looked like they were all friends. Maybe she had changed.

      She had, for some reason, also given me a cellphone that looked like an old, beat-up Blackberry. I thought it was her phone. I then saw on the screen some words scrolled by. They said
      "Jared's phone"
      Jared was my ex (thought that is the wrong IWL spelling of his name), the friend of her ex from the photograph. Idk why she had given me his phone. I knew in the dream, but can't remember.

      I was standing outside of an apartment complex during the daytime, looking into the distance. In the sky, I saw these flecks...hard to explain. It looked like the sky itself was a mirage or something. I thought I must be seeing things. The flecks then started to come closer to where I was. They were then close enough for me to notice that they were HUGE hailstones; they were the size of soccer balls. I saw them hitting the ground and shattering. God damn, these could kill a person. As they got closer, it was starting to snow a little around me, with a few giant hailstones raining down. I needed to find shelter. I went to the nearest apartment building.

      I then was in an apartment. I looked out the window and saw huge lava waves slowly moving over the land. Well, this is the end of the world, isn't it?

      I somehow, at this point, realized I was dreaming. I was in a stairwell, I believe. I then saw Dallas in front of me, and said, as always
      "I'm dreaming!"
      He smiled and seemed excited.
      I sadly don't remember anything else about this lucidity.


      I was super drunk in a house made of light-colored wood. It was the middle of the night. I was trying to cook things on the stove, one thing was mac and cheese. I was by myself. There was something about a kitten and how it squeezed itself under a door and got stuck in a room that no one was in and that no one would be back at for awhile. I thought about how I was going to spend the next day, my day off, hung over.

      I became lucid at some point, and saw my best friend whom I consider a sister, Mk, there with me. She was sitting down with her head turned the other way. I wanted to interact with her, maybe ask her something deep and meaningful, but I couldn't think of anything. I got her attention anyway and said
      "Mary Katherine!" She turned her head towards me and looked at me. I continued
      "Tell me something meaningful!"
      She then replied
      "Heaven is real," she said with a straight face, and then continued with "I don't want to bullshit you by saying...." and continued on to talk about things she could have said instead or something. I don't remember anything else about it.


      I was heading to my first crush, Nick's house with my friend Caitlin. The house was located on the other side of the street in a different place than it is IWL. IWL, we were friends with his younger sister, but no longer are. She was supposedly having a party that night, one that she had told Caitlin about years and years ago, the last time they spoke. It was evening. We were there outside the front door, being cautious. We "remembered" the night before being really drunk and going into their house (a nod to my last dream; I "remembered" the events as if it had happened the night before), which had appeared to be empty at the time. We were looking for Nick, or at least I was. We were going to make out (a nod to my teenage years), but I would be cheating on Dallas. But for some of the dream, I was thinking it was Nick's brother I was looking for, not Nick. I dunno, it was weird.

      So anyway, we went into the front door of the house. We didn't see anyone at first. Nick's dad then came out of a room to the right, and looked very pissed. He told us to get out. We started to leave, walking down the concrete stairs of the front porch, and he was saying how he had been there the night before when we were drunk, and how he had been yelling from the room for us to get out, but we didn't listen. Damn. We didn't hear anyone at all.

      Then, it was nighttime, and I was with Mk and my mom about to get on a school bus to go to the party. We were outside my old friend Courtney's house, which, in IWL, is right next door to Nick's house. The bus came and I got on. Mk and mom already seemed to be on. The bus was full of small children, probably about kindergarten-aged to first grade-aged. Mom and Mk were sitting towards the front middle of the bus on the right side. I sat down and told my mom or Mk that I didn't want to do this anymore, I didn't know it was all these kids, and that I was going to get someone to come pick me up from the location we got to. The reason was that I wanted to go make out with Nick; I was supposed to meet up with him.

      All the sudden, the bus was back at Courtney's, and dropped us off. I don't remember if mom was with me, but Mk was. She went with me next door to Nick's. I saw a light on and heard drums; I knew it was him, because I "remembered" that he played drums. I was listening to him play, thinking about how he had been in band but quit.

      We were then in his backyard. It was still nighttime. I was barefoot. He came out of the house from the back porch. I don't remember what we talked about. I was walking around the back yard with bare feet though, and he told me to watch out for dog poop. I then remembered that they had dogs. I saw a small dog there as well. I then "remembered" stepping in dog poop back there before with bare feet. I started to run back towards the concrete, feeling the soft ground sinking a bit beneath my feet. I hoped it was just dirt and not dog crap.

      I was then walking with Nick in the back yard. I "remembered" us making out that night at some point, and how different it felt now that we were older. He then was yelling something to his dad, about how tonight he was taking a break from his girlfriend Gina (IWL I don't know his girlfriend's name, or if he even has one). He was cheating as well. I then was thinking about whether or not we had sex as we were walking back towards the porch, and I couldn't remember. I then "remembered" him having anal sex with a girl in his back yard. I saw it happening. It was graphic. I saw it close up.

      I then was leaving with Mk, going back towards the road so my mom could take us home. I was telling her that I didn't think that his parents liked me. I then heard his mom behind us say
      "I like you just fine!"
      I turned around and saw her. She seemed happy

      We were then in the car. I was sitting in the passenger's side seat. The car looked like Mk's mustang on the inside, but a bit different. I think my mom was driving. I was thinking about how I had just cheated on Dallas. I was wondering whether or not I should tell him. It was a huge moral dilemma in my mind. A song started to play on the radio. It was a female vocalist, singing something about the weekend.

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    4. Chat Room and Closure with an Ex, Wandering Off at Work (Lucid), and Ham and Cheese Bites (Lucid)

      by , 08-28-2014 at 03:19 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was dreaming of playing Tomodachi Life, and Dallas kept saying "Ooooooo" and I kept saying "What?????". He would never reply.

      I woke up and he was snoring. I felt as if I had only been half asleep during this whole thing.


      I had just had a baby, but the only thing I remember is I had been bottle-feeding it. I felt as if I should be breast-feeding it. I was in the piano room at the house I grew up in, and looked down at my breasts. I was wearing a solid-colored shirt, and my breasts looked swollen, but I wasn't lactating for some reason.


      I was in marching band, marching a show. It was dusk. Not sure if it was a competition or a football game. I couldn't remember where I was supposed to go, so I tried to just follow the people around me. I knew it probably looked terrible to anyone who was watching.

      Then, I was sitting at a computer in a house. I was in a chat room with some other people. Jake was one of them. He kept on posting pictures and videos of him and his new girlfriend. One of the videos was of them in the bathtub. I saw her boobs. I also saw him carrying a bottle of some kind of booze at some point. I saw by one of the pictures "Kristnnnnnn". At first, I thought it said "Kristaaaaa", and thought to myself he would date someone with the same name as me, but then saw that it was an N instead. She was actually a pretty girl. She had long, straight hair, big eyes, and was a tad bit chubby. In all the pics and videos, they looked happy. I was quite uncomfortable seeing all of this, especially since he's my ex. I wanted to tell him that I was uncomfortable with it, and that we needed to not talk anymore. I made a more private chat with both him and a few other people. I was trying to talk to just him.

      At some point, I did get to talk to him, but I think it was in person. I talked to his new girlfriend, and said to her
      "It's not you, I promise!" referring to the fact that I didn't want to talk to them anymore. She smiled and said she knew. She seemed quite understanding about it.

      After speaking with them, I felt a sense of closure.


      I was working at the bakery. I was packaging some things when I wandered off to the front of the store by self-checkout. I saw on a table there that there was some bread on sale, the brand that we usually buy, Arnold. It was a buy one get one sale. I was looking at the different types of bread and saw one that had a yellowish tint. It was potato bread. I had never tried it before, and wondered if Dallas would be ok with it too. I picked up a loaf and started to scan it, but then realized that I was still on the clock and I probably shouldn't be shopping on the clock. I abandoned my efforts and started to walk back to the bakery.

      Before I got back, though, I went towards the bathroom, which was on the way; I really had to pee. I briefly heard Shannon, my manager, page me over the intercom, but I ignored it and kept going into the bathroom. I opened the door and noticed it was a men's and women's restroom. I walked by some stalls, and saw some toilets that still had pee in them. I wanted to find a clean one. I walked into one with a really big toilet. There was a brown tint to the drain in the bowl. Blech. But I needed to go. I then noticed that there were small brown cardboard scraps flying out of the air vent. That can't be healthy. They were landing in the toilet. So that's what was causing the brown tint. I then noticed another air vent on the wall of the stall above the toilet paper dispenser doing the same thing.

      I left the stall and went further into the bathroom. Some women came into the restroom at some point. I saw a gross urinal-looking thing with some pee on or around it. At the very back of the restroom, there were showers. I assumed it was for employees who needed to shower. There was a line of showers heads and some stalls towards the back. The floor was tiled in a dark blue and some faded green color. I peeked around the corner, and saw that one of the showers in the stall was running. I turned away so I didn't see whoever was showering in there. For some reason, I believed it to be one of the old men who works there.

      I then left the bathroom, preparing myself to face being yelled at for wandering off, when it dawned on me that it was ok, I was dreaming. Woot! I'm dreaming! I exclaimed to someone in a white uniform
      "I'm dreaming!"
      I then saw that it was my husband. He was smiling and seemed happy. My focus was then shifted to my mom, who was also there. She gave me a hug and was so happy for me. She said
      "I'm so glad you can lucid dream so much! I wish I could eucid dream more!"
      No, that isn't a typo. She really did say "eucid dream". I noticed that in the dream, but didn't say anything to correct her.

      I then decided to fly. It had been awhile since I had. I took off and flew high in the air. I was flying down an aisle in the store. I started to float downwards, but used my thoughts to go back upwards, gently concentrating on floating up instead of trying too hard to do so. It worked like a dream . I then started to float down again, and was having trouble going back up. I felt this weird sensation when I thought about going back up, I assumed because I was trying too hard. It was like a buzzing sensation, one I've experienced in meditation before IWL. I was then on the ground on my stomach. I do believe I finally got back into the air.

      I then woke up, and was working on packaging things in the bakery again. Shannon was putting things in the cooler. I saw some round bread that looked crusty, like the pizza dough we make looks if you freeze it for too long, on a rack. I was telling Shannon about lucid dreaming. She told me she had tried it, but she always felt this ringing in her ears. I thought I knew what she was talking about, and tried to relate with what happened with the buzzing in the lucid I had just had, but she said she had no idea what I was talking about.

      At some point, I thought I was getting a hug from Shannon, and she was saying something about how she really likes me, but I then realized it was Dallas. I also went back to the front of the store and saw that someone had halved all the bread loaves that I had been looking at.


      I was, yet again, working in the bakery. Some little black boy came up to the counter, and I asked him what he needed. He said he needed 50 "ham and cheese bites" on these small crunchy bread chips that we bake. I told him to wait while I asked if we could do that. I had a feeling that we couldn't, since we couldn't really price that. I asked Shannon if we could, but instead of bread chips, I said pita chips. She started to show me all these weird computer screens of blank, pale blue menus with a turkey leg-type cartoony outline in the background. It was like she was showing me that we had no way to ring up meat items, at least that's how I understood it. But she then started to talk about the pita chips and how we couldn't do it because of their shape. I then realized my error, and told her that I meant bread chips. Apparently, that changed everything, and we could do it. I went to tell the little boy. I told him it would be a few minutes. He had "2 minutes" written on a paper in marker that I noticed as I was telling him this. I hoped he didn't think it was only going to take 2 minutes. However, he seemed alright about it, though a little nervous and hesitant because his mom probably told him a time they needed it by.

      I then walked in the back and heard a sizzling noise, and some weird music. I looked at one of the prep tables, and saw that some ham was cooking on two small hot plates.

      I then was behind the counter again, and some little girl, a toddler, was wheeling a small stroller behind the counter. There was a boundary between where the counter and the floor ended and the employees only section started, and it was marked by navy blue tile. The girl was on the tile. I gently guided her and the stroller around behind the counter and back onto the sales floor.

      I then was somewhere else, and realized I was dreaming again. I was outside on a sunny day by some small tower-type thing. I started to climb it. As I was climbing, I said to myself, out loud,
      "I'm dreaming, so I can do whatever I want, see whoever I want, feel whatever I want..."
      There were square steps made out of a metal grating. I felt them underneath my palms. God, they felt so real. I got to the top, and was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with what was left of the dream. I decided to try to summon Dreamer. As I made this decision, however, I noticed a white, oily-looking aura around my hand. I tried to examine my hands to stabalize, but it didn't seem to be doing much good. The vision in my right eye then went out. I started saying out loud,
      "I want to see Dreamer! I know that the dream is ending, but still, if it works, I'd like to see her!"
      I saw these rainbows that the reflections of the sunlight was making off of objects. I saw one in particular in a corner on the ground (yes, a corner outside). It was making some purple-type reflection. I thought for a brief second that maybe Dreamer was coming, but nothing happened. The dream was way too unstable at this point. I fought it for as long as I could, until finally, I succumbed to waking up.

      Everything went black, and I felt this weird sensation in my body. I felt as if I was changing vibrations. I then woke up on the top bunk of a bunk bed. I climbed down the ladder and saw that my sheets were navy blue. There were two q-tips covered in ear wax stuck between the headboard and the mattress. Gross! I wondered how long those had been there. I knew they were Dallas's, since he cleans his ears out with q-tips all the time. I then noticed, in the corner of the room, a white 3-ringed binder with writing on it in purple marker. I made the connection with that and the dream I had just awoken from, thinking that my subconscious must have pulled that and put it in my dream.

      I then heard what sounded like the coffee maker making coffee. Dallas doesn't drink coffee, so for some reason, I thought it must be Shannon making coffee.

      I then woke up for real.


      Here's an interesting side note, and I was wondering if anyone else (ladies) had noticed the same thing. I tend to be more likely to become lucid the week before I start my period. I've noticed this for a long time now. It is a week before my period starts, and I am having lucid dreams. It was like this last month too, when I had all those LDs. This has happened many, many times before, and I was curious if any other ladies have noticed that as well, or if I'm just the odd woman out.

      Also, sorry CanisLucidus, I completely did not remember the lucid dare at all during these dreams.
    5. Semi-Lucid: Dreaming of Sleep Walking, Past and Present Job Dreams, and Pink Hypnotiq Pre-Gaming

      by , 08-25-2014 at 02:23 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I woke up in the middle of the night last night to pee. I got back in bed, laid on my back, and decided to try to LD. I immediately started to fall asleep, and saw many moving pictures before my eyes. They were kind of like movie screens, but shrunken down, surrounded by black. I saw a couple of different scenes with those, though I can't remember exactly what those scenes were. I knew I needed to keep waiting for the dream to fully form, or I'd just wake up. I think I head music as well.

      Finally, I was fully immersed in the dream. I was in the bonus room at my parents' house. It appeared that I had been asleep on the couch. At this point, I would say I was semi-lucid, because I couldn't remember if this is really where I fell asleep or not, but I knew I was dreaming nonetheless. Cherie' was in there too, sleeping on the floor. The light was on.

      I got up and flew into the air. I wanted to try to phase through a wall, but for some reason, the wall was absolutely solid. Instead, I landed on the floor right on my butt. It made a loud thumping noise, as you would expect it to. This woke up Cherie', and she was just staring at me with wide eyes. Now I was really confused. Had she heard me?
      "Can you see me?" I asked.
      She must have said yes, but I can't remember. I then knew I was somehow acting out my lucid dream. Weird. I decided to fly to see how that would play out, since I was apparently acting everything out.
      "Watch this!" I said.
      I flew into the air. I went down the hallway and to the stairs. I was moving my arms as if I was swimming through the air. My mom and maybe someone else were going down the stairs as I was doing this. I wondered how I was doing this IWL since I was flying in my dream.


      I was at work at the bakery with one other person, a girl, though I can't remember exactly who it was. There were many racks of unbaked round bread that needed to go in the oven. I did not know what temp or for how long everything needed to bake, and I knew the girl I was working with needed my help. I asked her if she wanted me to help her bake, and she said yes. I really wanted to help her out, but she was so much more experienced than me. I tried anyway. I put one in, but wasn't sure about anything else. I said something about this to the girl. We both then went to grab a giant stuffed animal to put out on the floor since we had sold the others? She grabbed a giant stuffed zebra, though it didn't look like a zebra, it looked more like a bear, kind of, and told me to do the same. I kinda knew how to do this part, but I let her show me anyway. We filled the holes on the sales floor with the zebras.

      We were then back behind the counter. I noticed that all the racks of bread were gone now. I guess she put them away in the cooler or something.


      I was working in the coffee shop again, but I also had my bakery job. I kept thinking about having two jobs, and how both places thought I had open availability. I thought about how I needed to make a schedule for them both so the jobs wouldn't overlap and I wouldn't have to call out of one of them. I thought about how I had done that at the coffee shop. I was actually surprised I was still working there; I had never really left, I guess. It was a weird feeling, hard to explain.

      I saw a schedule on the wall in a back office. I saw there was another girl named Krista who worked there. It said "Krista G." on the sheet. I "remembered" one of my friends that still worked there after I had left telling me about that. I saw my name on there as well. It said something like "Krista B. Black" or something weird like that. I then thought about how the shop was under new ownership, and it would never be the same as when I worked there before.


      I was at Subway with my mom, ordering a sandwich. I had to go in later to start work there again. I saw that behind the counter, many employees were on computers. I assumed it was for training. I "remembered" having to do that when I worked at Subway before, and thought about how I'd have to do that that night at work. Then, I'd have to clean and close down the store. Again, I thought about having 2 jobs, though I couldn't remember if my second job was the coffee shop or if it was the bakery.

      I watched the employees make my mom's sandwich. She ordered first. I was then ordering mine, but they were putting all the meat and toppings in small paper cups instead of on my bread. I felt as if the employees were annoyed and were rushing me so they could do their training on the computer. After I listed off all the toppings I wanted, I was handed my bread and the cups of toppings. The meat was a bunch of ground beef sitting in grease in the cup. There were minimal toppings in the cup as well, though I saw lots of banana peppers. I got an employee's attention, and asked if they could put the toppings on my sandwich. I also asked for more pickles. I felt like I was imposing on their time by doing this.

      I then was sitting at a table with my mom and Misty, a girl I worked with at the coffee shop. My mom had gotten up to do something, and I was telling Misty about a dream that I had about closing at Subway and the back being all dark and creepy (did have this dream a couple years ago for real). She then started to ask me if it had anything to do with my relationship with "Him" (Him meaning God). She then started to talk about the birth of her twins and quoting a Bible verse from "Dominicus" something or other. She was getting all religious on me. I just listened to her talk. My mom came back.


      I was with Kristen, a girl that I worked with at Kohl's. We were getting ready to go to a party. She poured me this HUGE glass of booze. It was a mixture of hot pink glittery Hypnotiq and some other kind of reddish liquor. I took a sip and it tasted very sweet and fruity, not like alcohol at all. I kept taking drinks of it, doubting that I could finish it all since it was so much. I watched her as she downed a regular-sized wine glass of red wine. Blech. I guess she must be a seasoned drinker. I then noticed that my own huge glass was almost empty. I took the last drink of it.

      We were then parked in a parking lot. It was dusk. There was a building in front of us, a bar or restaurant. I ran up the stairs and on the porch to get behind the building to where the outdoor party was being held. I climbed over things on the porch. There were people sitting at a table there. I climbed on the table, then realized it was a table and quickly got off the table, thinking the men sitting there were probably expecting some kind of table dance.

      I then was off the porch and behind the building in a field. There were cars parked and some of my friends were there. One of them, Rachel I think, asked me if I had driven, and I said yes. She asked me if I should have driven, and I said no, probably not, but I did. I could feel the alcohol at this point. I wandered off towards some other people.
    6. Realistic Nightmare and False Awakening, Ski Ball Bowling, Cake, and Roll Death

      by , 08-16-2014 at 03:14 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was going into Dallas and I's bathroom. It was very dark. I had to get up out of bed to poop. I started to sit on the toilet, when Dallas came into the doorway and started coming towards the toilet.
      "What are you doing? I have to poop!" I said. He kept coming. I got up. I assumed he had to poop too.
      "Are you really gonna make me use the other bathroom?" I said. He didn't say anything. I took that as a yes. I started to head towards the doorway to our bedroom to go to the guest bathroom. Dallas started to shut the door to our bathroom. I then started to hear noises coming from the living room area, and started to panic a little. Someone was in our apartment. Before Dallas could shut the door all the way, I caught it with my hand. I said something like
      "Dallas, someone's in our apartment!"
      I started to panic, and all my vision went black. I tried to scream for Dallas, but nothing came out. I then realized that I had been dreaming, and decided to calmly wait for myself to awaken instead of panicking.

      I then woke up on Dallas's chest. Phew, just a dream. I was so glad. I then started to hear noises again. I was really confused. Was I not awake? I started trying to wake Dallas up, but he was dead asleep. I pinched him, I tried to yell his name but again, it wouldn't come out. Really? Is this really a dream again?I thought to myself. Vision went black again,
      and then I woke up for real.

      Another 10 minute nightmare. I wasn't asleep long at all.


      I was at a bowling alley bowling with Dallas, but it was more like ski-ball; we were throwing smaller balls at the pins down the lane instead of an actual bowling ball. There was almost no one there; we were the only ones playing. Dallas then said something about how the bowling alley was closing for good soon; it was going out of business. I looked around and I could see why. It was so dead in there. I then went to throw my ski ball, but it slipped out of my hand and I accidentally threw it behind me.

      I then saw a very small child, a male toddler, carrying what looked like a six pack of beer up to the lanes, but it was actually a six pack of ski balls.


      I had these two cakes made for me. I was at work I believe. Both were big and delicious looking with cream cheese icing on them (freakin yum). One had off-white cream cheese icing with red decorations. I had to do something with them to keep them safe or something, I can't quite recall.

      Then, I saw the outside of my apartment. Someone was coming up the stairs. It was daytime outside. Then, something happened; a roll in a bag of rolls died? And it seemed so inconsequential, but I couldn't proceed with anything at all now. It was like playing a Sierra adventure game, where you don't do something in the beginning of the game and you get to the end and you have to start all over. I had to "start over" from a point before that to see if there was anything I missed, anything I could do to prevent the death of the roll.


      Yay insomnia! Again! Woohoo. Also these 10-minute nightmares are very puzzling to me. It has happened to me quite often in the past few months. I guess what I don't get it how am I dreaming without being in REM? I thought REM sleep came later in the sleep cycle? Like, I will literally be asleep for 10-15 minutes for these nightmares. There was one that I was asleep for about an hour. Anyone have any thoughts?
    7. An Alternate Past With My First Crush

      by , 08-09-2014 at 02:16 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was reliving my past, though it was an alternate version. Honestly, I'm not sure where I was, I just know I was inside somewhere. I was watching the guy that I first kissed, Nick, taking these girls into the bathroom with him. I was jealous because I really liked him. I think at one point I went in there with him, but we didn't make out or anything. He was showing me something in there.

      This alternate past went on for quite awhile, mostly it was me watching Nick, wishing he would be with me. There was a brief point of lucidity, though it was hard to grasp. It was like I was having trouble letting go of the dream plot. I finally grasped the idea that I was dreaming, and started trying to do other things,
      when I woke up.


      I was in Nick's house, though it was a weird house; it was like a mixture between a house and another location. I saw that Nick was in his room, though I did not go in there. I was in a dark, basement-like part of the building, but I could clearly see the entrance to Nick's room, and I could see the kitchen. We were older now. I had been in this building with him for quite awhile, it seems like years, and he had been in his room for mostly the whole time. I did not see him come out. I didn't want him to see me.

      I then had to go in there to give him something. I was afraid he wouldn't talk to me. I believe we did talk, but I can't remember for sure.

      I then was "remembering" a part of my alternate past again, though it was when we were older and in college. We were talking and having a great time. We weren't together as a couple, but we were quite close with one another, closer than we ever were IWL. We were sitting on some stairs, just talking and having a great time. I looked into his eyes, and saw him for who he was; his light brown eyes were quite happy.

      I then was "remembering" us writing letters to each other. At some point during this, I started to "remember" the past more as it really happened IWL, though not to a T; I wrote him a letter that upset him, and he never spoke to me again. I was now back in the present moment. I then had another "memory" of me in a dark room that was lit with starlights, and it was full of small models of the orbiting planets. There was also a picture on the wall of all the planets that apparently I had made. It looked very realistic, as if it were a computer rendered image or a very realistic painting. It wasn't accurate as far as their orbits went, and I had more on on there than the ones we know, but still, it was really good. It was really quite beautiful. I tried to telekinetically take control of Neptune, which looked like a grey rock with an indentation in the middle. I was not doing a great job at it. As this was happening with the planets, I was thinking about Nick and how close we had been and how upset he was at me.

      Then, I was back in the present moment, considering whether or not I should write him more letters, though I was receiving no response. I wanted to write poetry to him, but I then thought about how inappropriate that would be since I'm married.

      Dream skip, though the Nick thing was still relevant somehow. I was working at a grocery store, the same one I work at now, though I was not in the bakery, but I was doing something else. I was in a different section. It looked like produce, but was not all produce; there were other things besides fruits and veggies, like rice and such. I was working on setting up a display, when a woman approached me, an older, Asian woman with glasses. She asked me about a bag of rice that she had that was slightly opened. I told her I'd get her another one. I took the one from her and gave her another one. She examined it very carefully to make sure it wasn't opened. The bag was VERY slightly torn, and she noticed. I told her it was fine, it wasn't opened like the other one was. She still needed another one, however. Before I left, she told me she needed a 1-pound bag because the one she had was 3 pounds, and she wanted 4 pounds of rice. She was holding up two bags and showing me how one said one pound and the other said three pound. I took them from her to look, one at a time. For bags of rice, they were extremely lightweight. I gave them back to her. As I was leaving to go get one from the back, she shouted after me
      "One pound!" as if I didn't hear her the first time.

      I went and found one, I think asking someone about it on the way. I made sure that it said 1 pound on the bag. I went to bring it to her, and she swore it said 3 pounds. -_-'

      She then directed my attention to another woman, a customer, who looked like she had chain smoked all her life, who was standing at a microphone at a podium to make an announcement. Only associates were supposed to use those. I saw some smoke trickle from between her lips. She was announcing something. The customer then asked me
      "What's your joystick policy?" she asked as if she was quizzing me; she knew the answer, but wanted to see if I knew.
      "I don't know," I responded. I had never heard of a "joystick policy" before.
      She then directed my attention to an associate, a girl wearing the uniform we have to wear, who was standing behind a different podium with a microphone, but she was standing a bit further a way. The customer asked her to tell me what it was. She started to speak into the microphone, but her voice was no clear at all and I could not understand a word she said. I told the lady I couldn't understand what she was saying.


      On average, I dream about Nick 1-3 times a year. It's usually something vivid too.
    8. Being Pursued By Murderers, Brief Lucidity, and a Crowded Skating Rink

      by , 08-08-2014 at 03:12 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in a grocery store with many other people. Two people had been let in that wanted to murder us, an older guy and a younger girl. One person had already gotten pretty much killed; his head was being held on only by this full body cast. I knew that once that was gone, his head would fall off. I "remembered" it as if it had happened before. I was being pursued by the girl, probably of about 18-20 or so. She was skinny and had her blonde hair pulled up into a ponytail. I was on the ground in one of the aisles, and she was trying to stab me with this sharp, yellow crystal. I kept avoiding it and was trying to fight her off. I think I may have gotten hit a couple of times, but I can't remember for sure. I was yelling for help quite a bit, hoping someone would hear me.

      Eventually, I fought her off. I got the crystal from her hands, so now, she had no means to kill me with. We were both standing up now, facing one another. I remember looking at her face and she just had this evil smile. I also noticed she was wearing some sort of uniform; I remember dark red being one of the colors in it. We somehow got her and the guy out of there. I remember speaking with the guy whose head was beheaded and being kept alive.

      Later, we locked the front glass doors. We were standing by them, and I saw the two murderers standing outside, trying to get in. I was talking to someone, telling them NOT to let those people in no matter what. They would try to coerce their way in. They'd try to play on their pity. But they were NOT good people and would kill us. I knew the girl would come back after me. I thought about her getting another crystal. I believe the guy fought with a crystal as well.

      I remember at one point seeing the guy who got beheaded without his body cast. His head slid off his body, or almost did.

      I then was in a garage somewhere. I saw Dallas in the doorway, and realized, out of the blue, that I was dreaming. I said
      "Dallas! This is a dream!"
      He had started to speak to me during my exclamation. I wasn't sure if he had heard me. He then said something about it being a dream, so I knew he had.
      I went up to him, and felt the dream was going to end soon; it felt a bit unstable. I examined my hands, focusing on their detail, and it worked for a little bit. I was standing with him and started to remove my clothes, when everything around me gained a faint white aura.

      I then woke up.


      I was at the skating rink I used to frequent in my youth. The rink was much smaller than I remember; they had re-done it so it now it was much more cramped, and you could barely skate on it if there were too many people. There were many people there, mostly kids. I looked at the rink from the side area and thought about how cramped it looked, and that it wouldn't be nearly as much fun now that it was like this. I'm pretty sure I had skates on. I remember seeing some of the employees that patrolled the rink, skating around on the crowded rink with the kids, guiding them over hurdles and such. There were just too many people. I wanted to skate freely, not cramped up with a zillion little kids. I also had a point where I wondered if I was too old to be there. I felt kind of weird being one of the oldest people there.

      I was there at some point before the rink opened. I wondered if I could skate even though it was closed. There was no one there at least, so I'd have it all to myself.


      I was dreaming something this morning when my husband was about to leave for work. He was stroking my shoulder IWL, and I kept falling in and out of sleep. I finally woke up so he could tell me goodbye and that he'd see me later.


      I know I dreamed way more than this last night, and I told myself I'd remember, but alas.

      Though I am happy for the lucidity I've been having lately, even if it's just brief. I have been lucid WAY more lately than I have in a very long time, dare I saw ever. Usually I'm lucid on average once per week when I'm focused on it. I've been lucid every other night just about. It's been a huge change of pace. I'm happy for it. Hoping it continues. I guess I just need to keep doing what I'm doing, meditate more regularly, and use more intention.

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    9. Bat Bite, The Talking Stag, and Being a Dude (Semi-Lucid)

      by , 08-06-2014 at 02:26 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in a very large room with many people. The walls were a cream color. We were singing in some sort of choir. I was standing towards the front, and turned around to look behind me. There were people ducking and screaming.
      "It's a bat!!" I heard someone scream.
      I then saw a bat swoop down behind me. I was trying to get away from it myself, when it landed on my hand and bit me. It left three small puncture wounds on my hand. I was panicking a bit, because I knew I needed to go to the hospital.

      There was more to this one, but I can't quite recall.


      I was working in a jewelry store. I went to open shop. I got there, and Rachel was there, too. Her parents owned the store (I worked for them at a coffee shop 7 years ago IWL). They were there as well.

      The store opened, and a girl I knew in high school, Amanda, came inside. I think she was returning something. I thought about it, and thought I had heard that her fiance' was dead. I didn't say anything to her, but approached her and gave her a hug. She didn't hug back or say anything, but I wasn't offended. I finished hugging her and walked the other direction.

      I then remembered that I had forgotten something at home. I asked Rachel's parents if I could run home and get it real quick. They said I could. I left the store.

      Then, I saw this scene of a stag in a beautiful forest. He was sitting in a tall grassy area. Sunlight was peeking through the treetops, and everything it touched shimmered. I then saw some glowing thing. I do not know what else to call it but that. It was a round shape and was glowing in faint rainbow colors, but you could mainly see white. There was another one in the back room of the jewelry store too. I think it also acted as a portal. Rachel touched it, and turned into a scarecrow. She could then approach the stag. She stroked his fur, and he let her.

      It then got to a point where I did the same thing. At first, I could see myself in third person being the scarecrow and approaching the stag. But then, it was first person, and I was stroking the stag's fur. At first, I was expecting him to run, but he didn't move a muscle. I started to speak with him. He spoke to me in a deep, male voice, talking about scarecrows and how we came to see him (he did not realize that all the scarecrows who had seen him were all different humans). We spoke of other things as well, though I can't remember.

      Eventually, I went back to the jewelry store.

      Then, I was shopping at a grocery store in the produce section. I was looking for grapefruit so I could eat it with my breakfast for a healthy kick. I saw these small fruits inside these circular holders, kind of like the ones cups are in at fast food restaurants. I went to pull one out, and it was cutting it into a square shape as I pulled it. I saw that it was a type of melon, so I decided I didn't want it. I went to put it back, but it wouldn't go back in now that it was cut; it kept sliding out. I then kept looking, and spotted a bigger white fruit in a similar holder, but I read the sign and saw it was cantaloupe. Ugh, why couldn't I find a grapefruit? Someone, a female I believe, came up to me and asked what I was looking for. I responded
      "A melon. No, a cantaloupe. No, a grapefruit."
      I think she showed them to me. I can't quite recall.


      I was laying in my room, but it was a part of a much different apartment than the one I'm living in currently; it actually seemed to be a mixture of my apartment and my dad's old practice. It had many rooms all lining the same hallway on either side. In fact, my old roommate, Cherie', still lived there. So did her boyfriend, Jeremiah. I was debating on whether or not I had time to get up and shower.

      I then got up, and walked into a bathroom (there were a few bathrooms in this apartment). Jeremiah was in the shower. I got in with him and started washing my hair. We were laughing and having a good time. I think I put my arms around his neck. I noticed that the water was kinda cold. I guess he liked showers the way my husband likes them. I didn't mind the cold much (though I do IWL).

      I then had to get out, I guess Cherie' was coming home and was going to shower with him. I had only washed my hair though, and still needed to shower more. I saw my reflection in a mirror of my hair. It was already dry, and looked very wavy and shiny. I figured I could get by with just shampooing my hair and it wouldn't be a big deal. I needed to wash my face, though. I couldn't get to my shower stuff anymore because Cherie' and Jeremiah were showering. So instead, I pretended that I had my bottle of face wash in my hand, and started to pump some on my finger. I felt nothing. I kept trying however; I put it on my face, rubbing it around. I felt it a little, but not much. It felt dry. Probably because it was.

      I then walked by another room, which was actually an office. I saw a computer on a desk in there. It had a flowery background. Now that I think about it, it really resembled my dad's old office, though the furniture was switched around. I saw my therapist in there. She smiled and closed the door. I guess she was working. I think the bathroom I normally used was in there. Crap.

      I then found myself showering in another bathroom in the apartment. I looked down and I was standing on a couch/lounge chair.

      Avatar? Whats urs about?-audrey-bella-navy-chaise-chair-42b87405-9e4b-431c-9c78-1f4776a1c8ee_320.jpg

      It looked similar to this, only it had two cushions instead of just the one, and had a curtain-type pattern on top of the navy blue.

      I watched the water hit the chair.

      I then was out of the shower, and approached a mirror in the bathroom. To my surprise, I was looking at the reflection of a young skinny guy with a white tank top on and short, dark dreads. I knew who I/he was in the dream. At this point, I became semi-lucid. I noticed that behind me, stood...me. When I moved in the mirror, the guy me moved, but the other me, the girl me, was moving of her own accord. This part was extremely vivid.

      I then turned around and saw Cherie' was there too, but she also was a guy! She looked similar to me. I knew who she was supposed to be as well. I said to her
      "I wonder if I have a penis."
      I looked down to look. I didn't see a bulge. I did notice I was standing in a white bathtub though. I then pulled open my basketball shorts and saw...my vagina. I even saw my birthmark on my belly that I have IWL. Boo. No penis for me.
      Cherie' then checked to see if she had one, and she did. She said, in her voice, I might add,
      "I do. It's long enough to impregnante someone!" I saw a glimpse of it. It was hard. Damn, son. She was right.

      Then, either I woke up, or lost my semi-lucidity.


      I slept super well last night, and I know there were more dreams, but I can't remember them all right now. I just kept thinking about how I needed to sleep more. I was dog tired.

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    10. Portal Travel and Visiting Hyu (Lucid), Hotdog Bun Drama, and an Alternate Version of "Hook"

      by , 08-03-2014 at 01:49 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I had woken up for a little while and I was having trouble going back to sleep. I decided to try to meditate to see if that would help. I cleansed my chakras and did some affirmations, and it worked!

      Not only did it work, but I felt myself enter a dream. I was lucid immediately, and it felt quite stable. I was in my room at my parents' house. It was set up the way I had it when I was in middle school/part of high school. It was dark and nighttime out.

      Of course, the first thing I did was call to Mike, but I got no response. Oh well. Onto other things.

      I decided to try to make some portals. I hadn't done that in a very, very long time. The first portal I made was to erm...a sex world where I was the only female. I figured since this was my dream, I could go wherever I wanted, even if it was just for pleasure. Anyway, I drew the outline, and it was the oily rainbow color that it usually is, and jumped into it. Details will be spared, but it was an interesting experience.
      I woke up for one part of it, but I DEILD'd back into it. When I went back into the dream and other things happened, I woke up and again had to DEILD.

      Upon the second DEILD, I found myself again in my dark childhood bedroom. I drew another portal and entered it. I intended to go to an astral world. When I got there, it was outdoors and sunny out. It had some nature around, so it wasn't like a city. I decided to try to change my outfit. There was, conveniently enough, a full-length mirror in front of me. I stepped away from it for a second, and imagined myself in a long, strapless, ballroom-type red dress. I stepped back in front of the mirror, and the dress looked nothing like I imagined, being a short, tight red dress -_-. I then tried again, and this time, it was a skimpy, see-through black lingerie type outfit. Nope. I kept doing it and getting different red and black dresses. I finally settled on a black one, I believe, though again, it didn't look like the one I imagined.

      At some point,
      I woke up and DEILD'd again. I was back in the dark bedroom. This time, I decided to try to get to Teraluna, since it had been awhile since I'd tried. I drew my portal, and was going to write "Teraluna" in the center, but I decided to just fill it in instead. I jumped in, and was then inside of another dark room. Hyu was asleep on a bed there. I figured he must be sleeping IWL. I approached him.
      He opened his eyes.
      "Krista?" he said. He seemed surprised to see me.
      "It's been so long since we've talked," I said to him. I don't remember his response. I do believe there was more conversation here, though, of course, I can't recall it. -_-'

      We were then somewhere else, another world. I didn't see Hyu, but I was with a tall, thin person in a green shirt with a bob haircut. I thought maybe it was Hyu, but it was a woman...I saw that she had boobs. I was kind of confused, because it still seemed to be Hyu; I felt that it was, though the looks were deceiving. He told me it was him, and that he had just changed his form. Ahhh. Makes sense now.

      I do not remember all the details of every place that we went, but we traveled around via portal quite a bit. There would be times when I woke and DEILD'd, and I'd end up back in the dream with Hyu where we left off. I also know that he changed his form a few times, once appearing as the tall skinny Asian guy that he first appeared to me as.

      There were also points where I would do a finger count RC, but it would always fail; I would always count 5 fingers on each hand. Interesting.

      Finally, I woke, and decided to end the DEILD chain. I was a little disoriented at first, thinking that I was still in my room at my parents' place. I turned over and went to sleep, entering a non-lucid dream.


      Dallas and I were going to have a wedding ceremony. We were already married, but we had to have the formal ceremony. It was to be at a church. I pictured us walking in from outside with many other people, me in my dress and Dallas in his tux. It was a sunny day. I was picturing it in 3rd person.

      Scene skip, though the wedding thing still applies. I was eating at a restaurant with a couple that looked to be in their mid-thirties. They also looked kind of country, and quite skinny. I remember the man had a country accent. There was someone else with us, but I can't recall who. The guy got up to go to the bathroom or something, and I saw on his plate three hot dog buns. They were not separated, but still whole without the slit down the middle being all the way through. I started to separate them for him. One of them looked very lopsided, and I was trying to fix it. He came back, and got onto me about trying to help him to separate his buns (lol separate his buns). He said it was rude. I apologized. I had only been trying to help.

      Then, I got up to go do something. When I returned, no one was at the table; it's like everyone had gotten up to go, and no one was watching the table. There was a bill on the table, plus an extra fee of $4 for leaving without paying. Ugh, frustrating. We hadn't intended that to happen.


      I was watching some weird version of the movie "Hook", where Hook is redeemed and finds his place in the human world. Towards the end of the movie, someone says "run home Jack", like they do in the actual movie, but it jars something inside of Hook, and he remembers that his name is actually Jack, and he gets overjoyed as he remembers his true identity, and somehow gets to the human world, though I can't remember how. I then remember seeing a commercial in the movie of an older version of him being topless with only underwear on. He was very fat with boobs, and trying to cover up his nipples as he jumped around with other people on the TV screen. I don't know what he was advertising, but he failed to cover up his very large nipples at one point. Pretty sure it wasn't an accident. Something about breast milk. I saw some coming out of his nipples. He was talking about "alternative milk". I thought about how that wasn't possible unless you were lactating after pregnancy. I couldn't believe they put that in the movie.


      I was "recalling" my dream adventure with Hyu, trying to put the details together. I don't remember Hyu being there at all. All the worlds were somehow linked within a story line that was chained together through children's nursery rhymes and such. I remember being in a city at one point, and my brother being there at another point. He was talking on the phone. I remember at one point being in a bathroom and pooping...a lot.

      I think these false memories made it harder for me to recall more details of my lucid adventures. Ugh. Dumb.


      So more lucidity, and a visit with Hyu! Meditation really seems to help, and of course intention. I've also noticed over the years that I tend to LD more when I am laying on my back to sleep, which is not a common sleeping position for me. When I was meditating, I fell asleep, and I had been laying on my back as I usually am while I meditate. But there have been times where I haven't been meditating, but I've fallen asleep on my back, and even had a WILD that way. An interesting observation. I wonder what the link is between LDs and sleeping position? Does anyone have an ideas, or has there been any research done on it (formal or informal, it doesn't matter)?

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    11. "Katie Did", Trouble Summoning Mike (Lucid), and Swimming In the Boat Pool

      by , 08-02-2014 at 03:58 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at work. I was putting together these big boxes with four big pastries each in them. The boxes were on the racks we use to bake. I was choosing random pastries for the boxes. I seem to remember a small chocolate cake being one I was using. I was calling the boxes "surprise boxes", since the customers would get random pastries.


      My old (crazy) roommate, Katie, had purposely framed one of the cake decorators at work, who, in the dream, was the drummer's wife in my husband's band. She hid pieces of weed in between random packages on the sales floor, and she had told me that she had done all this like it was no big deal. She told me how she avoided the cameras very cleverly while doing so, making it look like nothing was going on. I "remembered" I hadn't seen the drummer's wife at work in awhile; now it made sense as to why.

      I was then at work, but it was nighttime. I was supposed to be working an overnight shift, but it was some kind of drill. Many others were there with me. We filed into a room, like a tornado safe room, and I thought we were supposed to duck, but I don't know if anyone did. I was sitting on the floor, saying to myself that I knew who had really hid that weed, but I didn't know if I should say anything or not. A guy was then next to me, and I told him that I knew who did it. He said I should definitely tell someone.

      We were then dismissed early, around 2am, even though we were supposed to be pulling an overnighter. I went home, and my husband was on the couch, watching a movie on TV. The movie was actually depicting the same type of situation, with someone being framed the same way. It was coming up on the part that someone told on the framer. I sat down with him, and started to talk to him about the situation with the crazy old roommate. He then straddled me and started doing small pelvic thrusts, just to be his silly self. The old crazy roommate then walked in from another room in the apartment. Um...what? Why is she here? She then sat down on a chair and started to talk to us. Dallas then turned the TV around to where I thought she couldn't see it, but the TV was a cube-shape, and had 4 screen on it, so she could see the big screen, and we were treated to a smaller screen. I knew that if she saw the rest of the movie, she'd know I was going to tell. I then fell asleep.

      When I woke, I was on the couch still, but the crazy old roommate was gone. I thought for sure she had left, but I then heard her voice from the other room. She said
      "I'm going to have to hear drums when I get home."
      I knew she was referring to her drummer boyfriend playing.
      I then saw a woman standing on a porch that was right in front of me, even though I was in the living room. She was talking on the phone. I asked her if we had all fallen asleep on the couch with the TV on, and she said we did, though she seemed slightly irritated that I interrupted her phone call.


      I was in my apartment, and I knew I was dreaming. Not sure what triggered it. I saw my husband in the kitchen, loading dishes in the dish washer. I went to go take his belt and his pants off, but I guess I got too excited, and woke up. I fell back asleep again.

      I was in a room somewhere, when I just knew I was dreaming. The dream seemed quite unstable, so I examined my hands. I started trying to call out to my spirit guide, Mike, but my voice wouldn't come out, no matter how hard I tried. I started to run around, trying to say
      "Mike? Where are you? Spirit guide? Where are you?" but the words 'Mike' and 'guide' would only come out as rasps. I ran by a mirror on a dresser.

      I then woke up, but it was an FA. I then woke up for real, and went right back to sleep and into the same dream, being fully lucid again. I was in the same room again. I decided to make my friend Ashley appear. It got kinda raunchy at this point, so I'll spare you the details. All I'll say is we fooled around with scissors, I think the point being that they would not hurt me in a dream. Throughout the experience, I kept examining my hands, as to not lose the dream again due to excitement. It worked, and I did not lose the dream.

      I then saw this vial of dark purple-red liquid. I called it "dream juice". It didn't have much contents left. I looked in the mirror, and started to pour it on myself. I ran out, and made another vial appear in my hand. I thought about how looking in the mirror watching it appear made it easier to make it materialize. I then started to pour some of it in my mouth. White chunky stuff was in my mouth along with the dream juice. It was kinda weird.

      Then, I started going throughout other rooms in the area, looking for Mike. Why couldn't I find him? I felt as if this shouldn't have been an issue. I ran into a few DCs, asking if they were Mike, or if they knew who Mike was. They all told me no, until the last one I encountered, who was an older woman. I asked if she knew where Mike was, and she said yes, and pointed to another room.
      "Mike?" I called out.
      "Yes?" said another voice.
      A man then emerged, an older gentleman with grey hair, a small grey beard, and a mustache. He reminded me of a janitor. He had been working on something in that room.
      We spoke for a bit, but I don't remember many details, other than he spoke to me about always changing his identity, always being another person. He then said
      "Oh, there is an event I need to invite you to. It's taking place the 4th through the 7th."
      I then saw something on a piece of paper that said it was to start at 7:08pm.
      I never got any more details about this event, because I woke up.


      I was on DV, and got a notification, a warning that someone had corrected one of my typos. I had spelled "sue" wrong? Proper grammar and spelling was supposedly a big rule. I then thought about other DJ entries from the past that I had been really tired when I was typing them out. I knew they were full of errors, but they never got corrected.


      I was having to go to work, but it looked like I was just working behind a counter with shelves of bread and baked goods behind me. A woman came up and asked if we had any fresh-baked bread yet that morning, and I looked, and only saw some fudge and some desserts, but no bread. I guess we were behind that morning, so I told her no, we didn't. I then went out from behind the counter, and my manager, Shannon, took over. An older lady who was there with her young granddaughter asked her if she had any "peanut bread" yet. Apparently, this woman would come get this "peanut bread" a lot, and would scam us somehow. Shannon was quite rude back to her, and replied with
      "How about no?"
      I had NEVER heard her speak to a customer like that! Wow.

      My 6-year-old nephew Gary was here at some point, but I can't remember what for. He was asking me questions.

      I then was at a computer with Dallas, taking these timed quizzes. They were some sort of graded multiple choice assignment, but for what, I'm not sure. I was at the computer taking them, and I skipped over a the last part of a long section to come back to later. The timer was still running on it though. I went and did the final, three question section, and started trying to answer those questions. The timer on this one was mere seconds, though, and I didn't finish in time, only getting one out of three correct. I then had the option to re-do that section, and the questions were now about some area of Disney and Mickey Mouse. I was asking Dallas if he knew the answers. I had to guess on a lot of it. One of the questions was a three part question. I ran out of time on this one after answering two questions. I got two out of three of them right, and got a little screen that said so, like a congratulatory screen. I then tried to go back to the other section so I could finish, but I couldn't click on it at all. In fact, the only one I could click on was the last section that I had done twice now. I had run out of time on the other section. I then saw bars on the left hand side of the screen indicating how many questions we had gotten right. The bar by the section I had skipped some on was about 75% full. I guess I hadn't done too bad for myself, despite skipping questions.

      I then was back in my apartment. I had to go out and meet Dallas's mom at this little building by the front office of the apartment where Dallas and I had taken the test before. I exited my apartment, and saw that the stairs were gone, but just from the third to the second floor. It also appeared that there was trash and random things on the second floor. I guess they were doing some type of construction. I carefully made my way down, hoping not to fall. I somehow made it down just fine, though I had to be very careful and precise with my movements.

      I was then outside during the daytime with Dallas's mom. It was morning. We were standing in front of this huge, clear pool of water that was only supposed to be used for boats. It was not open for the day yet. There was a gate in the middle of it, and two small water ways for the small boats to pass through. I could see the small building where the test was in the distance. I jumped into the water, fully clothed. It was very comfortable, a little warm even. I think the water had been too cold before, and Dallas's mom was saying something to me about it. She then jumped in as well, and we were swimming around in the water, even though we weren't supposed to be in it. A small speedboat then came through one of the water ways. I figured we probably needed to get out before we got in trouble.

      I then was looking at a computer at my typed up dreams from the night on my DJ here on DV. I could only see some of the text against the black background of my DJ; the rest of it was hidden. I highlighted it with my mouse, and I could see it again.

      At some point, I became lucid in my apartment, but either it didn't last, or I just forgot what happened.


      Wow, so either my subconscious was trolling me with the janitor Mike thing, or I dunno what. It didn't seem like Mike; his personality was much different. I felt like he was having to be incognito for some reason? I'm not sure. It was strange that I couldn't summon him, though. Maybe it was because the dream wasn't very stable? Though at that point, it had stabalized quite a bit. Hmm. Weird and interesting.

      I will say, though, that it seems to be becoming easier for me to become lucid. I don't normally have this many LDs in the same week (knock on wood). I am being more intentional about becoming lucid, thinking about it before I fall asleep, and definitely when I wake up and have to pee or something, which is the best opportunity for me to do a WBTB. Hoping that this lasts; I am very much so enjoying all this lucid time.

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    12. Lucid: Learning My Guide's Name, and Seeing His True Form *Updated*

      by , 07-30-2014 at 12:27 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in an elementary school front office. I saw many women working there, and many working on computers in the back. I walked up to my mom, who was one of the women working on the computers. I "remembered" that this was her job now. She seemed content.

      Then, a girl at the front desk gave Dallas and I some drinks that looked like orange and red Kool-Aid drinks that used to come in the bottles (Kool-Aid Jammers?). She had stolen them to give them to us for the movie we were going to see. Her boss, a woman, asked her if she had stolen them. She said no, even though she obviously did.

      We were then leaving so we could get to the movie on time. This is around when I became lucid.

      I spoke to my husband for a long time. We spoke of past lives, I discovered he was in many. I asked about my mom, and saw an image of her as I did. I knew she was in some past lives as well; I knew before I even asked. A random DC appeared that had traditional African clothing on. I asked if he was in a past life, but he disappeared; he was just a regular DC. I remember something about the name Mary; it wasn't a coincidence that the people in my life have the names they do. I thought of all the Marys I knew (Mary Katherine is my best friend IWL, for example; I thought about this at this point in the dream). Dallas and I were on a lake at night for part of this dream.

      I then was walking through a mall. I felt the dream was about to end. Before I woke up, I saw many stores with signs lit by neon green lights. I felt like this is where the movie theater was located.


      I was determined to return to this lucidity to meet up with my spirit guide and find out his true form. I kept falling back into sleep and immediately being lucid, but I would wake again very shortly; the dream was not stable enough.

      Finally though, I re-entered sleep and stayed. I was lucid immediately; I felt SP and saw the dream forming. I waited a little bit before I went and did anything; I knew I had to stabalize first and foremost.

      The dream finally felt good enough for me to continue. To increase the stability a bit more, I examined my hands, and thought about what Hyu said to me about using your senses to increase stability. I used my sense of touch. I was walking through my family's kitchen, and felt everything I came across. I touched the counters, etc. The sensation felt a bit "muted" but it really did help. I thought for sure the dream would fall apart before this.

      I then was inside somewhere, walking down a wooden hallway, when I knew that I wanted to see my spirit guide. At first, I said
      "Dream guide appear!" but realized my error and corrected myself to
      "Spirit guide appear!"
      I then saw a shadow behind me. I looked behind me, and saw what looked like a girl I knew growing up named Jess.
      "Wow, this is tricky," he said, referring to taking on other forms.
      It didn't matter; I knew it was him. He looked like Jess, but had the voice of a man.

      I then started to feel as if I was losing the dream. I said to my guide
      "Please! Keep me in the dream!"
      He held onto me and things started to stabalize again. This happened a couple of times throughout the dream.

      We were then walking into a restaurant. It resembled a Cracker Barrel. We sat down at a table with a couple at it. He said to them
      "Excuse me, may we join you?"
      The table had dirty dishes and food on some of the dishes. We sat with them. We were across the table from one another. We were speaking, and I asked him his name.
      "Mike," he said. He then called me "Bethany".
      "Was that my name?"
      "Yes, you were very proud of me," he said. He was referring to a past life we had shared together.
      I had brief thoughts that he was a musician of some sort.
      "Mike, may I see your true form?" This was part of my goal for an LD.
      He replied, saying something about the way he would look, but I can't remember exactly what he said.

      We stood up. He then started to change. His head went down into his shirt; it was kind of comical. He then emerged, mostly, having his now tuxedo shirt and jacket part way over his head, which was partially stuck inside the shirt.
      He was a homely, red-haired middle-aged man. He was tall and skinny. I then asked him
      "May I see what I looked like?"
      I was then looking in a mirror on the wall. The mirror was a bit high for me (I'm quite short, even IWL). He instructed me on how to change my reflection. I don't remember exactly what he said, but I waved my hand in front of my eyes. In the mirror, I saw my eyes change. I kept going, and my whole face changed. I saw that I was missing a tooth also. I was a homely, kind-looking middle-aged woman with thin, fine wispy hair. I kept going even after this, and my face morphed into a rat's face. Oops, too far. I said something about this to my guide, and he joked about the rat face.

      We were then sitting down again, and speaking of something,
      when my husband's alarm woke me up.


      Alright, well I didn't end up going back to sleep after all, but I did get a chance to think a little more on this.

      Before I went to sleep, I thought about becoming lucid, about situations that could induce lucidity, etc. I imagined it happening as I was falling asleep.

      Wow, intention is such a powerful thing! I did not become lucid until early this morning, but that is the norm for my lucidity.

      I do believe that I am finally starting to see the power of my mind; I am finally being able to tap into things that I once thought I would never be able to do. I am finally, finally coming into my own, and being able to use my intent, and actually believe that it's going to work instead of having doubt tower over me. This feels legit. I am absolutely amazed.

      Now, I need to figure out what to do next. I think that I just need to let things flow, and when I meet my guide in my dreams, I'll know who he is now, hopefully, and that in itself will induce lucidity. I really hope that this journey I am on continues. I will, of course, keep you all posted.

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    13. Violin With An Ex, and FINALLY a Long Lucid!

      by , 07-27-2014 at 02:12 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at Nick C's place, an ex of mine that IWL, I really hurt when I left him. I don't remember why I was there, but it had something to do with me playing the violin. Another person was there too. I could sense how upset Nick C was. He was frustrated and hurt. I was frustrated from the bad vibe in the room; him feeling bad was causing me to feel bad, too.

      I was sitting at a cluttered kitchen table. I had brought the violin with me; I think it was Nick C's anyway. It needed to be re-strung; there were these new greenish strings sitting on it, just needing to be tightened into place. I think Nick C was going to do it, because I didn't know how.

      I then "remembered" playing the violin in a rock band. At the time of the memory, I was still with Nick C. We were playing an indoor show. There was a crowd there listening. It had been my first time ever performing on the violin. Someone had come up to me and asked me to play louder because they couldn't hear me. Eventually, I gained more confidence and started to play more loudly. For my first time ever playing, I was actually doing a really good job.

      Then, I came back to the present. I was too overwhelmed by the bad feelings, and had to leave. I said
      "I'm leaving. I just can't be here anymore."
      I considered taking the violin. I wasn't sure whether or not I should. I think Nick C said it was fine (despite the circumstances). I started to put it in its case. I threw something else in there as well, but I'm not sure. I'm also not sure how it all fit in the case, but it did. I couldn't play the violin, though, because of the strings not being attached.
      I was close to the door, and was looking for my flip-flops. There were lots of shoes on the floor by the door. I finally found mine, a pair with a straw-like material on the foot with a black fabric outline around the edges (they actually resemble a pair I had when I was a teenager IWL). I slipped them on and went out the door.

      I then was walking towards my car, which, in the dream, wasn't my car; it was an old, red car kind of like my husband's. I was walking through the yard to get to my car. Nick C was behind me. He said
      "You know you're going to have to pay for putting me through all this, right?"
      "Yes," I responded. I knew karma would balance things out eventually.

      I then realized I wasn't holding my keys. No big deal, I thought, I'll just make them appear in my hand. I did just that, simply by thinking about my keys being in my hand.
      The power of thought, I thought to myself.
      I then sat in the driver's side, and Nick C got in and sat in the passenger's side. I then realized I also didn't have my purse. I did the same thing I did with my keys, and thought about it to make it appear.


      I woke up around 5am to pee. I noticed a sound coming from the kitchen, and thought it was my coffee pot going off too early. I went to look, but it wasn't. I then went back to bed, and knew that this was a perfect opportunity for lucidity. I fell asleep after laying awake for a bit.

      I was still working at Kohl's, though I don't know why, since I had quit and stopped showing up to work. I "remembered" my name still being on the schedule.

      I wasn't at work though, I was with my husband, Dallas. We were at I guess what was supposed to be our place. We had ordered a game online, and it had come in the mail. I think it was a SNES game. I was opening the package, and the game had come with some skimpy hot pink and black Playboy pajamas, complete with bunny ears. It was like a bonus for buying the game. We were both excited. Free stuff rocks.

      Then, I was waking up on a porch. It was very sunny; a beautiful morning. I wasn't quite sure where I was, though. I examined the view I had from the porch, and somewhere off to the east was a beach.

      The beach triggered lucidity. I didn't even RC; I just knew. I then stood there for a second trying to remember my lucid goals. God dammit, I couldn't remember; it was like there was a block there. Not the first time that's happened, but I didn't want to waste the lucidity. I decided to go inside and get my husband. I hesitated before I opened the door, though; I did not want to lose this dream. I put my hand on the gold doorknob and went inside. I walked down the hallway, and felt the vividness fading a little. I rubbed my hands together, but it didn't really do much. I examined my hands instead, and it helped. I noticed one of my fingernails on my left hand looked as if it was sloppily painted with white nail polish.

      I then saw my husband; his back was to me. I started to talk with him, and he faced me.
      "This is a dream!" I said, as usual.
      He didn't seem to believe me, and kept turning around and avoiding eye contact with me. I kept trying to convince him, but he just wouldn't hear it. Oh well, whatever. I decided to just go explore on my own.

      I was then outside, walking through a lightly forested area with many pine trees. I noticed that Dallas had come along after all; he was behind me. I then decided to test my power of thought, and held my hands out to either side of me to fell the trees. I thought my intention to make them fall, and, behind me, as I passed them, I heard them creaking as they fell. Neat.

      Then, we were on a paved road. I was barefoot; I could feel the hot pavement underneath my feet. There were children about, playing in the street. A car started to come. One little girl in a red dress with black polka dots was lagging behind the rest of the children, who were running to the side of the road for safety. I thought she was going to get hit, but she got sideswiped, and her clothing got caught on the side of the car. The car kept driving with this girl attached to the side of it.

      We kept walking. I then decided to try to find my dream guide, which has, over the years, proved to be a futile search. I yelled
      "Dream guide, if I have a dream guide, please appear!"
      Nothing. Of course. As usual. I started to climb over this small grassy hill on the edge of the road to see if my guide was on the other side.
      Dallas then said
      "Krista, it's not working."
      I knew he was right; I have suspected for awhile now that I do not have a dream guide. I am, in fact, my own dream guide. It makes sense when I think about it. Not everyone has separate dream guides, after all.

      We were then standing by some stairs. I was trying to think of something else I could do. All these children started to play around us, and I couldn't concentrate. One of them was the girl who got sideswiped by the car; I remember the dress.
      "Go away!" I said. I needed to think. They all started to go down the stairs.
      I then looked up at the sky, and noticed dark clouds coming in quickly. It was very vivid and beautiful, but I knew a storm was coming soon.

      I then had an idea of what I wanted to do.
      "Spirit guide, please appear!" I said more than this, but I can't remember specifically; this is the gist of what I said.
      Dallas then immediately stepped in front of me.
      "I am your spirit guide," he said. I was a little surprised. I then noticed that there were two Dallases there: The one standing in front of me who had spoken, who looked just like my husband, even down to his clothes, which were his IWL work clothes, and one standing off to the side, whose face looked slightly different from my husband's.
      "What? Are you really my spirit guide?" I inquired.
      Then, I noticed a huge, white cloud was coming down from the sky. It morphed into the shape of a hose vacuum cleaner. It sucked up a car. The car quickly went into it. I knew we were next, and that this was the end of the dream. The cloud laughed an evil laugh, and turned to us, and started to suck us up into its depths. We flew up into it, and I heard a weird noise as I was waking up.


      I was up and about to type out my dreams on DV. I went to the computer. The desk was way smaller than IWL, but I didn't notice in the dream. It was in the corner, and I wanted to move it in front of the window. It had something to do with the seat and where it was positioned; I didn't want to hurt my back.

      I got on DV, and noticed I had already typed my dreams up. I even had 4 comments. I looked at the comments, and one just said "coupon protected". Ugh, a bot. I checked my email, and there was something about it in my email.


      YAY FINALLY SOME LUCIDITY!! So stoked, even though I again did not remember my goals. I didn't meditate yesterday, but I did get to sleep in a little today; I don't have to work until 9am as opposed to the 7am shifts I've been working. I do think that meditating the other day did help, though. It helps me to clear my mind and any debris that's collected.

      I was quite intrigued by what happened when I asked to meet my spirit guide. This is going to need some further investigation for sure. God, this was the longest lucid I've had in ages. It was very vivid and clear. I am super giddy this morning!

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    14. Giant Spiders, Rainbow Tube Ride, and Morning Lucidity

      by , 07-18-2014 at 03:55 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was with my husband at what was supposed to be the house he grew up in. The house was small with wooden floors. His family was there; we were visiting them for the holidays.

      I was in his room with him, and I saw this HUGE black and white spider sitting on the air vent on the floor. So unsettling...I hate spiders so much. I don't think I said anything about it to my husband, but I was super freaked.

      Then, there was this other giant spider, but this one was red and black. It was chasing my foot wherever I moved it. I was panicking. It opened its mouth and hissed at me. I somehow deduced that this spider was poisonous because of this. I moved further away from it. There was another giant spider there at this point as well.

      I then was laying in my husband's childhood bed with him. It was nighttime, and quite dark in the room. I was laying there with my eyes opened because I couldn't sleep due to the damn spiders. I made up my mind that I couldn't be laying in that bed with all the spiders lurking about. I told him that.

      There was more to this dream, but I cannot remember.


      I was going to spend the holidays with mine and my husband's family, though not all at the same time. We would be with my family one day, like on Christmas Eve, and his on Christmas Day. I remember being in the kitchen at the house I grew up in and reading a text or a note on paper about this. It was from my mother-in-law.

      Then, my friend Cherie' said her dad (never met him IWL) said my husband better see him for the holidays. I was concerned that he wouldn't make it to my family's in time if he did that.

      The next thing I remember is being in our apartment. We were in the living room, and Cherie's dad, who, in my dream, was a short, fat man, maybe Cherie', and my friend Ashley's brother's wife came in. Ashley's brother may have been there as well.

      Some of them sat down on our couch. Cherie's dad and Cherie' started to play fight. One had been on the couch, and the other on the floor.

      Then, I was designing some tube-like roller-coaster ride with Courtney S. It was indoors, and would take you in a flume in the water through this small opening. It looked as if adults could not ride because the opening was so short. Then, you would ride in this rainbow tube really fast; you would ride what you designed. It was kind of like CyberSpace Mountain at Disney Quest in Downtown Disney.

      I designed one for Courtney and I to ride. I remember putting in lots of drops and sharp turns and a couple of loops at the end. We went to go ride it. We were sitting in the flume, and Courtney was sitting in front of me. She was wearing a white shirt. I was surprised she fit through the short opening, because she is very tall. Before we could enter the tube, I fell out of the flume into the water. I somehow got back in, but I'm not sure how. The ride was very fun and wild, though I think I only got to ride the last part of it since I had fallen out before.

      Then, Courtney designed a ride. For some reason, I couldn't be there. I'm not sure where I was, but I saw this flash of a long poem. Courtney had written it. It was about how much she loved me (not in a romantic way, but in an unconditional way). Though I didn't get a chance to really read the words, I intuitively knew that that's what it was. Cherie' then told me that the ride Courtney had designed was an expression of her love for me. I knew inside that she was not upset that I wasn't there for the ride. She understood.


      I don't remember where I was, but it was very realistic. Something seemed weird, though I can't remember what it was exactly, so I did a finger count RC. I looked down at my left hand, and could immediately tell I had too many fingers. I counted just to make sure, and got six.

      Holy crap! I'm dreaming! I honestly didn't expect the RC to work; I thought it was real life!

      I remembered my goals quite clearly, and really wanted to try to dream share again, but I did not feel that I was in a deep enough sleep to do it (will explain more about this at the end). Instead, I approached some DCs and asked them some questions, and of course, had to tell them that we were in a lucid dream.

      Then, something about my wedding photographer, Rachel. She was coaching me with something, though she wasn't supposed to be. I can't remember what it was though! I was in a room with her.

      I woke up and went back to sleep.

      I was still lucid, and Rachel had gotten moved to another location. I found her. More coaching. I remember flying or floating at some point. I thought about it too hard at first and it failed, then remembered I could just think about it and it would be so. And so I just thought about it without focusing too hard, and I floated up.

      Woke up, went back to sleep. I would say I was semi-lucid for the rest of the dream.

      They had again moved Rachel, but this time, I had to get caught with her the first time I went in. It was very video game-esque. I had to go into this temple, or pyramid. It reminded me of Ancient Egypt. There was water flowing in the opening I entered, and light was then coming through a small opening where the water was falling into the pyramid. I knew that was where Rachel was, but she was with someone else, someone who did not want me there. I do not even think that this someone was human. What I had to do was go through the opening, get caught and thrown out, and then have to find a new way in because the original way would get blocked off. The lights would also be out; I would have to do it in darkness.

      I then was having to load up these dirty dishes onto this conveyor belt that took them up into an incinerator. I'm pretty sure I was naked? Anyway, I would have to run up some stairs to grab all the dishes that were empty or unused, and take them off the belt and put them somewhere else to be recycled. I was explaining this process to someone. I then loaded the dishes on the belt, checking first to see if they were empty so I could remember which ones were and weren't when I got up the stairs. I loaded a bunch, then raced up the stairs. The belt was moving too fast for me to save every dish, and I could not focus on seeing which ones were dirty and which ones weren't. I pushed a button to bring the last dish put into the incinerator back out. I put that one aside for recycling.

      Then, when I woke up again, I stayed awake. I felt rested, so did not try to push any more sleep; when I do this, I wake up with a headache, especially after lucidity.


      Coming back to what I mentioned earlier about dream sharing and deep sleep: I have found that when I wake up in the morning after a pretty decent amount of sleep during the night, I am more likely to become lucid from being awake for a little while; it stimulates my brain, and I am able to become lucid much more easily. However, there is a catch: I cannot hold the dream for as long as I would be able to if the dream occurred during the sleep I get at night when I am the most exhausted. When I become lucid during the night, I have much longer lucids and can perform more tasks, such as dream sharing, for example, though I have only dream shared a handful of times. At any rate, the dream quality is better, and I am less likely to wake prematurely. When I attempt things like this during the morning after I have already gotten plenty of sleep, it fails or I wake up. Usually both. So I decided not to attempt it this morning, because I knew I would wake up, and, of course, my morning lucidity was peppered with awakenings. It happens a lot for me in the mornings, but, like I said, this does not usually occur during the night, though I am less likely to become lucid during my nighttime dreams. I am hoping that I can find a way to improve this. I may try the WBTB method during the night, but when I wake up during the night, many times I have difficulty going back to sleep. If anyone has any advice, let me know.

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    15. Dying Grandpa, Lava and Pills, Library Lucidity, and More

      by , 07-15-2014 at 03:38 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      My grandpa was still alive, but he knew he didn't have much time left. I was with him, my mom, and my aunt Marge, though I feel as if there were more people there too. They were all very sad about him dying, but he was at peace with it, and was trying to make the most of his last moments.

      I was then somewhere else, though the situation had not changed. I opened a door, and saw my grandpa sitting in a chair at the head of a table. His hair appeared different than it ever was IWL, with streaks of red, some blonde and maybe brown as well, though the red is what I really remember. I then caught a quick glimpse of my mom and aunt, who were sad and not wanting him to go. I feel like they were asking him, pleading with him not to die. He looked at peace.

      My aunt Marge closed to door. I wasn't supposed to be there for some reason.


      I was at my old job, which was a department store. It was nighttime. I was in the building with a few other associates.

      I was over by the women's fitting rooms, when I saw some lava leaking from a crack that it had caused in the wall. I remember going back to it a little later, and more was coming out. I started trying to cover it with clothing, but, of course, the clothing just caught fire and burned up. I felt as if we were trapped.

      I then had another idea. I went to another fitting room with another associate, and we started looking for fire retardant clothing. We looked through lots of packaged pajama sets that normally the store receives around Christmas. I went through lots of red ones. Then, a supervisor, Charles, came up to us.
      "Those aren't going to work," he said.
      I imagined the fitting rooms slowly filling with lava.

      Someone went back in the fitting rooms a little later to get something, and I was surprised when they came back out, because some time had passed, and I figured it was filled with lava by now.

      Then, I was close to the front of the store by the doors, when Ashley, another associate and my IWL friend, came back in. I asked her if there was a way out, and she said no, there wasn't. I imagined it outside, us surrounded by lava or erupting volcanoes. I knew we were doomed to die in the building. We all knew.

      I then approached Jaime, a manager, and asked her if she had anything strong we could take. If we were gonna die slowly, may as well not be able to feel anything. She took a silver package of these big pills out of her purse. They were Percoset, a strong pain killer (never taken them IWL). She gave one to me, one to Ashley, and took one for herself. The pill was wrapped in another piece of plastic besides the silver packaging, but it was supposed to dissolve when you took it. I put it in my mouth to swallow it. It immediately tasted very bitter. I tried to swallow it, but it was such a big pill, it was proving to be difficult. I really wanted the bitter taste out of my mouth. Before I swallowed it, I already started to feel the effects of the pill. I figured it was a fast-acting pill for those who were in major pain. I remember Jaime chewing her pill. I didn't understand how she could stand the bitter taste.

      I woke up for a little bit, then went back to sleep, entering the same dream.

      The pill was in full effect now, and I went to the bathroom to pee. I looked down at the tiled floor, and the designs on the white floor tiles appeared to be oscillating. Yeah, definitely feeling the pill. I stood up, and then, even though I did not feel the need to pee, I kept peeing. I peed a lot.


      I was at the department store I used to work at again, setting up some display on the endcap of a register. It was almost Christmastime. I thought to myself that it seemed so soon for Christmas; it felt as if we had just had it. I remembered the year prior with my husband, who was then my fiance. It seemed like just yesterday.

      Then, Ashley walked by. She was wearing a black maxi skirt that was slightly sheer, but only at the legs, and a black top. She said
      "It's been a year, and I'm going to be possessive of you, _____, and _____." I can't remember what else she said besides me.
      Apparently, Ashley was my wife. She had some issues about Christmas; something about the holiday made her feel insecure. I understood this, and was not upset by it. I just wanted her to be happy. I "remembered" kissing her, and thought about how I never thought I would marry a woman, and how my family never saw it coming either. But I loved Ashley; she was my wife.

      I then "remembered" driving to see her the prior year on Christmas, and taking pictures of the road on my way and sending them to her. I remember one in particular of the interstate in front of me. I was in the far left lane, and there was a metal chain-link fence on the divider. I think a semi-truck was also in the picture.


      I was walking through a city in the daytime. It was sunny out. It reminded me of a video game. I was with my husband, Dallas. The objective of the real-life game was to kill the governor. I had a shotgun on me.

      Dallas and I split up at some point. I was walking the streets alone, searching for the governor. I feel like I encountered some people and talked to them, but I can't quite recall. I noticed my husband's absence, and wondered where he was.

      I then approached a building and entered it. It was a library. I was standing in the huge foyer. There was a service desk in front of me, and behind it, glass windows looking into a room with computers and books. The floors were dark wood, and the lighting was sort of a "mood" lighting, not too dim but just right. Immediately, I recognized this library as one from a dream I had years ago, and knew I was dreaming. The dream quality instantly started to suffer, so I concentrated on my hands so as not to lose lucidity. My hands were changing as I looked at them, turning into baby hands and sprouting extra fingers. I walked as I kept focus on them, and the dream seemed to stabalize.

      I approached a young, tall, skinny girl standing at a podium. She looked to be in her early teens, and had dark hair pulled back into a ponytail.
      "What's your name?" I inquired.
      "Jaime," she responded.
      "Jaime, are you a real person, or are you part of my mind?"
      "Part of your mind," she responded with a smile. As she said this, she stepped out from behind the podium.

      I then went somewhere else, up some stairs I believe, and into a very crowded hallway with a balcony overlooking the foyer. It was circular and stretched around the edges of the room. I approached a blonde boy, probably about the same age as Jaime, and found out his name was Josh. He didn't really seem happy. He reminded me of someone I met IWL at my old job. He had the same name as well. He looked similar too, though much younger. I was having trouble getting him to look at me in the eye. I took his shoulders in my hands and said something to him, though I can't remember what. I was trying to get him to see something.

      I then was not sure what else to do with my lucidity. I didn't feel like I had much more time. I could not remember any goals I had prior to falling asleep. So I decided to do something I actually haven't done in a long time in my dreams: Fly. I took a running start, and people started to look, telling their friends to look because I was going to fly. I ran up and down the hallway a few times before I decided a running start wasn't the best way for me to do this. I leaned over the balcony. I saw all the people across from me on the other side of the hallway, and everyone below me in the foyer. I wasn't sure about this, since I had not done it in so long, but I let myself fall from the balcony. I then flew. Everyone was cheering me on. I was going very fast, however, and felt out of control of my speed, though I could rise and fall when I pleased; when I thought about going higher, I would, and when I thought about going lower, I would. I was just going so fast...

      The cheers then started to slow way down, like when a record is slowed down.
      I had an FA in my bed. I kept my eyes closed for awhile, but finally decided to get up out of bed, because I was hearing what sounded like someone peeing, or water trickling into water. When I went to get up, however, I noticed that my feet were already touching the floor, as if I was half standing, and half laying down in my sleep. I got all the way up and walked down the hallway. I noticed my husband standing in the guest bathroom doorway. The lights were off in there. That's odd, I thought he went to work. I got closer and noticed his shorts were pulled down, and he was peeing. Is he sleep peeing?

      Upon getting closer, I noticed he was peeing in my cat's water dish! My cat, Belle, was just standing there too, watching. I started getting really pissed at him (no pun intended), and yelled at him for doing that. I know that he and my cat don't really get along, but seriously?? I started yelling at him to stop, and asking him how he would feel if someone peed in his water. He said something smart-assy back to me. As I was raging, he started to walk away into the kitchen, which was much, much bigger than our IWL kitchen, which actually brought me to lucidity for a second, but I was so angry that I lost the lucidity in my rage. I noticed that the kitchen had chopped up potatoes all over it; the counters and every surface were covered. I knew he had done this just to spite me. I asked him if he was going to clean it up, and he shook his head no. I was so fucking angry. I went into the guest room, which also looked much different, and tried to slam the door, but the coat rack on the top prevented me from doing so (this does happen IWL). Ugh, I was so angry!

      Then I woke up for real.


      Ugh, I can't believe I couldn't remember what I wanted to do with my lucidity. Maybe another night. I'll just keep incubating my ideas, and hope that they come through into my dreams. Glad for the lucidity though! Woot woot!!

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