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    Almost There!

    by , 07-06-2011 at 04:51 PM (495 Views)
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    [[Double brackets means that a part of the dream is cloudy, and I cannot remember it well.]]

    This morning when I woke up, I remembered my wish to have a lucid dream. I rolled over and decided to attempt a WBTB method that I had read last night. It involved imagining yourself running from your back-yard to your front, in your mind, of course, and just running until you eventually ended up falling asleep and dreaming about standing where you had run to.
    I imagined myself running; I hopped my neighbor's fence, and ran down his driveway. Eventually, I was placed in a dream, as I ran down his graveled drive-way. It wasn't, however, his driveway. It was a long, twisty driveway, and I was watching a 20 or so year old woman ride a bicycle. She contacted me through a cell phone and said, "Mr. Ayers, this town is just lovely."

    I spoke back through the cell phone, replying, "Yes, I imagined it would be."

    She rode along beside the river and made a right turn to drive farther into the city, and I continued watching her... I wasn't quite asleep as my eyes were still opening just a little bit in real life...

    Eventually, she said, "I think I'll grab some of those flowers you wanted, now."

    I didn't say anything, and she said loudly once more, "Mr. Ayers?"

    I didn't speak.

    She said once more, "Jordan?"

    And I said, groggily, in my dream, "I can't... talk... I'm... dreaming."

    And suddenly, I was watching a scene very similar to a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (1) scene. (I played through the campaign of the game recently to get some achievements, I think that's the reason.)

    The scene was very small, as if it were not stretched all the way out on my screen. I was looking at my guy, standing in a building, holding an AK74u, and he was simply pointing it at a stack of lumber inside. I was aware that I was dreaming now. I began to listen to my com chatter in the dream. There was a man in the building with me. We were pinned down, and he was leaning against a wall on my left, shots being fired through the window.

    I was trying to stretch the window out, make it seem real. I was trying to 'enter' the dream, as I've heard people say. I started getting closer and closer to the window. As soon as it reached full capacity and had taken up my entire sights.

    The sound and sight swept over me like an earthquake. The vision became my own, and as real as any day. The sound blurred out and then back in, louder than ever before. It was an amazing feeling.
    I moved my gun to the left, aiming over my own guy, out the window. I pulled the trigger and shot, but the resounding BOOM, BOOM, from my gun was so loud that my eyes shot open in real life. I was extremely happy with this progress, however.

    I thought this scene would be perfect while I was dreaming it, because I'm so comfortable in this game-like scenario. Over the years I have played so many first person shooters that I thought I would feel extremely comfortable being placed in one. Sadly, the noise from my gun was just a little too much. I also think that adjusting my covers a little bit would have helped, as I was slightly uncomfortable after I rolled back over in real life.

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