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    Freakin' Wasps.

    by , 07-06-2011 at 04:30 PM (550 Views)
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    [[Double brackets means that a part of the dream is cloudy, and I cannot remember it well.]]

    [[Much of this dream had to deal with me being at my own house, simply walking around.]]
    I was home alone. I was terrified because there was a wasp in the house that had a personal vengeance against me for killing his brother. At multiple points during the dream, I confronted him and dodged his flying stings, trying to retrieve items from the house. He was a fairly large wasp, maybe about a foot long, and 3/4 of a foot high, crouched over?

    My father came home and I told him all about what my problem was, and he blew it off as if it were ridiculous. He gave me large chunks of meat and told me to feed it. So, I simply took the meat, and went into my kitchen. When the wasp began to fly in and sit down, I threw the meat at it so it would eat the meat and leave me alone. As it was eating, I grabbed a shotgun and took aim. Then I woke up.

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