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    A Car Robbery--- Stopped.

    by , 12-23-2011 at 03:11 PM (454 Views)
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    [[Double brackets means that a part of the dream is cloudy, and I cannot remember it well.]]

    I was in a car with my mother, in the passenger seat, visiting a library with a friend of mine in the back. Now, as my mother got out of the car, she said to me, aloud, "Watch out for those guys getting out."

    I looked over to witness two fairly hefty biker guys, getting out of the car next to us. I voice back, "They're probably just going to the library."

    My mother's distrust is usually ill-placed and I feel bad for the people she claims are terrible when they're just trying to do something normal.

    However this time, her trust was not displaced! As she entered into the library, I locked my door. The two hefty biker type fellows (Think fat GTA IV bikers) came over and began to tug on the door-handles. They did not get mine open, but one did proceed to open the driver's side and jump in the car, starting it, as the keys were left in place.

    As we drove down the road, my first instinct is to punch the man in the face, in an attempt to... really just physically harm him. I immediately attempt to punch him, but when I punch in a dream, it's like punching through water. My hand moves incredibly slowly and against great force.

    So, with that failing, I remind myself that I cannot punch in my dreams. This does not make me lucid, but I do consciously recognize that I will not be able to punch.

    I immediately begin to grab at the steering wheel. Currently the car is barreling out of the alley-way and onto a street. I immediately act on instinct. I put my arm through the steering wheel and squeeze my inner arm tight, and force it upwards with my other arm. We are now barreling to the opposite side of the road.

    We hit another car, albeit not hard enough to kill anyone, just bang us up a bit. The man immediately jumps out and tries to bail but some policemen stop him and arrest him. Thankfully they only perform a few tests on me and accept that I'm not under the influence and my story is true. Not that that would necessarily happen in real life.

    I immediately begin heading back to the library with my friend from the backseat (Remember him?) and he hands me two Twinkies. I eat one of them and we reach a part of the wall where we need to climb about 20 feet up to get over it. I set the remaining Twinkie down and it falls to the ground. I just shrug that off. I climb the wall, get to the top, and turn back to help my friend climb it.

    We then head back to the library, where I wake up!

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