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    1. Recap Nov 30th - Dec 23rd

      by , 12-23-2010 at 07:18 PM (limitless' limits)
      30th- Had a longer dream about being chased by an old neighbour in a barn or cottage, and i escaped into the rafters. (nightmare)

      3rd- Had a dream that Moose and i were at a hotel together somewhere in europe, we were crashing after a long day of travelling. We had our own rooms within the hotel room we were in, but i fell asleep on the couch. Next thing i know, its early in the morning and i start to pack everything so we can head back out when Moose woke up. I went into her room to pack her stuff and she had a tent half set up in the middle of her room that i took down and i remember picking up socks that were everywhere. I finished packing and went into another room and watched a movie with my headphones on so i didnt wake her, and the maid came in with an open box of candy that i had, saying she had to take the rest back and gave me my weed stash that i had put in there for whatever reason. Weird dream.

      5th- My notes say: "McDonalds if Hitler was still in charge." But i dont remember that dream, just lulzy that it happened.

      13th- Had a dream that i was back in college, it was the beginning of my new semester and i was drafting bathing suits, and the teacher told me: "You have enough marks to graduate now, so you can stop if you want or you can stay and learn jackets." I agreed to finish the class.
      -Frag. about meeting a cousin of mine at a miss-matched subway station in Toronto. Almost didnt recognize him, gave him a hug and said: "Shall we go?" and woke up.

      15th- Had a dream that LimboCity was lost in my area and he found me at a bus stop so i could help him find his dad whom he left in Toronto. He tested me by sending me a txt and waiting for me to receive it, so he could make sure it was me before approaching me. I had never seen a picture of him before but i knew it was him. When i woke up i checked my inbox and he told me he had a dream about calling me. I told him about this and he showed me a picture of him, it was identical. Very weird, is that a shared dream?

      23rd- Some frag.s that i was having a bunch of online convos with people, i remembered who and some context when i woke up for a few seconds but not long enough to write them down.
      - I was part of a group of friends in the 70's and we were all getting ready (seperately) for a semi-formal or a prom. One girl was a dancer had a crazy reputation with boys, and i was with her -taking the bus to the dance. Some guys came onto the bus and it transitioned into the right place, the moms who were volunteering were on stage and were asked to lead the first dance, so everyone partnered up with whoever the came with and danced, guys were dancing with guys and girls with girls. I saw a DC version of a friend from my work walk by in modern clothing and called her name but she didnt hear me. I turned to my friend that i was dancing with and all of a sudden it was my friend from college, Val. I scanned the room in confusion and everyone was acting like it was Reefer Madness and Val kissed me. Then i woke up.

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    2. 5 dreams from last night/today

      by , 11-27-2010 at 04:12 AM (limitless' limits)
      1: Frag- I was with two characters from a book(dont know what book) one was quiet and only mumbled gibberish and the other was a rebellious loud mouth. We had to crash together in a cabin, in sleeping bags. I remember one female DV who was fit but bald and she was 100% full of herself and snobby but we got along fine.

      2: I went to a live show that Jenn put on, she bought the place and organized shows there that were freakshow / burlesque. I waited for the intro and when the girls introduced Jenn i waved at her, she pointed at me and one of the dancers showed me upstairs to wait for her. I was dressed in sexy gothic clothes and had extreme shoes on, and the stairway was tiny and had very awkward stairs. I got up and sat on a couch to wait, and the next thing i remember is sitting in Jenn's lap. Dont remember much else, woke up shortly after.

      3: I found Akono, it was a pretty short frag of us slow-mo walking towards each other in a grey room when we got close i gave him a kiss and he held me until i woke up. :3

      4: I found out all my family were kinda like wizards. The dream took place in my friend's house down the street from my old house, it was kinda like a haven for my family and some outrageous gay group whom all had AIDS. Everyone looked really exaggerated and i knew i was the closest to one random DC cousin who i had a weird bond with. We held a ceremony to announce who had the strongest powers out of our clan. I didnt know until we were done that i had no power at all.

      5: Frag- Last dream i had, i was chillin with Moose. We were walking around a building in a country setting and we sat on some muskoka chairs and talked until i woke up. I dont remember our conversations tho.
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