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    1. Recap Nov 30th - Dec 23rd

      by , 12-23-2010 at 07:18 PM (limitless' limits)
      30th- Had a longer dream about being chased by an old neighbour in a barn or cottage, and i escaped into the rafters. (nightmare)

      3rd- Had a dream that Moose and i were at a hotel together somewhere in europe, we were crashing after a long day of travelling. We had our own rooms within the hotel room we were in, but i fell asleep on the couch. Next thing i know, its early in the morning and i start to pack everything so we can head back out when Moose woke up. I went into her room to pack her stuff and she had a tent half set up in the middle of her room that i took down and i remember picking up socks that were everywhere. I finished packing and went into another room and watched a movie with my headphones on so i didnt wake her, and the maid came in with an open box of candy that i had, saying she had to take the rest back and gave me my weed stash that i had put in there for whatever reason. Weird dream.

      5th- My notes say: "McDonalds if Hitler was still in charge." But i dont remember that dream, just lulzy that it happened.

      13th- Had a dream that i was back in college, it was the beginning of my new semester and i was drafting bathing suits, and the teacher told me: "You have enough marks to graduate now, so you can stop if you want or you can stay and learn jackets." I agreed to finish the class.
      -Frag. about meeting a cousin of mine at a miss-matched subway station in Toronto. Almost didnt recognize him, gave him a hug and said: "Shall we go?" and woke up.

      15th- Had a dream that LimboCity was lost in my area and he found me at a bus stop so i could help him find his dad whom he left in Toronto. He tested me by sending me a txt and waiting for me to receive it, so he could make sure it was me before approaching me. I had never seen a picture of him before but i knew it was him. When i woke up i checked my inbox and he told me he had a dream about calling me. I told him about this and he showed me a picture of him, it was identical. Very weird, is that a shared dream?

      23rd- Some frag.s that i was having a bunch of online convos with people, i remembered who and some context when i woke up for a few seconds but not long enough to write them down.
      - I was part of a group of friends in the 70's and we were all getting ready (seperately) for a semi-formal or a prom. One girl was a dancer had a crazy reputation with boys, and i was with her -taking the bus to the dance. Some guys came onto the bus and it transitioned into the right place, the moms who were volunteering were on stage and were asked to lead the first dance, so everyone partnered up with whoever the came with and danced, guys were dancing with guys and girls with girls. I saw a DC version of a friend from my work walk by in modern clothing and called her name but she didnt hear me. I turned to my friend that i was dancing with and all of a sudden it was my friend from college, Val. I scanned the room in confusion and everyone was acting like it was Reefer Madness and Val kissed me. Then i woke up.

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      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable , dream fragment
    2. retracing 10 dreams since october

      by , 11-27-2010 at 02:58 AM (limitless' limits)
      21st of October- end of the world

      Im at my old house and we heard something about monsters in major cities and decided we could make it if we stuck together as a family. Mom, aunt, grandma, brother, friend and his GF were there. Our neighbourhood became like a haven for people trying to get away from the city. So we threw a party before splitting up and heading further into counrty-like areas. A bus arrived and we thought it was just more people trying to escape. But it was full of government people in white military uniforms who were violently arresting, and sanitizing people. I remember hiding in a barn with a Velcro wall, eventually i was taken in but i didnt fight them so i wasnt harmed. I woke up when i was being hand cuffed.

      28th of October- F.A

      I was dreaming that im awake, chatting with Akono and all of a sudden i fall.. or get sucked into my bed, happened really fast and i crash land on the couch in my living room. I sit up, confused, and a hand reaches around the corner and picks me up by the front collar of my shirt and drags me back into my room and pushes me onto the bed and i immediately fall through again. The first time was shocking, but fun, crash landing on the couch a second time made me mad and i had concluded that it was Akono's hand, so i storm back to my room and find him on msn and yell at him, i remember he was proud. And i woke up.

      31st of October- reg dream

      I was living on a house boat, i got the feeling i was in Norway or Finland, i was with a DC family. There was a seamless glass sun room on top of the boat where i was. There was a lot of snow on the boat but i was looking at the sky through a clear part of the ceiling. All of a sudden the room shattered over me from the weight of the snow, my DC brother pulled me out and handed me a parka. Our DC father was fighting with a neighbour boat/ family, i didnt understand the language everyone was speaking. I knew i needed to start packing. When i finished i saw my father figure had stolen some important statues, and rushed me into a truck and lit our boat on fire. We drove to the airport and when we got there i woke up.

      5th of November-
      Had a really long dream about Akono :3

      11th- was posted in the "Post Your DV Member Dreams" thread
      My best recall since the 5th: Slash112 and some old guy and I were running a store inside of some huge, really old building. I think we sold random stuff that we found, like "pickers". I remember vividly, on break we went out back to a swing set that had two sets of handles and one chain that was attached at both ends to the top. And when we got there a young Will Ferrell was swinging by his neck and laughing really creepily. I probably should have RC'd cause irl, he'd die from that..
      Same night- I was standing on a beach with 4 or 5 random DCs, we were all facing the water, staring at a camcorder that was on a tripod. We had the preview screen tilted towards us and we were taking pics or a vid of us. I looked over at one of the DCs and watched him look up at the water and his jaw drop because of what he saw in the water. I also looked up but couldnt see it until all of the DCs were looking at it. When everyone noticed and started at it, i looked up again and saw now that it was a massive ship that was only about 10 feet away from us. It was at least 8 stories tall, i got too scared and tried to wake up but i just saw the ship from a top angle instead and saw my helpless friends on the beach. I couldnt do anything but stare at it until i woke up.

      12th- reg dream

      Had a dream that my mom and two of my friend's moms were at the kitchen table in my old house, stuffing a garbage bag with something and singing Orestes - A.P.C. "And I don't wanna feel this overwhelming hostility.."

      Same night- was also posted in the "Post Your DV Member Dreams" thread
      One of my shorter frags from this morning was about me mailing Akono a chistmas present. hehehee
      17th- end of the world

      Zombies had taken over and one man was plotting to use them to take over the world, humans weren't in danger of being pillaged by the zombies because this politician was controlling them. All i remember is being at a live theatre and the politician was leading an orchestra of the zombies, sounded fine but when i woke up i laughed.

      24th- end of the world

      Pt 1: I was at my old house with all of my family, but i knew (for the first time) that it's not my house, i think it was for a wedding. Pt 2: Kinda like i was knocked out and woke up and all of my family is dead or missing. I vividly remember trying to bail from some industrial building, stepping over bodies that i knew were my family but didnt recognize. I headed for my dad's standard truck with a plan to save as many people as i could and pull them onto the truck bed. But there were about 6 too many options on the gear shifting area, so i tried my best to pull the truck out and woke up as i was trying to park.
    3. finally

      by , 10-17-2010 at 11:33 PM (limitless' limits)
      I finally had some recall this morning for the first time since the 12th.

      I dreamt i was at some kinda cottage with some family friends. I remember having conversations with my friend and his step dad, but dont remember the dialogue. There was a storm happening and i saw a family from the neighbourhood on their boat, bracing for the waves from the storm. I was watching from a view that a camera would have if it were a movie. As if i was watching them from the middle of the water. The waves lifted their little speed boat and dropped it, rocked the boat until the middle daughter fell into the water. At this point i was at the "beach" and helped her fight off a huge fish that looked kinda like a 2' long black piranha or one of those deep sea fangtooth fish. And helped her back up onto the deck. Woke up soon after.

      I had a short dream before and another one after this one, where i was on msn with Ninja telling him i dreamt about some guy, and he told me he did too. We compared details and it was the same person in both our dreams. But i cannot remember any specifics. (also, don't have ninja on msn irl)
      memorable , non-lucid , nightmare
    4. Gorillaz and the "Chest Technique" Explosion

      by , 10-12-2010 at 09:12 AM (limitless' limits)
      Im surprised i havent posted this dream yet,

      from the 6th:

      So my bf and i and about 20 DC's were at a Gorillaz concert.(which is happening IRL in two days) The set up for the concert was very confusing; there was some 4' tall chain link fencing around the perimeter of a cement patio area where we had to stay inside the fence. There was curtain behind us and the stage that the Gorillaz were on was really far in front of us, for some reason.

      There was a part when i snuck to the front of the patio and people were positioned there to grab at me and scare me back behind the fence. And next thing i knew, the curtain behind me had opened, and everyone was off to the side now and D12 was there, rapping. I noticed that my bf had disappeared, he fell behind the curtain. For a second i could see from his perspective where he was, so i knew he was hurt and scared and had an idea of where he was, but when i looked behind the curtain he wasnt there. So i went looking for him in a hallway. I found him in a storage room in a mountain of boxes.

      My dream collapsed when i helped him out from the boxes, but i fell back asleep immediately into the same dream. We were now in a hotel room and i was watching the concert from the window. Some one knocked on the door and opened it, telling us we had to get out because they over booked our room, and the cleaning lady had to tidy it for the next people. I remember arguing with her about it, and ended up telling her we will pack up to leave. O.o

      7th, was up for over 21 hours, and had 4.5 hours of sleep:

      Had one recall about Sentaku. LOL, had a very distinct "im dreaming" moment, but i was probably too exhausted to turn lucid, unfortunately.


      I did the Chest Technique to meditate before sleep, and everything was fine until the chest started rattling and jumping. It burst open and all of my negative thoughts that were locked in it came shooting at me. Was crazy.


      Crappy recall, could only remember one DC, no dream, no commentary. Fail.
      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable
    5. the climb and slide

      by , 10-10-2010 at 06:45 PM (limitless' limits)
      So i have failed to post a longer dream in between my last posts and this one. but i am without my DJ book atm so im using this for it's purpose right now.

      its kinda a jumbled mess because i woke up and typed it into my memos on my shitty phone.

      the first thing i remembered was :

      i was in this big dark room with tables around and there were a few people around, but i only took notice to one DC. he was about 17 maybe, and had short blond hair and dark eyes and was really pale(now that i think about it, looked like ninja). he wasnt wearing a shirt, and he was running around in the dark, sneaking up on me and giggling. it was creepy, but apparently i liked it. i took a moment to sit on one of the tables a little further away from everyone else and "touch myself". That didnt last long or finalize its self, so i tried to chase the boy down, to see if i could ask him what he was doing. Then i noticed a room with light so i went into it. I was determined to find a mug, i think i wanted tea... but when i found the mug i heard a familiar voice. It was my first fashion teacher from highschool, so i went to go talk to her. I dont remember the conversation but my friend from college was there all of a sudden and my highschool teacher was talking to my friend like they were remembering times together. It was nice, then i woke up without waking totally from the dream.

      I was now in a mall with my mom and aunt and uncle, but they were teenagers.. and i was trying to convince my uncle that he was to fall in love with my aunt, not my mom. That was odd, i woke up, and fell back asleep to another dream.

      I was running through the streets, with a crowd in a big city, probably toronto, and i could sense a panic in everyone else. the more we ran the more people showed up and the more anxiety bubbled up. so i branched off and ran to the top of a building, i dont remember being inside it, but when i got to the roof i could see what everyone was panicking about. there was a giant boy, with dark hair and annggerr, as tall as the sky scrapers and he was only 4 buildings over. so i spotted this huge intricate structure that i knew i had to climb to be safe. out of no where i had a guide DC who i knew irl in grade 7(almost 8 years ago) who helped me climb. when i got high up through the twisted bars i saw a platform and i saw my mom.. i yelled at her not to follow me, that i'd be fine and she should go back down. (forgetting that where i was heading was safety, and that means i just sent her back into danger) so i turned a corner on the platform and found a big water slide. there were three slide tunnel options and i was scared. i jumped into the left one and screamed for dear life all the way down. i can vividly remember going through the tube flipping on my stomach and back, it hurt and i was soo afraid. i landed at the bottom with an odd feeling of calm.

      i found myself walking through grass near some houses, and i found the boy again from the dark room. he was standing still and silent, with his eyes shut. i walked up and gave him a kiss. waited for his reaction, and kissed him again when he looked at me.

      i woke up, had another pointless dream but after recalling this, i couldnt remember the last short one.
      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable
    6. a bracelet, a mall, confusion, twins, cute aliens and scary aleins.

      by , 10-04-2010 at 02:43 AM (limitless' limits)
      Back tracking:

      Morning of the 22nd,

      -i was baby sitting a little girl
      -dream took place in a chess inspired castle
      -was some kind of art gallery that i was helping with
      -then i was outside my old house with my mom, grandma and the old ladies from Ponyo
      -we were talking about my late grandpa and my grandma wanted me to give my memorial bracelet to my mom(which doesnt actually exist)

      Morning of the 24th,

      -a very expensive shopping center, selling brand names for charity
      -i was interviewing women as they were shopping
      -i saw Michael Fox filming a commercial
      -very vivid recall

      Morning of the 26th,

      -confusing recall about a long dream that i kept waking from and falling back into
      -pt 1 at 11am, felt like i was in a basement apartment
      -i had a bullmastiff that shit all over the floor, it was way too vivid
      -my bf wouldnt kelp me clean it up, i half woke up and told my bf that he has to help me, but he was also asleep and didnt hear me, i fell back asleep
      -pt 2 at 12pm, i was in an odd school and ran into my friend who happened to be in the same course as me in college, and i recommended what teacher to try to get
      -pt 3 at 1:30pm, had a dream about talking to my old manager in an odd office

      Morning of the 27th,

      -i was with my mom and aunt, and we crashed a funeral
      -the bathroom was memorable
      -i had twin boys that i was trying to get back home to, i was trapped behind a strangely familiar building
      -scene changed and i was trapped in my old neighbour's back yard, i hopped the fence and ran home
      -i had my boys in the master bedroom with our three dogs(which i dont have)
      -the babies were not crying when they wanted something, so i kept forgetting to feed and change them
      -i took one of them for a walk down the street in my arms, to show some of the neighbours

      Morning of the 29th,

      -parent's were planning a big anniversary party, so i had rules to follow- and break
      -i wasnt allowed to have anyone over, so we could attempt to keep the house clean
      -but i started drinking, and had people over and my mom got pissed and went to her sister's house for the night
      -my dad was furious with me and i was crying almost the whole dream
      -i got up in the morning to try and clean the house
      -someone broke in right in front of me
      -i screamed for my dad but they got away with a big suitcase that was in the living room
      -i cried again and headed to the kitchen to try and clean up, when i saw three aliens(looked like Planet 51 aliens, but different colours) they told me they were there the night before, and were overly curious about everything in the house
      -my dad finally came downstairs, dressed up, and started helping me in the kitchen
      -i tried to explain about the aliens and he didnt care

      Morning of the 1st,

      -horrifying aliens were taking over the world. end of the world scenario
      -they looked like a cross between splice(when she's male and has wings) and the tooth fairies from hell boy, but they were about 8' tall on average
      -they were eating humans, using them to breed more aliens, and trying to turn people into aliens
      -everyone in the area took shelter in a big space ship that must have been parked on a hill
      -i noticed my parent's, cousin from another province, friend from high school, bf's sister and her bf, and i knew my bf was there, and i knew my grandma was there, but didnt see them. and a LOT of other DCs
      -the alien's would watch up and try to break in during the day, but would go hunting else where for humans at night
      -some people were collecting books in case we could actually get away and repopulate and educate the world
      -i remember it being really important to make sure that i had 'The Lovely Bones' with me, and i went out of my way to find my friend from high school to make sure she had 'Lucky'
      -in the end, everyone was sitting in one of the bigger rooms on the ship and my dad was adjacent to me
      -all of the electronics stopped working(cellphones, watches, etc) and the ship was under full attack by the alien's and they had pushed the ship down a hill
      -the last thing i remember before i woke up was my dad screaming out from the silence, "Oh No, ohh NOOO!"
      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable
    7. moving party? and the car

      by , 08-26-2010 at 08:56 PM (limitless' limits)
      So my dream started and i was alone at a little house party, im confused as to whose it was. I remember sitting on a big couch with one of my friends to the left of me, and someone else to the right, whom i was talking to. They got up and walked away, so i turned to my friend and tried to strike up a conversation. She dully pointed to the doorway, and two old friends walked into the room. Every time i dream about one of them in particular, i feel like a pointing dog. They sat down on the couch with us and at that point my bf, Dan and close friend, Lindz appeared, they are definitely my comfort zone here. There was a little scene with the entertainment unit, i dont remember specifically, but i knew it was haunted..

      The night skipped forward a little, we were in an elevator and i was told that we were going up, to the top floor of the building. But i could see the floors going down. We got off and an old neighbour and her family was there, they were moving. So we tried to help.

      Then my bf and i were at my old house, and we had stuff that we needed to bring to our apartment(which i dont actually have) so my parents offered to drive the stuff over, and i was in the back seat. Dan was driving his car(which he doesnt actually have) behind us. We were heading up a local street and a big wall appeared in the middle of the road ahead of us with a big gate in the middle. My dad got angry and floor'd it, hoping to just bust open the gate. But we hit a cement block on the bottom of the gate, and the car went soring into the sky.

      It was not good, i saw everything in slow motion. It felt like we were up, above the rooftops for minutes. I got really scared and started to wake up, i asked myself, "were we ever going to fall? or did i just wake up from a flying dream?!"
      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable
    8. shark and cupcakes!

      by , 08-26-2010 at 06:25 PM (limitless' limits)
      Had 2 recalls yesterday, dont remember them now, i waited too long. But i remember the second one had to do with a shark chasing me.

      Also 2 recalls today, ill post the first one separately..

      Second dream, right before i woke up around noon,
      I was making cupcakes for an important event, although i am completely unaware about that they were for. It felt like a wedding or classy event, because they were vanilla and we were using white icing. I remember pouring the badder into the cupcake pans, and all of a sudden my mother pops up and pulls my arm so that i end up pouring the last half of the badder into one regular cake pan. Saying, "Only half the people will want your silly cupcakes." I was mad when i woke up. Then i realized i didnt get to eat a cupcake while i was asleep,
      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable
    9. chicken and a cat

      by , 08-19-2010 at 11:14 PM (limitless' limits)
      I had a weird sleep last night, stayed at my boyfriend's, slept from 2-5am, then came home. Slept from 6-9am
      Had two recalls before 9am,
      Didnt fully remember my first dream, but i know it was about chicken thighs. I was someone else, a woman who was cooling dinner for her family. I went to a near by farm for two chickens, and i plucked the feathers and cleaned them myself, all just for the thighs and wings. I got challenged somehow to do the same with ponies, and watched someone put them, alive into a meat grinder. But they looked like My Little Ponies, and were blue..

      Second recall before 9am,
      I was at a bus loop with my cousin Kristen (i think she is a comfort zone for me) and we separated so she could head back to Toronto and i was catching a bus home. I ran into an old friend, which had ended on bad terms last time we talked. We saw each other and immediately started yelling, threatening and cursing at one another, all i could make out of it was me telling her she needs to stay out of Oshawa. We got talking, and i told her how i felt about her and why i had previously ended our friendship. And she agreed that shes Nuts.

      I woke up and had a hard time trying to get back to sleep, woke up around noon after a nightmare,
      My family was having a little get together at my old house, and my mom came into the kitchen and put my cat Boo Radley in the sink infront of me, and i asked her what was wrong and got very uncomfortable. She gave me a very blank look and disappeared into the adjacent room for a split second, when she came back she had Boo's head and put it on the floor. I began freaking out and asked my mom what she did and she started to pick at his head on the ground. I made her pass it to me, and i put it back on. Strangely, boo looked up at me like, 'what happened?' So i tried to do some reality checks, tried to look at my hands and as i did, i woke up. After that i calmed myself down and tried to WILD, but i just fell back to sleep for about half an hour instead.