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    Pennywise and the hole in the ceiling

    by , 04-14-2012 at 05:14 PM (1033 Views)
    Long, weird dream about being haunted by Pennywise.
    I remember having a hard time navigating around a weird warehouse that was full of old arcade games and large toys and figures that he blended into. I remember some explicit parts but i mostly remember the end of the dream:
    My family and i were having dinner in a tweaked version of my old dinning room. About half way through the meal we heard loud foot steps pacing the length of the upstairs, above us. After we all took turns staring at each other like RHPS (minus the name calling) mom was like, screw this, there is someone actually up there, im going to go see who it is. My dad was like *facepalm* it could be an intruder.. (and i think my older brother was like 10 in this dream) I followed mom half way up the stairs and as she entered the bedroom where the foot steps were, i woke up.. the first thing i heard in my house was mom's elephant foot steps in the next room. lol

    The dream i had after that had a reoccurring location. I was visiting my friend Nikki at her work while her coworkers were out for lunch. The skirt she was sewing was bizarre. I remember having to go pee but i needed to find another bathroom for some reason. So i down the hall between Dance With Me(nikki's work) and NoFrills'(from when i worked in another province) back room. I turned left and walked past a creepy statue that was in the middle of the hallway, at the end of the hallway is an office for the villain department of Marvel or something. I turn right and jump down a level through a hole in the floor, landing in a sketchy apartment above a bed, i cross the room and turn right, away from the other bedrooms, towards the bathroom. I cant go to the bathroom there, i look around and try to find toilet paper that is completely disgusting. It looks like homeless, filthy people had attacked the room. I leave the way i came, (this trip had happened 3 times, on the 3rd the guy is back in his room where the whole is, hes sorting laundry and i apologize for having to step over his clean laundry. He tells me he recognizes me and mentions an old coworker of mine. I tell him i dont work there anymore, that im just here visiting a friend for the day. I began to attempt to climb back up and im struggling. The guy asks me if its difficult to get out, i tell him: 'the first time was no problem, the second time was a problem and this time my whole body hurts." he laughed and said he can understand. At that, i climbed up from his headboard to the ceiling then i lift myself up and turn to flop down on my stomach so i can see him through the hole. I told him im really sore from working out two days ago. He laughed again and told me how he really thought he knew me. The conversation continued but i dont remember it, as i was navigating back to Nikki's work, i had the last of the convo with the room guy on a huge tablet kinda thing. When i got back to Nikki, her coworkers were back and she wanted me to hide. My perspective this time was from a wall view point instead of knowing im in the room. I faded from the dream and began my recall immediately.
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