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    limitless' limits


    by , 10-17-2010 at 11:33 PM (1197 Views)
    I finally had some recall this morning for the first time since the 12th.

    I dreamt i was at some kinda cottage with some family friends. I remember having conversations with my friend and his step dad, but dont remember the dialogue. There was a storm happening and i saw a family from the neighbourhood on their boat, bracing for the waves from the storm. I was watching from a view that a camera would have if it were a movie. As if i was watching them from the middle of the water. The waves lifted their little speed boat and dropped it, rocked the boat until the middle daughter fell into the water. At this point i was at the "beach" and helped her fight off a huge fish that looked kinda like a 2' long black piranha or one of those deep sea fangtooth fish. And helped her back up onto the deck. Woke up soon after.

    I had a short dream before and another one after this one, where i was on msn with Ninja telling him i dreamt about some guy, and he told me he did too. We compared details and it was the same person in both our dreams. But i cannot remember any specifics. (also, don't have ninja on msn irl)

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    non-lucid , nightmare , memorable


    1. limitless's Avatar
      this was all really only residue, just kinda mixed up..