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    Applying Eyelash Makeup In Restroom

    by , 12-12-2015 at 12:04 AM (1056 Views)
    Applying Eyelash Makeup In Restroom (DILD)


    Iím inside a grocery retail store, and Iím on my way to the restroom. The flooring before heading there is very clean, light brown cement color with some kind of marble coating to it. The lighting overall is a yellow hue mixed in with orange, and this probably due to the upper roof windows emitting the light from above.

    Itís a fairly active within the store itself, and itís very spacious as well. I seem to be carrying something that looks like a Poo-pourri spray.

    I go inside the restrooms, and noticed that the sinks are to the left vs. the right as it usually is in the other retail store I shop at. Thereís the same laminate coating, dark brown colors mixed in with some grays, blacks, and subtle appearances of white along with the fancy, stainless steel sinks. I look at the mirror, and Iím preparing to move the eyeliner makeup stick around for a little bit.

    I try to apply some to my eyelashes, and Iím getting various outcomes each time I invest more time into this. One moment, it seems like my eyelashes are going to become thinner, and less noticeable. The next moment, itís as if in spite of their state of being, they still are emphasized more for some reason, and it feel awkward looking at myself looking feminine. There were a few men that came every now and then to be surprised as to why Iím applying eyeliner, eyelash, whatever itís called, and even though I had a knee-jerk reaction to be shocked that they came in, I still went about my merry way.

    I was only aware of what was going on, and didnít really bother to fixate on bodily movements, I guess. I started to play around with the substance within the makeup bottle, and I could see itís a very thick, white substance with some black blemishes that are shiny and glossy as well. I pay attention to the realism of the texture forming around the small brush stick, and the sounds associated with knocking against the bottle from the inside with the brush stick.

    After I stop reveling in this, I proceed to go out of the restroom, and as Iím going near a check stand, some random kid asks me for a machineís game currency, and I quickly responded, ďNo.Ē And I mean no as in, ďno-you-demon-child,youĒ type of no. The child is about 2-3 three feet in height, dark complexion, and is wearing a white shirt and probably some generic, dulled out shorts that were light blue. He had a haircut close to the 1.5 setting, i.e., having hair, but close to being bald.

    He looks up at me weirdly, and doesnít seem to be capable of processing my immediate response, and starts looking around for a bit, and then moves on to go to his parents.

    The funny part is that later on in the day, a co-worker was asking if I was using perfume before she corrected herself, and saying cologne.

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    1. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      I couldn't resist reading this when I saw a poo-pourri bottle there.
      Maybe this can be your inspiration for your next Photoshop face morphing session.
      PS. I think mascara is the word you're looking for.
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