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    Chaos Emeralds, Pseudo-Self-Hypnosis, Apophenia Actually Saves Me, Not enough food in Cafeteria

    by , 01-15-2013 at 12:54 AM (659 Views)
    Chaos Emeralds, Pseudo-Self-Hypnosis, and Apophenia Actually Saves Me!! (Non-lucid)


    I'm inside a classroom, and I believe I'm assigned with a partner to find the Chaos Emeralds, and the whole Sonic associations come in random moments with the simulated version of waking life. It feels so awkward as more anime and cartoon themes started to intertwine.

    One moment I have my middle and index finger together as if I'm trying to do an instant teleport in DBZ,

    and the next I'm back to Sonic related themes, specifically the Chaos Emeralds. I'm actually using the motion for the instant teleport to locate where the Chaos Emeralds could be, and while other teams are out scavenging for them, finding the items was easy for me.

    There were 6 in total, and not 7 oddly, that we had to find. I found about 3 within the room, and I realized I'm wearing a white tuxedo suit with white pants that look like they're tight on me.

    Probably because I put 3 Chaos Emeralds inside the right hand pocket. I felt like bragging to the others that I already found half of them, but I was also afraid of what they might do to me if I did. So I just sit down resting my chin with my arms at a 60 degree angle.

    I decided to do the instant teleport motion (but I'm not using it to teleport, just to track for more Emeralds), and found that the fourth one was in the hands of Amy Rose.

    I also had a glimpse that she kept it in a leather bag, a really light brown one, and ironically, this would actually save my life, but you'll find really quick.

    So after sitting around doing random stuff, the dream now shifts where I'm in a different room that's brigther than the last, and it seems I'm being questioned. Apparently, if I don't answer the question right, I die.

    And guess who's the person who wants to question me?


    I think my hands are tied behind my back on the chair or maybe not. She's wearing the outfit she used to ride her vehicles in the show "Legend of Korra," and I really don't know why out of all dream characters, we would be one to question me lol.

    I don't even recall seeing anything Korra related after the end of the first season of Korra, and that was months ago.

    Anyway, she as her left leg over her right, and she has these white flashcards and informs me that I have to pick the right answer. I'm not sure is she's interrogating me, or if this is some kind of twisted foreplay for sex.

    I actually feel that if I don't think of a right answer, I'll really die, so I get hyped up, and decided to think things thorougly.

    The question was something I can't recall, but I had three possible answers, and I had to pick one, and they were:

    - Tropical Beach

    - Leather bag

    - (And Some other choice I can't remember)

    Oh and before I go on, remember the leather bag thing I mentioned about Amy Rose? You'll find out how it helped me in a bit.

    So when the question was asked, I decided to relax, get into self-hypnosis and tried to visualize what the question is wanting me to find. I immediately see a faded out image of a Tropical Beach that looks like it's a cartoon version of one, but it's also realistic in some sense.

    Since that was the first image that popped into my mind, I stated it was "Tropical Beach" as the answer.

    So Masami asks,

    "Are you sure?"

    So I think again one more time, and honestly, I didn't know what else to choose, so I'm just assuming whatever comes up in my mind as potential answer. So apophenia starts to kick in, and I'm like, "Screw it, whatever" mode, and saw a leather bag and Amy Rose.

    The I presumed the question was related in finding a Chaos Emerald or something like that. I decided to go with leather bag based on the previous experience where I noticed Amy Rose had the 4th Chaos Emerald, and just made meaning based on that.

    When I stated "Leather Bag" as my response, my eyes are squinting even harder, and I don't want to open them because I'm wondering if the Apophenia was worth it. Then some random voice stated how I got the answer right.

    After that, I was free to go.


    That's about it for that dream.


    Not enough food in Cafeteria (Non-lucid)


    So I'm going to a cafeteria in a random High School, and the whole place looks like it's barely even operational. The lights are too dimmed out, the whole place looks a bit dark, and the unlight from the big glass wall that's maybe 50 feet away from me is the only thing giving the majority of the light source in here.

    To the left of me is a random dream character serving lunch, and it's mostly hotdogs, which is enticing to me and a few others. However, there was something about the hotdog that people didn't like, and I decided to go with the conformity to save myself from being disgusted with eating the hotdog. I quickly moved to the other two sections in front of the previous one, and I didn't really like any of the options there.

    So I quickly moved back to the first section before this tall dude gets a spot in the line. He looks a lot like a guy named Elliot I knew in High School, and this dreaming counterpart is passive like all of them are in my dreams.

    The dream shifts where I'm sitting at a table that I don't feel I belong in...great, nice High School nostalgia to reflect on and make me feel better........

    I asked the random people on the lunch table, excluding Elliot of course,

    "Can I sit here?"

    They all say in unison, including Elliot,

    "No you can't"

    Well fuck, normally people say, "Oh sure!"


    They were blatant with the whole response, and I felt even more awkward. Then I realized they didn't really give a shit if I sat there. I guess it was just me getting answers I wouldn't expect them to reply through.

    Then I had some weird conflict with Elliot, and after a while, he gives me a small piece of paper stating that he was a cop or something like that?

    Okay...........when he gives me the paper, I calmed down a bit, and for whatever reason, this same piece of paper had a location instilled into my mind or something that I would plan to go to after the dream school experience ends.

    And that's all I remember, probably would've recalled more if I decided to type things out early, but I couldn't skip breakfast before going to college classes, otherwise I might pass out and die of starvation....wouldn't that be fun!?!?!

    I guess the recall is okay after not focusing on it for nearly 10-11 hours now.

    I'm Assigned to a Bing! Search Engine Seat (Non-lucid)


    Yeah, I go into a room, and I'm assigned a seat. I told the teacher planning things out about something, and he's like "Cool."

    More like "Cool Story Bro," and I go ahead and sit down and saw on the Computer on my desk that I'm assigned to the Bing! Search Engine site.

    Apparently they wanted to separate the seating arrangment so that a person who would also have Bing! assigned to them would be 5 seats away from me...left, right, up, down.

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