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    Classroom and Concept Map, Science Classroom & Lunch, Jessie From Team Rocket in Pokemon

    by , 02-05-2012 at 05:38 PM (1247 Views)

    I woke up pretty late (~9:40 AM), so I'm really holding on to the images in my head of the dreams I had late last night (I slept around 12AM-1AM).

    I set an alarm to wake me up at 3:45 AM, and I did the same for the online one. It woke up probably to turn it of, but I was most likely too tired to get up to try a WBTB. And the external alarm clock, I don't know, it still has the preset time for 3:45AM, and the dot to show that the alarm is set should've been gone by now.

    Did a reality check, but nope, guess something is wrong with me.

    These dreams most likely didn't start in chronological order either. My recall from them is shit because I slept too long.

    Dream 1: Classroom and Concept Map Assignment

    I'm in a classroom, and I see a DC that looks exactly like the AP Psychology teacher I had in High School as a Senior. The class was over, and everyone was handing in their sheets of paper.

    I get up to go towards the teacher, Mr. White (IRL last name), but then I stop and turn back because something in my mind told me that I had to turn something else in to the shelf at the back of the room. I turn in a worksheet that felt like it was two pages, and then I realize my name wasn't on it, so I go back to the desk and quickly wrote my name (but I couldn't see clearly if I did).

    After I put that worksheet with the stack that other people were putting it on, I turn back to turn in the other paper in my hand, which seemed to be a concept map. I had some random things written down, and I'm waiting in a short line to turn in the paper. Before it was my turn, I decided to write down a concept that said, "Objective?" and I drew a link and wrote an answer of "Yes."


    I turn in the paper to the teacher, he looks at it for a while, and I was worried because I was writing something a few seconds before the DC in front of me turned their assignment in, but he puts mine along with the other stacks and I leave to go somewhere.

    Dream 2: Science classroom & Lunch

    This dream, I'm not too sure if it was chained with the first one, but I felt like I was going back and forth somewhere...I know I had to do some weird things like making sure that I met the conditions to enter a room....but again, my recall is crap because I let myself doze off too quickly after waking up to the alarm.

    I'm inside of a room, and I'm not even sure if this was the room I started out in the dream, I most likely was in a room that kept shutting on and off every few minutes I think and then came to this room, but I see a few DCs inside of this class that looks like a Laboratory class since there were large black top tables with the brown cabinets holding them in place. And students were just chilling there, probably waiting for the instructor to come in.


    I think I see a girl who is a little chunky, and she's wearing a dark blue shirt and jeans as well. She has brown/black hair, and she's looking at me, but I couldn't remember what I did next or how I responded to her.

    Okay, I don't remember anything else from that dream, so I'll just type a dream fragment I just remembered after this.

    I was at lunch somewhere waiting in line, I can't remember what types of food I was getting, but I do know that it was condensed down to a small bowl that looked like a rice bowl or soup bowl or something like that.


    This fragment is kind of similar to the dream I have a few entries back when DCs tried to cheer me up when I was pissed a Cash Register broke my debit card in half with her index finger and thumb.

    Dream 3: Team Rocket Jessie from Pokemon

    This dream was different from the rest, so I'll just separate it here.

    I'm looking at some poster in my hand, I think it's a drawing, and everything is colored. Then after a while of whatever I was doing in the dream, a picture of Jessie, part of Team Rocket from Pokemon, was included in the picture on the left side.


    She had her arms out and turned her body to the side next to whatever person was inside of the picture.

    Not too sure on what I did next.

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    1. sinoblak's Avatar
      What is concept map? A scheme?
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    2. Linkzelda's Avatar
      A concept map is a diagram showing the relationships among concepts. It is a graphical tool for organizing and representing knowledge.

      Concepts, usually represented as boxes or circles, are connected with labeled arrows in a downward-branching hierarchical structure. The relationship between concepts can be articulated in linking phrases such as "gives rise to", "results in", "is required by," or "contributes to".[1]

      The technique for visualizing these relationships among different concepts is called "concept mapping".

      Concept maps are used to define the ontology of computer systems, for example with the object role modeling or Unified Modeling Language formalism.
      Concept map - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      It's basically like brainstorming, where you start with a basic and broad concept/idea, and branch out to more specific and detailed information.

      An example can be that you write "Pets" in the middle of a sheet of paper. You can circle it or whatever, and then draw a line outside the edges and branch off what you think classifies a pet. You could write down "Dog," "Cat," "Parrot," "Gold-fish," etc.

      Hope this helps.
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    3. sinoblak's Avatar
      Oh, thanks. I call it scheme.

      Nvm, the first dream is great.
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    4. Linkzelda's Avatar
      You're welcome, and oh okay, over here, we call it all sorts of things (like we do for almost everything haha) like concept map, mind map, brainstorming map, and other things.

      I felt like I did more within the dream, but I didn't wake up after it, I felt this entry was crap because it was just me doing boring things. :/

      I just typed it for the sake of staying motivated in remembering dreams xP
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    5. Alyzarin's Avatar
      Haha, what a random dream to end the night. But ah, you had a teacher named Mr. White! Like Walter White!
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    6. sinoblak's Avatar
      Yes, and he wrote 'yes' ! Dreams always say important things about ourselves. What proved to be objectively true in your life lately, Link?
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    7. Linkzelda's Avatar
      I don't know to be honest with you.
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    8. sinoblak's Avatar
      I don't know as well, but the dream is positive. May be some of your concepts?
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    9. Linkzelda's Avatar
      I was a bit skeptical to what you meant by positive, but now that I glanced over it again, you're right, there wasn't anything negative in the dream. Even though it was mostly positive, I still don't see any concepts that I'm used to knowing in the dream though.
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    10. sinoblak's Avatar
      Try the that trick with the words, better with your new dream.
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    11. Linkzelda's Avatar
      You mean ask a question in lettering and see what it does in my dreams?
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    12. sinoblak's Avatar
      Just write several words very quickly, without thinking, and see the last word, at which you stop. Then remember an event connected with that word somehow.

      But to me, the dream means that you're doing exactly what you're supposed to do, things go smoothly, only you lack passion, that's why the feeling of boredom is present in many of your dreams.

      Uh, I had a nice lucid, but I can't put it in English. I hate it when I have to think in one language first and in another after that.
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