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    Dream Scholarship, Shooting, Sonic Heroes and Dumbledore

    by , 12-04-2012 at 04:56 AM (472 Views)
    Dream Scholarship (Non-lucid)


    I'm informed that there's an Asian lady hosting a small contest to win her scholarship of $3,500 I believe.

    I'm going inside of an auditorium or a huge lecture room that could occupy maybe 300+ people. The walls are probably milky brown with some kind of pink to it, and the lighting above us is mostly white.

    There's not a lot of people in the room, and I decided to merge with the 15-20 or so people sitting near the front. There's 4 sections of seats, and I decided to go to the middle on on the left. I have to go through someone, and they moved their legs for me.

    Then I sit down, and started to phase out for a while until I saw people's names were on the board. There was this half-naked guy who was near the board, and I assumed I had to talk to him to get my name added for the scholarship contest.

    So I go up to him and state my name, but apparently, there's someone already with my name on the chalkboard....then I hear someone call out, "Yeah, that's me!"

    I was a bit shocked, but then decided to mention my middle name as well to make the distinction between the random dream character and myself. I go back to sit to a random seat, and I noticed there's one girl that looks like someone at my college in waking life.

    She's dark-skinned, wearing tight khaki long pants, along with a green sweater with a few mixed in colors of red, white, blue, and such. She's looking at the large projector screen on the stage. I can't recall what was the exact content, and I doubt there was anything useful.

    I just wanted to wait for the Asian lady, or whoever is hosting the contest. Then after a while someone comes in, and claims they are the host, so everyone starts paying attention. I passively hear what she's saying and focus on who is around me. Since I realized this is a contest again, I have to rank who might be a challenge to me.

    I saw a guy with an orange shirt for a while, and then noticed he's similar to someone named Danny in waking life. I started to worry about his existence because he was supposedly a good debator in High School. Everyone else looked pretty easy to compete against.

    The lady on the stage was most likely Indian or Hispanic, she was dark-skinned, but more of a tanned skinned complexion. She's wearing a black dress shirt that's slightly opened to show her cleavage, and I believe she's wearing regular dark blue jeans.

    She looks like she's in her 30-40s, and she has long and brown hair, along with dark red lips. Her visage is plump and cheeky, and she has a decent body for her age overall.

    She calls up one person, and I believe he would be asked a series of questions. After a while, I can't recall what happens during that inteveral, but I find myself on the stage with other people. I tense up a bit, and quickly turned my back to see what's on the screen.

    Gradually, my awareness of the content picks up, and I realized these are mostly dream-related questions.

    I start getting confident, and felt that this scholarship is easy pickings, too bad I didn't reality check since dreaming was the topic of discussion. As the lady is rambling on some stuff, my urge to just mention anything increases, but I didn't want to disturb the lady.

    I start twitching while trying to be patient and see when she's going to just be quiet.

    I can't remember anything after that.


    Someone Tries To Shoot (Non-lucid)


    I remember being outside, and I think I'm walking with my father or someone, along with some random female.

    She was wearing a blue jacket, the hard layered ones, along with a dark red shirt underneath I believe. She also had regular light blue jeans, and she looks like she's in her 40s or so.

    She has black hair, and is dark-skinned, and has a skinny torso region, but wide hips. I think my father was going to aim his gun at her for some reason, and I'm seeing this in spectator view. While things are going in slow-motion, I see that he really wants to prepare to shoot her, and as I'm informing the lady to watch out, she finally turns around.

    She's shocked, and I think she someone takes the gun out of his hands and drops it somewhere else.


    Sonic Heroes & Professor Dumbledore (Non-lucid)


    I'm watching a random small clip of Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails, and they're in an environment that's similar to the Lost Jungle stage in Sonic Heroes.

    Sonic is trying to convice Tails and Knuckles to form together near a flower pod that can transport then to a huge plant base inside that's maybe 30 feet away from them. Knuckles raises his hairless eyebrow region on the left side, probably feels it's a crazy idea, but he agrees along with tails.

    Now I'm mentally controlling Tails as Sonic and Knuckles hang out below him. I'm going through some weird sewer like region. The overall atmosphere's color is a light misty brown mixed in with yellow.

    The walls and roofs are formed in a semi-circular composition, and as I'm progressing with the three characters, I finally reach a gated area. The irons seem to be rusty brown, and there's a gate door that we can open.

    I prompt them to open it, and as soon as we go into the area, Professor Dumbledore comes in out of nowhere. He's sitting near a desk, and seems to be sorting through some papers. He looks very busy until I prompt the characters to get closer to him, after that, I can't recall anything else.

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