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    Grocery Retail Promotion Test, Skating Through University

    by , 04-08-2014 at 07:38 PM (404 Views)
    Grocery Retail Promotion Test (DILD)


    Iím inside a grocery retail store, and it feels that Iím taking some kind of test to be promoted, or something like that. I see dream characters that are wearing dark blue polo shirts, and this makes me feel as if Iím going for assistant manager, or something like that. I know that Iím dreaming, though I donít really take any means of changing the dream environment. I seem to shift my awareness to my dream body, and then in spectator mode where Iím analyzing the environment around me.

    Things start out with me interacting with a female that looks like Kyra for short in waking life. Sheís about the same height as I would conceptualize her in waking life, and I feel that during this moment, I had another dream with her. It was basically her trying to convince me to hang out with her more often, and that when a new section that will be a sports bar, or something like that in the small town opens up, that we could party with others.

    I canít remember my response to this, and I felt I ignored her to some extent. Anyway, back to shifting to the main dream, I think I had to ride a white scooter around the store. I honestly didnít know what my task was, but it seemed to involve analyzing some objects around most of the store, and engaging in conversation with other dream characters that looked like assistant managers as well. There seems to be shifts where I would be starting out with a different assistant manager from Kyra.

    One was a male that seemed to want to get the test over with, and he was using words like, ďletís get this shit done and over with, man.Ē He also tried to inform me to keep it a secret between us of how he intends to be easy on me during the test. After a while, I at a section where there seems to be toilet paper for sale, or maybe paper towels. I meet a dream character that looks like this, except with white hair:

    Heís motioning with his fingers, and visage of something related to the objects in front of him, but Iím not really too sure on what he means through these non-verbal cues. After a while, I seem to have less awareness of the dream, and I forget what happens next.


    Skating Through University (DILD)


    Iím skating through a section at a university I used to attend. It feels so real, from the bumps on the wheels rolling on the surface, to the wind, and the momentum following along with how I shifted my body weight to speed up. I find myself eventually bending with my knees to go even faster around this area where buses usually stop near the Psychology building of the University.

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