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    The Guy with the Axe and Gun

    by , 04-05-2014 at 07:02 AM (713 Views)
    The Guy with the Axe and Gun (DILD)


    I wake up, and found myself in an environment that looks exactly like the area I'm currently residing in waking life. Green walls, a bed that's slightly elevated more than usual, and the same material of dark gray carpet.

    I'm gradually becoming more aware that this is a dream, feeling the slight blurry echo effects as I'm moving about inside the house. I hear footsteps coming near the house's entrance, and I immediately motioned myself near it.

    I peek through the hole, and I see a Caucasian male that has dark brown hair, is wearing a yellow polo shirt that's untucked, along with regular blue worker jeans. He's wielding an axe with his right hand I believe, and he's knocking on the door, and spends a few seconds waiting before knocking again.

    I quickly turn in the other direction, wondering where I could find a weapon in case this guy has ill intentions in mind. I decided I should check the other bedroom diagonally to the left of me for something. I hear the knocking, but I try to not let it intimidate me since they couldn't possibly come in.

    Completely wrong.

    I hear the door open, and because I couldn't find something to protect myself, and because I was too fixated on the emotions of fear and panicking, I ended up making horrible decisions, and decided to try and hide under a bed.

    Too bad the bottom of the bed barely had any space for me to hide under, and it would only be a matter of time for the person to find me there even if I could hide under there.

    The individual is getting closer and closer, and he's raising his shoulders up while having his arms at a lop-sided "L" position with the axe, and a gun as well. My perspective starts getting a bit weird, and it feels like I'm seeing things at a slanted angle now, almost as if I'm about to fall down.

    The guy is walking pretty slowly, and the blurry echoes become more prevalent, but I'm too bothered by what may happen rather than attempting to change the dream environment.

    I wake up, because it doesn't seem anything was going to change at the time.

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