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    Kissing, Scarf & Transformers, Drop the Weapon...NOW

    by , 12-28-2013 at 06:43 PM (396 Views)
    Kissing (DILD)


    I was kissing someone that sublimated overwhelming feelings of wanting to be intimate with her. Her existence had a very familiar vibe, but I couldn't really tell who it could be.

    I was more focused on being overly attached to her, as she was with me, and we ended up kissing each other frequently. My memory tells me that she was mixing around with several faces, or it could just be a perception error on my mind.

    But whatever the case, her existence was comforting. She was wearing a long black dress, and had light Caucasian skin.


    Scarf & Transformers (DILD)


    Since I put off recalling this dream to full detail, I'll just give a list of things that occurred:

    • Saw a girl that looked like Sarah B (black haired one)

    • Some Transformers theme were placed somewhere in this dream

    • I believe I actually did see some Transformer robots

    • The same Sarah is wearing a Scarf

    • There was a blue wheeled object that I can only closley associate to a laundry wheeled container that was filled with some items that I believe were clothes

    • Sarah and some girls she was with were scavenging through the assortment of clothes, and Sarah seemed to have given me a long stare with a smile on her face.

    Just Drop the Weapon...NOW (DILD)


    The environment was mostly Fall-related with orange-brown leaves scattered in abundance. There was a fancy shack in the middle, and there seemed to have been no windows, though the outlines have been cut out to imply that there could be ones fitted in.

    There was a man that looked a lot like the waking life counterpart of a dark skinned man that wears glasses that had a thick black trimming. He had a weapon in his hands, and I'm not sure if I had one as well.

    I'm telling him to put the weapon down in an authoritative tone, and I believe my mother was to the left of me trying to help me out. The guy looked like he had a hair trigger if I said anything wrong or out of place.

    After a while, the guy didn't seem like he would be a threat to anyone, and he just seemed to point the gun at me without any intention to actually shoot. It seems my mother got tired of this and left, and as she's in the process of leaving, I was wondering why she's leaving just like that without worrying what this guy may do to the both of us.

    Even though the guy is in an awkward position seeing how he's inside of a shack that's kind of hard to get out of without getting shot by someone else, it felt like this dream just went down the gutter after my mother left.

    It felt like the script in this dream for trying to get the guy to put the gun down as I could euphemistically state was nonexistent, which ended up with me probably getting out of the dream environment as well.

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