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    Lecture Room Urinal, With Alyssa, Drown him, Grenading like a Boss, Ada Wong and Wesker....

    by , 05-18-2012 at 10:44 PM (1992 Views)
    Lecture room Urinal (Non-lucid)


    I'm in a lecture class that looks almost the same as the ones near the BLOC area at A&M. There were probably two urinals at the entrance of the lecture. I take the one on my right (your right since you're looking at the screen right now), and while I'm getting ready to do my business, someone near the room tells me to close the area I'm in.

    I jump a little bit from them telling me to do this, but I do it, but it feels awkward closing myself inside the urinal, and I still do a reality check because urinals in a classroom is obviously not weird to me???

    Then when I'm done, I get out of the room (there aren't any sinks for me to wash my hands), and there are these group of women, three probably, and I think one or two of them are fat.

    For some reason, I'm bothered by this, but I didn't pay attention to them, in fact, I barely remember their faces because I had my back facing them the whole time. I think they were trying to talk to me, or luring me to get their attention.

    I start power-walking to make things less obvious that I'm trying to run away from them.

    I think some point in this dream, I met my mother and father, but I forget what I was meeting them for.
    With Alyssa (Non-lucid)


    No, not Alyzarin, a different Alyssa that I met in waking life.

    I'm in a theater, and I'm sitting near Alyssa, but not close to her, I think I'm sitting one row below her. The screen we're watching is just flashing white most of the time, and then I decided to come up to her row and sit close to her.

    That's all I remember.
    Drown him (Non-lucid)


    I'm with at least 2-3 people on my side, and we're trying to kill this entity that looks pretty scary, I can't remember exactly how he looked but he was after us. The environment was weird, it was like being in some kind of weird looking military base, with places you can jump off to get to lower levels.

    The guy was on a higher floor and was getting ready to jump down to come after that. Then I see his feet zoomed in, and cement or some kind of substance is being formed and hardened quickly to prevent him from moving.

    It seemed our main objective was to trap him just like that, create a stone wall so the only thing he could do was jump from a lower level, and then flood him within the small rectangular space.

    I forget how things turn out, but I remembered water coming out pretty fast to hopefully drown the guy.
    Grenading Like a Boss (Non-lucid)


    That area around 1:09 that Leon goes into is what the dream environment was like, only it was a little bit wider than that.

    I'm in an enclosed space, and someone that looks like Krauser from Resident evil 4 is trying to escape, or just being a retard by going around in circles. The area looked similar to the Lava room in Resident Evil 4 where there's some wrecking ball in the middle that you have to activate a few times to get to the blocked exit.

    The control room I'm in is closed, and he's trying to get out, but I'm tossing grenades at him like crazy, and he's not even trying to attack me. I throw a few grenades before he makes another cycle into the room, and then another timed grenade he he gets out.

    Ada Wong and Wesker (Non-lucid)


    The first part of this dream was a bit weird and random, but the second part made a little more sense, and seeing two dream characters that I've seen before in my dreams makes me wonder if they're.....nah, I have to become lucid before I assume that.

    Anyway, I believe I'm wielding some bows and arrows that look a lot like Krauser's from Resident Evil 4. The bow itself was pretty interesting, it had a compact structure. What I mean by that is that when you see it for the first time, it would look small, but when you grab it, you could extend it by grabbing the sides, and it would get bigger.

    Name:  8TykA.jpg
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    I hold it around a few times, and I think I shoot a few random arrows, they went pretty fast, and it was kind of cool holding a different weapon for once than a handgun or a small machine gun. I can't remember doing much other than screwing around a bit with the mechanics of the weapon, then the dream shifts.

    I believe I'm in a NASCAR racing arena that had a mix of Track and Field to it? It was weird, but anyway, I think I was riding vehicle, and I went to a pit-stop so someone could refuel something inside of it, it all felt like was being guided or something, or as if I was watching these things happen.

    There's a random DC in a dark blue wind jacket telling someone over some transmitting device near his ear to use the parachute if they crashed their vehicle. But when they used their parachute, it looked more like a glider.

    I think at one point, I'm using a glider as well.

    The dream shifts to where Ada Wong and Albert Wesker are talking to each other. In the mean time, I see a box in the middle open, and I take a look at it. It's seems to be another bow and arrow just like the one I had in the previous dream shift.

    I take it out, and start shooting with it a few times while Wesker and Ada are talking about some kind of new armor.

    It has vibrations that initiate whenever there's some kind of rapid frequency, meaning you can dodge something like an attack from the ground or things like knives, etc. being thrown at you.

    There were more details on the armor, but I can't remember them all, it was lightweight, making it ideal since it wouldn't affect speed and all that, pretty much an awesome armor to have.

    I can't remember much after that.

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