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    Looking for the Lawnmower

    by , 04-06-2014 at 05:02 PM (557 Views)
    Looking for the Lawnmower (Non-lucid)


    One of those dreams again where I feel like I'm in some kind of alternate hyper virtual experiential reality of waking life again.

    I felt as if I was in waking life, and could feel every sensation of my body, or in this case, my dream body. I'm entering to the garage of a house that seems to be close, or an exact replica of the one I'm currently residing in waking life.

    It seems to be early morning within the dream, and the lighting seems a bit bright, which may have suggested that the temperature would go up gradually over time. I'm wearing a light gray shirt that seems to go all the way down to the mid-thigh region, and I'm wearing a dark blue pants that has very small dark blue, or black vertical lines spread out maybe a quarter to half an inch away from each other.

    I believe I'm wearing a light vanilla cap as well, probably to protect myself from the heat and light. I ask a relative of mine where the lawnmower is, and I believe they stated that they didn't know. I didn't notice until later that the format within the garage was completely different than in waking life.

    I have to proceed through this area by moving one foot a bit higher than usual to go over a few objects, and make a few torso twists to get by. I see the lawnmower is hidden behind some wooden objects wrapped in some kind of transparent material. The perception of how I saw the lawnmower seemed to have changed pretty frequently while I'm on the way of trying to get it.

    First it seems like it's a regular sized lawnmower, then it looks like it's way too small to be of any use for whatever the front yard could be. Then it felt as if there wasn't a lawnmower in the first place. I have to move the wooden objects, and all sorts of things just to get the lawnmower out.

    I can't remember what happens next, things felt too much like waking life as well.

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