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    1. Parking Lot, Principal, Auron Passes Out?

      by , 03-22-2012 at 01:25 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Parking Lot, Principal, Auron Passes Out? (DILD)


      Dream 1: Parking Lot

      I'm outside, and it's night time, and I'm just going around, but it seems all I'm doing is looking at all of the vehicles in this fairly wide parking lot.

      Dream 2: Principal

      I'm laying still in my bed, with my eyes closed. I notice that lights are on, and I hear some random song playing in the background.

      I asked myself, "Am I Dreaming?" I do a nose plug reality check, and I am. I'm still worried about opening my eyes to quickly, so instead of opening them, I slowly get up by first starting to lifting the top region of my body from the bed.

      And then I slowly moved my legs to the left off from the bed and as I'm getting up completely, my eyes open naturally.

      I'm in a completely different dream environment, I'm not in my apartment at all. It seems I was resting at a room in some type of school building.

      The first person I see to the right of me is a lady sitting on a small sofa chair. She looks like a ginger, with some orange to red hair, and I can tell she's fairly shorter than me.

      I'm smiling that I'm lucid dreaming for once, without caring if I'll wake up, and she's smiling too.

      I try to form words to talk to her, but things are a little bit difficult for me because I find that when I do speak, it's like I'm speaking through a fan, basically, my voice is distorted, and so is the lady sitting down.

      She looks like she is around her 30s or 40s, and she looks like a fairly cheerful person because she's smiling at me most of the time.

      I get closer to her a bit, and I go to the right side from my perspective, which would be her left side. I look down, and I try to talk to her again, and the words are sounding less twisted.

      I asked her who she was, and before she starts to speak, things are going a little bit slow at the time. So in my mind, I was thinking to myself some negative things that she could be saying to me, like "Just randomly try to kill to me or something!"

      I don't know why, it's just that I expected something bad to happen, but then I thought, "Nahhh, she's not going to do that to me," because she's obviously happy to see that I'm here.

      The last time I met a ginger, she tried to suck my energy, but I could tell she was a cheerful person, despite her needing my help by letting her suck my energy. This one was a bit more stable.

      I believe she tells me that she's the Principal or something like that, maybe "User Principal," but that's just pushing it a bit too much on presumptions.

      She's walking with me down the hall, and before I pay attention to her (I'm still walking with her, just thinking about something in the meantime), there are glass walls, and you can see what's outside and everything.

      To my left is a mini-pathway with a lot of plants, almost like a mini-garden, but I didn't pay too much attention to it.

      The principal DC was telling me some things, but I can't remember all that she said, I think I had another dream scene split for a few seconds where she said she had sex, all forms of it, but I'm not too sure on that, because I was expecting her to say that.

      I see we're headed for a dark corner in the path we're heading to, but I didn't mind, I'm just focused on the ginger short lady beside me. I see two people outside the glass wall to my left, and it's a boy and a girl.

      The girl has black hair, and the boy, I can't really make out a decent image from him, I didn't pay attention to both of them, just for a few seconds, and then found myself getting closer and closer to the darkness in the hall way.

      Suddenly, I can't freaking breath. Shit is getting crazy, what the fuck is going on!!?!? My chest is being pressed as well.

      I almost fall on my back, but my leg supports me in time, and my hand is near my heart, and I feel liquid coming from my chest to my mouth.
      (Now that I'm awake recalling this, it could've been spit building up from resting on my backside lol, and I was probably choking in my own spit).

      I'm still wondering what the fuck is going on, and while I'm busy trying to breath, I look to my right and see the short lady there by my side still, I thought she was luring me to the darkness to fuck me over or something, but it seems she's supporting my back to make sure I don't collapse.

      I think I turn around to the left to see the couple outside again, then back to the lady, and then I wake up.

      It was another false awakening, but I slept it off to even care. I remember the alarm saying it was 6 AM or so.

      Woke up seeing it was around 5 AM. God, that freaking dream, Kaomea, I swear, that better not have been a demon by my side trying to make me choke indirectly, but but....she was helping me not fall down though. Ugh...I don't know anymore...

      Then again, it's easy for me to presume that it's just spit building up and me choking from it.

      Dream 3: Auron Passes Out?

      I'm riding my bike down a road hill near where I live. I decided to steer left to stop and think about something. I get a flashing news video clip that Auron was a college student who passed out, apparently he used a hammer or something like that.

      I think he even made his own book, and is most likely selling it through the news promotion while admitting he lucid dreams.

    2. WILD talk, Exam, Lucid and calling out my Subconscious but failing.

      by , 03-09-2012 at 03:41 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      Dream 1: WILD talk

      Something weird went on with DCs talking about WILDing.

      Dream 2: Exam

      I'm taking an exam an its crowded in the lecture room. It's mostly flat flooring compared to the sloped flooring I'm used to at my University to cover more surface area.

      There are long tables and seats to occupy many people horizontally. I don't do so well on the exam because I leave some areas blank.

      What do you wear under there?-etkhu.gif

      So I decide to go up to the proctors and staff to turn in the exam, and then some person gives me the second part to the test. I go back to sit down to take it.

      Then the dream shifts to where I'm a replica of where my Political 206 class is, and it's most likely a tutoring session for it, and I see a blonde to the left of me talking about something useful to study for the exam.

      She shows some items she uses, and I hear some black guy trying to talk to the girl with accent like, "Hey girl.." or something like that, but the girl seems to be ignorning him.

      The girl looks cute, but I'm not sure what happened after.

      Dream 3: Lucid and calling out my Subconscious but failing...(DILD)

      I feel as if I'm being pulled and transferred to the dreaming plane, and I question if I'm dreaming or not.

      I finally know I am without doing a reality check, I just know because the surroundings around me is related to a house I've been to during breaks in college, and I haven't been for some time now.

      I'm inside the garage of the house, and I see the vehicle in front of me with random things in it. The doors are open I believe, with the light inside shining a bit probably.

      For some odd reason, I decided to call out my subconscious a few times, but nothing happens.

      I open the garage and its fairly dark outside, either early morning or late night. I call out for my subconscious to appear again, and still nothing.

      I felt nothing, I even turned around with anticipation to see if an entity would be formed, and nothing happens...just emptiness. The whole environment was quiet, peaceful, but this was irritating because I really wanted for my subconscious to appear as a DG or something!

      I have a decent stabilized dreaming mind at the moment, but when that happens, my mind tends to be stupid and want to destroy that because I keep thinking that I could mess it up.

      Anyway, I give up and try to find Alyzarin and Kaomea, since the sky looks almost the same as our planned sharing dream location,
      but I wake up.

    3. Sex with Apartment Neighbor (Almost), Running and Chasing, Someone makes New RR&CC Thread

      by , 03-03-2012 at 06:32 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)


      Dream 1: Sex with Apartment Neighbor (Almost) (WILD)
      I'm getting somewhat better at this WILDing thing, it used to be a pain for me, but I think I'm getting used to this passive awareness thing that I've been failing in most, if not all my dream journal entries before the last WILD/DEILD entry I had from this one.

      Optimal time seems to be 20 minutes for WBTBs for me, but I just have to keep practicing, because this thing is starting to get easy for me, I just need to gather the mentality and think about Alyzarin as my motivation to balance between staying conscious and intentionally "passing out" for the WILD.

      As I'm experiencing SP, I was listening to some song that sounded like the Sad Theme Song on Naruto, and I wanted to listen to it again because I felt that it would trigger the SP.

      I didn't know I was in the dream state as yet, but I am moving. I think I go back to bed to try and get into SP.
      Then I already know I'm dreaming as I'm being pulled into the dream state when I did a nose plug DC and could breathe through my nose just barely.

      It was a little difficult at first, and the dream was mostly me trying to open my eyes gradually out of fear that I might open my waking life eyes.

      The dream starts fading on me and I'm back to waking up again, and then I do another nose plug RC to make sure I'm dreaming, I'm walking further within my apartment complex, until I decided to stop walking when I'm near the door to leave the apartment.

      I lie down, because I feel like I'm going to fade away in the dream, did another nose plug RC. I rub my hands for a while and screamed "Clarity!" and "More Awareness!" I think I end up on my bed again, and
      I ask myself if I'm dreaming. I roll my body until I land on the floor, (and the fact that my laptop wasn't near me was funny too). I do another nose plug RC. (I know I did this somewhere in the dream, but I had some many times I did an RC that I couldn't remember exactly when).

      I think I said to myself that I want to meet my Dream Guide, but as I open the door, I find myself outside of my apartment complex.

      Then one thought in my mind without even saying much was to fuck the girl two doors away from me at my apartment complex. As I get closer to the door, I see it open, and I quickly hide behind the ledge so she wouldn't see me.

      I knew I was dreaming, but I don't know why I would hide from her if she is nice to me in waking life anyway.

      Apparently, she's on the phone and she's has her back turned to the left side, and I'm on the right side hiding behind the ledge near the whole apartment complex.

      So I make a quick dash to go inside her house, and I walk slowly in it. It ground has red carpet flooring, completely different from my really light brownish carpet flooring.

      She had a huge bed in near the entrance, and I thought the apartment would be a lot bigger, but I didn't focus on it for too long. She had a lamp to the side of her bed, which gave off a small yellow light.

      She finally comes in the apartment, and looks at me, and she is almost done with her cellphone chat with whoever. I look at her, just feeling the anticipation of having sex with her. She looks at me, but she doesn't panic, she says tells whoever she's speaking to on the phone that she'll talk to them later.

      She hangs up, and I'm trying my best to contain my emotions of just going crazy towards this woman and screwing her like mad. She asks me who am I with a calm tone.

      I told her it's nice to meet you, and I believe I called her "Amy"??? or something along those lines.

      I get her closer to me, getting closer to touching her ass, and slowly shifting both of us on to some kind couch. But when this happens the dream starts to fade.

      But the look on her face was priceless, she just stood there in shock, but she just let me do this to her, and it felt so good to do it even though the dream faded away.

      To be honest, I think I met her on the dream plane. I wonder how she'll react to me now in waking life.

      Damn it DAMN IT DAMN IT! I could've had sex with my female apartment neighbor two doors to the left of me!

      Dream 2: Running and Chasing

      I honestly don't know what the hell is going on in this dream. I believe I'm inside of a car with someone, and apparently there's this person who has some vehicle that can go very fast to make some type of weapon that is usually weak much more efficient and deadly if enough force was applied to it.

      I believe there were objects that looked like mini-C4s on the vehicle I'm in with someone. I couldn't make out their face, but I'm assuming it's a female
      (lol Alyzarin?!?!?...but it was so hazy for me to remember, but then again, she had a dream where I was hazy as well when I was lucid, and I can't remember who was in the car with me) .

      The environment was like a neighborhood that was uphill most of the time, The road looked pretty new because the black tar didn't have the faded gray color. The area had a decent amount of huge trees with green leaves that were vibrant.

      I think me or someone was trying to get the C4 looking devices out of the roof, window, and hood of the vehicle. Then I focus my attention to someone far away, and it looks like some girl with the detonator for the C4s, at least that's what I thought it looked like.

      She was smiling at me like she's crazy or something, and I decided to tell the person who was near me that we needed to get the hell away from the car.

      As I'm running to find the person with the detonator, I see a route that looks like a shortcut, or at least a route that the person with the detonator wouldn't try to find us at, so that we could surprise her.

      I tell the person that I can't remember to come over here instead, they weren't listening, and I decided to go down this shortcut that ended up me going downstairs. This was weird because we were at an uphill neighborhood, and to have these stairs was a bit random.

      But I go down this path, and suddenly it's me being inside a house, and I see some person near the bottom of the stairs.

      I stop, thinking it might be the girl with the Detonator. At first I see a girl who looks blonde, but it shifts to a girl who looks a lot like a girl I know in real life. Let's call her "Sarah B." She's just standing there, and for some odd reason, I'm afraid of her.

      (She's a really a positive person in waking life, I never realized why she was nice to me while she was silly towards her friends. She has black hair, but this is just so I know which Sarah to distinguish from the other Sarahs I met in waking life).

      Before I started to accept the fact that this female was Sarah, it looked like it was a blonde female, and she looked pretty pissed from the view I'm looking down the stairs.

      Her face was face down, and I could just feel she was pissed over something, but other than that, I see Sarah now.

      To retaliate at her finding where I am, I throw a water bottle in a plastic bag I think. I'm pretty accurate at throwing it right at her breasts.

      Sarah makes that "kah" sound in response as she's grabbing the object I threw at her, and she screams my name, "Brandon!!!!??!?"

      I don't know what I did next, and I believe the dream shifts to where I'm meeting all sorts of females, some familar and some random, but it was too sporadic for me to even care about what happened after that.

      Dream 3: Someone makes New RR&CC Thread

      I had a dream that someone on the forums was complaining that the Rant and Rave, Cry and Complain Thread was getting slightly out of hand, so they decided to make a thread that basically served the same purpose of RR&CC.

      The new thread gets locked.

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    4. Finding Alyzarin's Garden, False Awakenings, School with setting of a Mall

      by , 03-01-2012 at 01:42 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      Dream 1: Finding Alyzarin's Garden, False Awakenings, School with setting of a Mall(WILD)
      I woke up after 3-4 hours of sleep, went on Dream Views to see some things for a while, convinced myself that I will meet the location for me and Alyzarin to interact with one another in our shared dreaming.

      I intended to just do a MILD with a visualization of our location that we picked, but I ended up doing a WILD instead. I was laying in bed for a while, counting in my head, thinking that everything was taking too long, but it all happened within an hour.

      I keep laying down, saying that I will become lucid, and decided to lose consciousness like in Spyguy's guide on retaining consciousness and losing it, while knowing that you already have the awareness, and that you are willing to give it up. So thanks a lot on the tip Spyguy! This really helped! I actually told myself silent that I would lose consciousness for a while, and go back to remembering to do a MILD that ended up being a WILD

      This dream mostly consisted of False Awakenenings, and the last one, I thought was real because I felt I couldn't breathe through my nose when I did an RC, and the ones before, I had to double check.

      Again, I was fooled by my mind because I really thought it was the end lol when I opened my apartment door to check outside. But damn, this thing is getting REALLY easy to do now. After rolling back and forth on the bed for a while to find a good position, I finally got that "pull" sensation in a WILD combined with random images.

      Anyway, I lay down and toss and turn for a while, and after doing that, I leaned my head to the left sleeping, and I started to
      see random images flash, and I see a speedometer that has a green aura to it, and it is rapidly increase, I remain calm and let the images come to me while seeing this speedometer.

      one question. one answer.-speedometerledpics003a.jpg

      Then the vibrations started to stop, and I'm still laying in bed.
      Then I asked if I am dreaming while keeping my eyes closed.

      I do a nose plug RC to check if I can still breathe, and become lucid. I am being very careful at this point, keeping my eyes closed and just feeling myself walk. Then I'm convinced that I'm really dreaming, but I still keep my eyes closed a little bit.

      I tried to put my hands out, in hopes that I could see Alyzarin's energy in front of me. From what I remembered before opening my eyes, I saw a red and orange type of energy, I felt like something was forming, but my eyes opened.

      I do a few nose plug RCs, and then I go near this door in my altered apartment complex. I tell myself that before I open this door, I believe I said that I will meet at the garden that me and Alyzarin planned to meet. I really convince myself that this will happen because of personal reasons that me and Alyzarin have.

      I open the door quickly without hesitation, and I put my feet on some blue painted ground I believe. It looks like it's probably around 10 AM or close to noon in this dream, even though I had this dream around 4AM-5:15 AM or so.

      There's this huge backyard, it is mostly just grass. There are brown fences that border it, and a few plots of plants on the sides of the backyard.

      one question. one answer.-backyard2.jpg

      I'm still quite in a rush here, and then I see someone on the other side of the long and brown picket fence, and it looks like it's an older lady.

      I forgot what exactly I asked her, but she said something related to Alyzarin most likely since my mentality in this dream is shifted towards her, so I just let the feelings operate without question. The words that I could pick up from this older female DC on the other side was talking about Alyzarin's mother and father.

      I believe she said that Alyzarin's father wouldn't mind if me and her met, but her mother would be concerned.

      To me, this was funny, since I usually think that the father would be more overprotective of their daughters and mothers would be overprotective of their sons, but I didn't let the thought linger in my mind for too long, it was just something natural in me that occurred less than a nanosecond.

      I turn my back to the door again, and I swore I saw a black and white cat somewhere looking at me passively, it was just sitting very comfortably with it's legs spread open while leaning on its side somewhere, probably on a table or eye-level since I didn't really look down much in this dream.

      It also looked like it was going to sleep, or maybe it was just being aware of my presence. I think it was just being chilled and everything, and looking at me just to make sure I wouldn't make a sudden move at it.
      (I find that behavior a lot in cats, can't really describe it, it's like they try to look chilled and relax, but are ready to get the heck out when something rapid happens that scares them).

      I'm still barely inside this room when I turn back to the open door again. I think I saw some Rice Krispies on a table somewhere for a while before having the dream fade out on me.

      I'm somewhere, I don't know where the hell I am, but I think I woke up again somewhere, so another false awakening. I do another nose plug RC (lol I'm actually doing RCs frequently for once).

      I knew I was dreaming, but RCing just verified that I can still be free to do what I can do.

      I decided that since I'm lucid again, and that I encountered being in her garden, I figured I used a technique to instantly flash there.
      (I'm not sure if it really was her garden/backyard, but I guess it's up to her to see this and verify if the details I saw relates to her place).

      I'm outside somewhere, it looks like my college, but it's so mixed with so many other things that it feels almost like one of those malls that have that city feel to it.

      I tried doing the Flying Thunder God Technique, since I already made a mental mark of how Alyzarin's Garden might look like. (though I should've used a physical object and place it in a certain spot to actually stay true to the technique...eh oh well).

      This is what I mean by Flying Thunder God Technique:


      Or you could watch this video of it :

      I running really really fast, and I barely feel any kind burden or pain on my legs, and I was glad that I could finally run fast without worrying about stabilizing before I do so.

      I look at the location in front of me, and I try to prepare to do the transport technique by opening and widening my eyes, trying to feel how it would feel like to pop into the garden again.

      But I failed, so instead of worrying about it, I keep up my momentum and run around this compact city that had a mix of my University's brick wall setting along with some elements I wasn't too sure of.

      I believe I did another stabilization technique by rubbing my hands, and telling myself that I am dreaming to prevent becoming non-lucid.

      I see all sorts of DCs, some where familiar, some were not, but I didn't really care since I wanted to find Alyzarin.
      (I remember in a dream she had where she was in a school that had the setting of a mall I believe, and this environment looked almost like that, at least what my perception of what she thinks of it would be).

      I don't know why, but I feel like I'm rushing myself in this dream, but I am having amazing control in stabilizing it despite my abnormal speed and sporadic nature. I was jumping from one point to another, and I believe I jumped on the side of a bus that looks like the ones at my University.

      I think where it was headed, being on the side of it was not a good thing since it was close to the walls of the building, and I didn't want to come in contact and get my body grazed with the brick layering of this environment.

      I think I also saw some random meeting of DCs, and one Caucasian guy told another Black guy a joke on something that had a hint of racism, but not enough to be concerned about since the guy was really just joking. I think I heard the number '89' or something like that.

      I quickly ignore that event, and I forget what I did after that.

      I phased out most likely in the dream.

      I wake up again and find myself near the door to leave my apartment. I check outside to see how the weather would feel like. I did another Nose plug RC, but it didn't work for me, but that was because I didn't try to breath hard enough.

      And instead of doing other RCs, I just assume I'm back in waking life and was disappointed.

      It's morning time outside the area, with the sky still being a little gray. I close the door and after a while, I wake up.

      GOD DANG IT LOL!!! I could've had another lucid if I just breath hard enough with the nose plug RC.

      I hope Alyzarin will see this (she probably will), and I hope that the details I described about your place might be accurate, especially with the cat and the Rice Krispies, and an old lady that lives to the right or left of you (depending on where the backdoor is to your house).

      Now I sound like a creeper, but whatever, we agreed to find each other, so no worries.

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    5. Stamping images on Lady's Ass, Riding Bicycle and Finding Kaomea?, In Car, Alyzarin's Garden??

      by , 02-21-2012 at 04:09 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Stamping images on Lady's Ass, Riding Bicycle and Finding Kaomea?, In Car, Alyzarin's Garden?


      I'm still looking for Kaomea, but I'm also looking for Alyzarin. Funny thing is....I had a dream where I SWEAR she was there (Kaomea).

      The other dream on the other hand....I don't know if it was Alyzarin or not, but damn did I wake up with an erection. O.O

      Dream 1: Stamping images on Lady's Ass

      Note: I just say it was a threesome because it seemed like I was recalling what happened AFTER we did whatever we did. Kind of like just cuddling and admiring this random woman's ass

      I was in bed with some lady, I couldn't get her facial features, all I saw was her ass, I think she was standing up wanting to get her butt stamped with some kind of logos (Like wtf lol, this doesn't make sense, it looked like a pedobear logo, but it's too small to assume about that lol). There was some other random dude, but I don't know what he was doing, he was probably just there to look or something.

      I'm wondering why the hell she wants that, but I see stamp somewhere near the bed, and I think me or the guy joining in on the fun just start stamping, but the logos weren't showing up (thank goodness it wasn't a pedobear logo ).

      Then someone comes in the room, and when I look quickly to see how it was, I saw that we were doing this weird scene near some place that looked like it was going to be a garden!

      Hajemimashite, Namae wa Seed desu-glass-wall-small-house-simple-red-exterior-design-germany.jpg

      There was this DC that looks like he's in his 30's, and he comes in and sees what we're doing I think. I quickly try to hide my naked body (I think it's naked) with a blanket. I'm not too sure on what happened next, except that the same person who came was apparently going to be interviewed or asked a few questions.

      I'm wondering why would he be asked questions after the questionable stamping of me putting barely noticeable logos of the something....or maybe it was the other guy who did the stamping....yeah I think it was the guy stamping the girls ass.

      Even though we were inside a room, looking beyond the glass structure of the entrance (glass door and everything), the ground was brown with stone and everything. The leaves of the trees were very green and lively.

      To be honest, I think I may have been closer to finding Alyzarin in this dream if I was lucid, but these are dreams from NON-REM most likely since I woke up around 4:45 AM (slept around 12:45 AM, but probably went into deep sleep around 1:30 AM I bet).

      Dream 2: Riding my Bicycle in Circles and Finding Kaomea again?

      I was riding my bicycle in circles. This dream, like the one above, is vivid (I'm wondering the reason why it's vivid is because Alyzarin smoked some stuff to help her make them clearer ....probably just me entering the deeper stages of REM, but I'll still be open-minded to that possibility).

      The environment represented the University I'm in, and I believe I'm at a dead end when I'm riding the bicycle. I turn around and see a figure that might look like Kaomea, but my memory of the facial features was hazy
      (but with shared dreaming attempts, I think it's better to feel their energy signature rather than speculating on what they look like).

      Hajemimashite, Namae wa Seed desu-dream-pic.jpg

      I don't know what I did after, but apparently I saw a glance of some meeting of random people asking how much of their time they spend working or going to class.

      I think most said they did 75% college work and 25% in having a job
      (but I'm not too sure on those percentages, I just believe it could've been related to Kaomea).

      Dream 3: Study Hall in High SChool

      I'm in a school setting again, and it feels just like the Study Hall class I took as a Senior my first semester in Mayde Creek High School. I'm near the entrance of the room, and it looks almost exactly like the class room structure. I'm talking with random DCs that I can't really pick up on facial features, but they were trying to tell me how to find someone.

      (Now that I think about it, they were probably showing me how to find Alyzarin....since this is the first time in a while since I had a school related dream....but I'll still be open to the possibility that this dream was just an association with waking life....but again...I feel it was created by my intention to find Alyzarin).

      I'm trying to pay attention to where they were pointing and explaining, but they were pretty much gave useless information, or maybe it was me not paying attention. I turn my back to see the small window on the classroom door to see if anyone was there, but I don't think I saw anyone.

      Then I turn back to the classroom again, and I try to move my head and neck to see who's in front of the class (the seating arrangement was where the desks where facing opposite of the classroom door).

      I know I saw random DCs, but it was too bland and simple for me to really know they're faces.

      Dream 4: Mother is Driving (DILD)

      I'm inside a car with my mother, and she's driving. Eventually, I know that I'm dreaming after we argue over trivial things (couldn't remember them, probably wasn't even an argument in the first place), and I tried to move, but I wanted to just looks at the traffic ahead of us. I saw the sign that signals people to walk or stop, but the dream starts to fade away because I stared too much at the view for too long.

      But there was NO way in hell I was going to fail this time....I woke up, but I believe my eyes were closed....I was sort of dissapointed that I actually knew I was dreaming, but I didn't want to move. It was one of those moments where you just sit and wonder....and you're like...holy $$$$. But I wasn't excited from this dream inside the car with my mother, I just had a realization

      Dream 5: Appering Inside Alyzarin's House? (WILD or DEILD)

      Again, this could be a WILD, but it was most likely a DEILD since I don't remember waking up again after Dream 4 to do a successful WILD. I apologize for the rambling, but I'm just PUMPED UP and excited from this!

      (I think the reason why I rarely became lucid in my dreams, it wasn't the fact that I just sucked, it's just that I didn't stay up long enough for the WBTB...I stayed about for about an hour and 45 minutes before going back to sleep....well....at least I know the rough estimate to be aware of my dreams quickly now!)

      And I know this dream wasn't pretentious since it's still lingering in my mind, and I sure as hell knew I was lucid because of the nose plug RC.

      I remain still, seeing the black of my eyes, still in the state of being half awake/sleep from the previous dream.

      I see images rushing through my head, and I swore I saw an image from a character from the avatar, and I heard music playing as well, and it sounded familiar like the video below. (The guy at 18 seconds to 19 seconds....and 38 seconds until the end of the video is part of what I experience (not exact, but it's a pretty accurate experience I had)...

      As I'm seeing more images flash before my eyes, I see this yellow background, and it turns into this wormhole kind of structure, and I'm just sliding along for the ride to enter the dream state.

      But before I'm literally being pulled into this wormhole/blackhole/whatever...for some reason, I said to myself "Alyzarin's Garden....Alyzarin's Garden....Alyzarin's Garden..."

      (We had the intention of meeting each other in a school related dream, but something just came over me that time, but I just went with whatever thought was in my mind to just go with the Garden thing...sorry about that Alyzarin!)

      Anyway, I'm being grabbed into the dream state, and then I wake up...but it's a False Awakening. I'm pretty sure I know I'm dreaming, but I just wanted to make sure since my eyes immediately opened (I wasn't able to gradually open them).

      I let myself linger a little bit while in bed to speculate, and then I decided to get up. I do a nose plug RC, and I'm breathing through. Definitely dreaming! YES!

      I stay calm surprisingly
      (since I'm long overdue for a lucid dream), and I'm looking around my bed a little bit in the dark, trying to take in th environment and stabilize the dream (but I knew I should've done more stabilization) I'm floating a little bit, and then I reach the ground (I wonder if this was an OBE/AP...since I'm usually always on the ground when lucid).

      I open the door in my bedroom, and I'm in this area that is very unfamiliar to me. The wooden floors had that shiny wooden polish to it, there were several windows to my right that helped me realize it's still night time or just early morning for me being inside this house.

      I think I even see a fancy white fireplace to the left of me as well, but I didn't pay too much attention to this.

      Hajemimashite, Namae wa Seed desu-white%252bfireplace%252bwith%252boval%252bmirror.jpg
      I had a hunch that I was inside of a house where there was a garden outside. I saw one of those fancy marble statues of some figure that I can't depict too well. I'm still wondering where the heck I am, and I just look around for a little while.

      Hajemimashite, Namae wa Seed desu-national-memorial-park-pieta-statue.jpg

      Then I decided to open the door in front of me to see to verify that I'm dreaming and am in someone's house. I open the door slowly, and I see the backyard of someone's house.

      The grass is really green and clean, but I didn't pay too much attention because the moment I opened the door, the alarm initiated, and it sounds just like the one in the other house I use to live in for vacation before heading to college.

      I quickly go towards the alarm, trying not to panic too much, so I thought that since this sound is familiar, obviously the code I use to deactivate it would work.

      Nothing works, I even tried switching the last two entries in deactivating the alarm, but NOTHING works!

      That's when I started to panic.....I'm definitely in someone's house. It feels quiet too, like no one is in the house. I didn't feel afraid or anything, it's just this alarm, and me wondering what I'm going to do in order to deactivate it that woke me up slowly.

      I think when I was thinking about going to Alyzarin' Garden, my mind honestly wanted me to be transported there, but just inside of her house (possibly)...I guess it's up to Alyzarin to see if she had a similar experience.

      But the backyard garden itself would've been a pretty nice environment to look at. I felt as if I was the only person in this setting, which would've been perfect for a potential shared dreaming with Alyzarin....oh well. Next time!

      Hopefully I can have another success with the WBTB by staying up for a while. Just have to sleep earlier.

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    6. In Tennis Room, Open Statues with my Eyes, become lucid, met a guide but not a DG..................

      by , 01-16-2012 at 02:37 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Tennis Locker Room, Become lucid Found a GUIDE, but they didn't say if they were my DG....


      Afternoon nap (~4pm-6:52PM) I slept while using the Mouse Plugin for the FIELD method, but I woke up with the mouse near the left side of my pillow (when resting on my head and look to my left that is) instead of being on the lower left side of my left hand).

      Dream 1:

      I was inside the Men's locker room in Cypress Lakes High School. There were a bunch of familiar DCs. I didn't know what I was doing at the time, but I was just standing there watching people do random things. They were talking about random things as well.

      I found that the Tennis Section in the locker was located on the left side rather than on the right side in waking life. I see two racquets on a bench while DCs gear up to go outside I guess. Then the racquet vanishes. Everything in the dream kind of goes into these small skips.

      After some randomness, the most noticeable thing here is I'm suddenly near some statue where I had to use Mangekyou Sharingan.

      I think I asked a random DC if the statue didn't have Itachi's eyes instead of mine (like a replica of it I mean). Or maybe it was the other way around where a DC asks me.

      Then I realize it's my own eyes because apparently some DC told me there's a little dot on the lower right and left-hand corners of the eye.

      I actually started saying "MANGEKYOU SHARINGAN" on the statue, and when I fixed my eyes and kept them opened, they kind of diluted my vision.
      (Okay.....why am I exactly doing this??? As I'm typing this, I think I had a small argument with my father in a dream fragment because I told him I couldn't do something, but he said it's okay and that we'll doing something else or something like that).

      help me to make sense of it all-mangekyousharingan1.jpg

      After a few tries, I realized I just had to keep my eyes open and the statue would match my eyes. It opens up, and I just had to make sure my eyes were open all the time just to be safe. I can see everything slowly open up, the sides of some door expand to move apart from each other, and they had spiky stony ends to them.

      Then I go in some random room where I sit down I think and listen to a DC give some slideshow presentation on an overhead. After being bored from the bull-crap they're saying,
      I just know I'm dreaming. I didn't do any reality checks, it was weird in fact, this state of mine at the time. I just went with the flow and saw the edge of the table and thought "Handgun" because I was about to shoot this DC spewing out random crap.

      A gun forms pretty quickly, I grab it and then tried to shoot it, but nothing. But I concealed that fact to the DC and saw some random female DC on the floor. She looked pretty to be honest, probably Hispanic, and maybe resembled a colleague of mine in the Biochemistry Department.

      She gets up, and I told her that she's going to show me my guide.
      (I'm not sure if I only said just my guide or DG, but whatever) She opens the door in front of us, nothing happens, just leads to another door. We walk in this small area of darkness and head for the door. Before I could even manifest the thought that my Dream Guide will be at the other side, the door already opens.

      There's this black man in a black durag, a blue hard jacket with no sleeves and underneath was some gray sweater and he had some dark jeans on who looks like the same guy who wanted a chain when Chris from "Everybody Hates Chris" prevented him from snatching one.

      (The guy on the right of the picture...LOL.)

      At first I didn't want to go "WTF is this shit going on here?"

      Then the black guy tells the girl to quickly lock the door, as if he didn't want to be found out. Then the girl says "You're that same guy!!" in a shocked tone. I think he replies "yeah yeah yeah" in a rushed tone as if he's annoyed with the girl. I think I even see a T.V. above him when I went inside, and it was showing some kind of police investigation or something like that.

      Then I move around a little bit, look back at him, and he gets up. I asked him if he's the guide (but I didn't say Dream Guide, I'm sure as hell positive that I couldn't say Dream Guide, even before the door opened). I move back as he comes forward to me.

      I thought he was going to attack me since he made a quick movement picking something up, but he was just moving something out of my way. He goes on this wild tangent and I predicted what he was going to say. He questioned to me something like, "Oh you mean the who can keeps you whole"
      (he did it while holding on to the word "whole" like how you hold on to a part of a word when speaking like "Hola" or something like that").

      Then I realize he's just spewing out things that a friend told me about finding out her life guide in a certain PM I sent to her, but I won't reveal who.

      Then he talks as if he's asking me a question again, and starts listing things like problems I have, new thoughts, etc.

      Then I started to get a little bored, or maybe just traumatic that a DC who looks like an ex-convict is talking to me about things I knew it would probably say.

      But as I listened to the guy, I pretty much had this shocked expression on my face with my mouth slightly open, and probably one eyebrow raised up as I'm questioning this guy's existence.
      Then I woke up. One thing I'm sure, and I'm sure I've made the right call saying this, I didn't not ask the DC if he was my Dream Guide.

      I just questioned it if it was THE GUIDE, so in a way, he's probably just a guide to show me where my Dream Guide is, because he answers in a question as if it's some preview to something he's going to show.

      I'm sure as hell right that I never dreamed about a black DC and asking if he was a guide, NOT a Dream Guide.

      Only way to find out is to become lucid again. And I become lucid after like over 90 minutes of sleep? Which was kind of rare for me. I guess I can start having dreams and becoming lucid for a while during NON-REM, or maybe it's Rem rebound.

      But ehhh, this just leads me with more questions in finding my dream guide. I'm not going to deny the possibility the guy may be my dream guide given the situation that he wanted to be hidden from something. But that means I'll have to question and DCs accurately rather than them acting like professional riddle tellers that will just piss me off more.

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    7. Large Bookstore Selling Used Games, In Library, Almost Lucid, Randomness, Movie-like dream..........

      by , 01-06-2012 at 06:52 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)


      Dream 1:

      I didn't realize until later in the dream that I had both versions of Paper Mario. The original I bought for the virtual console shop for the Wii and the other for the Gamecube.
      I'm inside of a large store. It looks like a bookstore since I saw books all of the place, but they also sold used video games. I had a weird urge to buy Paper Mario, the one for the N64, but apparently it was on the Gamecube in the dream.

      The T.V. Controls us all-paper-mario-box-art-540x378.jpg

      The Used Games were on shelves and jumbled up near those huge containers where they would sell cheap old movies. I search the shelves first for it, and saw some weird titles. I saw "Okami" and another one too but it had some long name next to it for the Gamecube, versions of Avatar The Last Airbender etc.

      I find Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, but I was looking for Paper Mario. When I was looking for the game, I saw one familiar DC, let's call him William. He looked oddly familiar to the William I knew IRL that I had a few AP classes with for a while as a Junior and Senior in High School.

      He was looking around in the used game sections too and then randomly searched for books. He was looking at a book and just holding his thumb on the side to let the pages fly by quickly.

      I turn my attention back to finding Paper Mario, so I go to the area where all the cases were mixed with other used games in a container. I eventually find it, open the case, and there was no CD, just the instruction manual and some other booklets about game safety etc.

      I believe it cost $19.99, and for a game that cheap to have an instruction manual, it had to be the best used game I could get from the rest in the pile.

      I can't remember what I did after that.

      Dream 2:

      I'm in some library, and I'm paying attention to this dude who is Caucasian and has dirty blonde hair and he's with some girl that looks like another person I knew IRL.

      Let's nickname her "Yvon."
      (yeah you say it like Yeeee von) The guy who was with Yvon had his parents with him, and I was walking around for something, but I can't remember what.

      It seemed that I tried to get closer to her, but I wanted to avoid her at the same time because I was worried what the other dude would think about me looking at his girlfriend weirdly.

      So instead of coming in contact with the girl who is headed right to my direction, I go left and walk near the dude. He looks at me like anyone else would if someone comes close to them and them look away going back to whatever it is they're doing, and then I continue walking forward.

      (If you were me, you would be facing the screen and the girl is going the opposite direction; not that would matter of course, it just felt like an awkward dream because I think it was projection on how I'm usually afraid to look at a girl for too long if she's obviously with a partner. I'm not the type of guy to just look at women and try to piss off their boyfriends mind you, it's just another flaw I've realized about myself.

      I can't remember anything after I past the guy in the dream.

      Dream 3:

      This dream is weird, I'm still questioning if I'm really lucid or not, but I didn't have thoughts saying "Am I dreaming" or anything like that. It was sort of a second nature nonverbal questioning.

      I wake up and get off my bed, I think my father is giving me gifts that other people he knew sent to me. He gave some kind of gray vest with the words "Hollister" on it in white text, and some other random crap.

      Then out of no where he gives me a vibrator, like the one shaped like a bean.
      (I think this is just my subconscious of laughing at me here because I stopped using my Blackberry Curve's vibration app for an anchor for WILDs)

      I was kind of shocked because I didn't really have a need for it, and it seemed it was fit more for female use and male use.

      After he leaves, I believe I did a nose RC,
      I'm breathing through my nose, and continue doing so for a while, but I still questioned if my mind was playing tricks on me.

      (I don't know why I would questioned the fact that I breathed through my nose even though that's a clear sign that I'm dreaming, but I'll just think of it as being lucid for a while because the whole experience changes when I do realize I'm dreaming).

      (But if I knew I was dreaming, I knew I would've escaped this dream scene and head to some random area and ask my subconscious to create Eva from Metal Gear Solid 3 for me since I've met her a few times in prior dreams....eh whatever).

      The dream keeps changing into other events. One that I remember is a friend of my father coming and I greeted him, then it changes to where he's showing me something and asking if everything is all right with college I think. I say "Yes, I'm doing all right" like I normally do for every response in real life too.

      Next scene, there's a group of DCs laughing and talking with each other.

      Next scene, I'm with my mother and she's marveling on how close some school is compared to some other school.

      She asked me some random question, and I was annoyed by it because it was a petty question, but I responded, but I can't remember what.

      Then I see my father eating Fried Rice with Tortilla Chips
      (lol que??).

      That's all I remember for that one.

      Dream 4:

      I'm walking in a random room, and I see some object that looks like a deformed Jack-in-a-Box toy. I think it was talking to me and wanting me to smash it.

      I think I was jumping on an exercise ball when I smashed it. The ground starts to shake, and I'm wondering what the hell is going. To the right of me, there were mid-cooked pieces of chicken tenders inside a foil tray. And under that was some type of floor grill.

      Then I realize I wanted to cook the food, and also realized the ground shaking was just to turn on this oddly-placed grill. I quickly search for something with water in it
      (why would I choose water?? At least go for cooking oil or something) and then I slowly pour it inside the base of the grill, and it starts to boil faster.

      Then as I'm cooking the meat, Riley from "The Boondocks" is near me asking "Aren't you going to clean the grill?" or something like that.

      I don't turn my head to look at him, I knew it had to be him by his voice, and I was annoyed by him questioning my cooking. But I responded, "Yes I'll clean it after I wash the chicken again..."

      Then he was like "Okaaaay..." I knew he wanted to say something else, but I think he knew he was acting like a nosy bitch and stopped asking me irrelevant questions.

      All I remember for that one.

      Dream 5:

      A DC that looks like Leonardo Dicaprio apparently is trying to save a group of people who are prisoners in some kind of military base look alike. So he disguises himself as a Chef so that he can find a way to help them escape.

      The T.V. Controls us all-1251325299_leonardo_dicaprio_290x402.jpg

      I think he had to save a blonde lady, but I'm not sure if she wanted to be saved in the first place. The dream was like watching a trailer where they would pan over to the next scene, and some general looking dude was talking about how they will feed their prisoners with oxen because apparently it was the worse type of meat they could give them.

      (But the meat looked like cooked quail or really half-assed quality meat)

      The T.V. Controls us all-2566000726_afcb484711.jpg

      I think the kitchen was above where the general was sitting talking to the rest of the guards. I think he questioned what is taking so long in there.

      Then for some reason I grab this huge chain of the meat and start offering them to random prisoners.

      After that, I put back the empty link that hooked the meat together, turn around, and see some DC that looks like he's helping Leonardo
      (but I didn't really seen Leonardo at the time)

      The new DC was eating some buttered toast, and there were more on the pan being grilled, and it looked pretty buttery to me that I wanted to grab one quickly and nomnomnomnomnomnonom all over it.

      I do so, and then the DC talks for a while and reveals that he was pretending to help Leonardo and is in fact a part of the General looking guy's posse.

      Then suddenly it's back to my perspective and run like hell to the nearest elevator. It closes pretty quickly thankfully, and then I realized I had to press buttons of course, so I start spamming down the button (I had to press the down button while inside the elevator to see the numbers go down instead of having all of them at once).

      I keep doing so until I pressed the lowest level possible. While I waited for the elevator to reach to the first floor, I was kind of worried of what would be out there. But it ends up being the exit to get out of the place.

      I tried to play it off like I'm part of the group, and I see a random DC near a desk, and said "Hi" to him.
      (it goes from military base to a corporate building when I leave the elevator)

      But I think he ignores me and he probably pressed the alert button hidden under the desk. There wasn't a lot of security in the area probably because most were meeting with the General looking guy.

      So I dash like hell to the exit, and I see a REALLY huge DC
      (probably 8-9 feet), and he was wearing a fancy black corporate attire with a white dress shirt and a tie.

      I think he was after me and I tried to avoid him, but he catches him I think.

      But then the dream restarts with me back at the first floor
      (kind of like in those games like Uncharted 3 where if you're running from someone and they catch you, you go back to the nearest checkpoint).

      So instead of running like a mad man outside, I hide behind some gray marble stones to avoid the big guy again.

      The T.V. Controls us all-1305290837_noguchi2.jpg

      Once he passes, I run forward, and I think I said "Teleport!!!!!" or something like that. And I probably did.

      That's all I remember for that one.

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    8. In Random Store, High School Confusion, A race, Finding a gun, RUN RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, lucid dream...

      by , 12-18-2011 at 05:57 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)


      Told myself that I will have a lucid dream tonight, and turns out it was a pretty effective MILD (that rarely works since I half-ass the mantras most of the time) (led to a decent dream that looked just like reality).

      Dream 1:

      I was in a store and was trying to find something to eat. I see a box of brownies I could buy, but it seemed that it was messed up and looked like a greased up and used up pizza box. I look for other items as well, but then I gave up since they all looked like crap.

      Then the dream changes to where I have to wait in line because I stayed late at night for something, couldnít remember what. There was some Asian lady maybe in her late twenties asking us to sign in a list with our name. Then when it comes for me to sign, I think she got my name wrong, but I corrected it and wrote my full name.

      Dream 2:

      A girl I knew in my Cypress Lakes High School tennis team (letís call her M) was with me at some lunch table apparently. There was this guy next to us who wasnít really bright at all. In the end, the girl writes on my Facebook wall on what she thinks about ďourĒ child.


      Anyway, a random friend of hers goes joins the conversation. They talk about something random. Then another random girl texts me, (I think she was blonde) asking if she saw me with a group of people.

      Iím back at the lunch table, but with different DCs. I think the point of this part of the dream was for the girl who was blonde to show me what she meant if she saw me. Apparently she sat with a group of people at a lunch table, and she was showing her breasts to them. (Yeah I don't even want to show a picture that's going to help me associate with that)

      I thought she was just a complete slut, but zooming in on her face, she was hiding something, I just couldnít tell what. Then more guys started to form around her, and I couldnít see her anymore, but I saw one of the guys trying to grope her breasts. I couldnít remember what I did in the dream after that, but I think Iím in another scenario.

      Same lunch table, different DCs, some guy was trying to flirt with a girl. But apparently she rejected him. He wasnít really handsome or anything, below average
      (not to be conceited, it was just plain obvious this guy was a reject) to any girlís eyes.

      He wore a red shirt and black punk-ish biker pants with some straps to them I think.

      Couldnít remember much after that.

      Dream 3:

      Iím watching people participate in a race, it was bright as day. It was so random, (because I knew I still didnít get enough Non REM sleep as yet), but basically there was this racer who was in the lead, but got trapped somewhere, so the one behind him took the lead.

      Then the same racer who got stuck decided to make an effort to make a final dash, and that racer was me. I screamed and exerted as much force as I could, and I could tell I wouldnít be able to catch up because there was some interface right smack dab in my field of view.

      Dream scenario changes, itís probably late afternoon, and Iím in a different race, but it wasnít just for running, you could use any kind of vehicle you want because these two people wearing brown winter jackets and brown pants were riding motorcycles or motor scooters. (I swear it was that girl from Fooly Cool, no wonder she was winning the race...she's CRAZY!!)

      Some Asian DC guy who was small showed me the shortcuts of the race, which explained why he appeared ahead of the same people riding the scooters. When he showed me a shortcut that I didnít really find to be a short cut, things started getting weird.

      (just adding this so I can make an association quickly when I glance over this some time in the future)

      It turns to night, and Iím going on top of a building because thereís a slanted area on the side to get there with ease. I peek over to see what was on the bottom of the other side, and apparently it was this state trooper cop who was trying to shoot me.

      But I immediately dodge it and hide on the same slant I got on top of.

      I jump down and find a gun.

      It looked like the old school pistol with a fancy brownish coating to the part you used your hand to hold the bottom part of the gun and had a thin medium for the bullet to go through.I decided to jump on the side and see what the hell was going on, then I see a random pistol in the water. (I'm not that cognizant of parts of a gun, so I apologize for that).

      I shake the gun a little bit because it was in water, and there was no ammo because I tried shooting it. As Iím trying to find where the heck to go, I see these dudes in front of me in a van get out and go my direction.

      I decided to go up to one of them and use my gun to my advantage to ask them where the hell I am this late at night. When I stuck up one of them (I donít know how, but I somehow instantly put the gun on the guyís back to where if he didnít answer, I could shoot him in the heart).

      (Even though I had a gun, it had no bullets, so it was basically a "form my finger into a gun within a jacket and hope they fall for it" kind of moment, but with a gun, with no bullets...kind of freaking out at this point because I'm worried on how the DC would react, since they HAVE weapons LOADED).

      Something felt very weird that moment, as if it was some reflex I developed, probably because I had a gun, I felt more secure, despite me knowing there were no bullets left. When I pointed the gun at his back, he complied with what I was saying and kept walking like normal. He said to his partner to the right who wasnít paying attention, ďHey I think we got a problem here.Ē

      From that moment, I thought, ďWhy am I trying to stick this guy up?Ē So I pulled back before the other guy noticed, so I assume they just kept going forward. As I turn back I see a guy on my right (which wouldíve been my left if I didnít turn back mind you) who was coming out of a vehicle.

      He didnít see me, and I think he was pulling out a weapon to help the guy that I was sticking up. It looked like a shotgun of some kind, because it took some effort on his part to throw it somewhere.

      Then I see a black dude with a black durag. I think he was wearing a dark blue shirt and black pants. He looked at me as if he wanted to do something to me, but I wasnít scared surprisingly.

      I just glanced at him and see his earnest and almost threatening demeanor, but he kept going forward following the rest of the DCs.

      Then I saw something wrong, obviously these two were trying to do something. The same black guy was holding some beer bottles with paper stuck on top of it, so I assumed it was a Molotov or whatever you call it.

      Once they distanced themselves from me, I decided to have a barrel of gasoline with me (yay me for suddenly turning into a psychopath in this dream!)

      My reactions to this dream were pretty much me being scared at those things I was planning to do to the DCs. I use the barrel of gasoline or something that looked like it had gasoline in it, threw it over near the black guy, and set it on fire with a match I think.

      (If you look at the end of the video where Sasuke is looking at the fire, yeah, that I was basically me being excited for a few seconds (I was a bit too excited)...

      The first thing that popped in my mind was to RUN RUN RUN!

      I didnít look behind or anything, I ran as fast as I could. Then I decided to be like Ada Wong from Resident evil 4 and start spamming the grapple gun!

      I see a vehicle in front of me going my direction, so instead of running I aimed at it and shot the gun.

      It shot pretty bloody fast, and once it got a good grasp, I pressed the button and enjoyed the ride. I think this helped me teleport to a different scenario.

      Dream 4:

      In this dream, I still had thoughts from the last dream, when I grappled the vehicle in going away from me, I can see an image of Ada Wong smiling, as if she was impressed that I did what she would most likely do if she set herself up to get killed.

      Iím on the floor in some school, mostly likely Cypress Lakes High School because the walls had red and white and some silver to them. I think I was using my arms to head-lock someone, but I let go and they suddenly disappear.

      I couldnít remember what went on when I was head-locking
      (I think), but I became lucid.

      Iím walking slowly, not getting excited. I see a few random DCs passing by me, and I spot this black girl who looked pretty cute. And she was in blue shorts and a brown shirt. I asked her if she wants to come my way, and I think an emerging quality came out of me,
      I think I flirted with her for like 3 seconds!

      I sat down on the floor with her, and looked more and more into the environment I was in. I felt the dream was going to be stable, as long as I didnít cross my eyes like crazy to wake myself up in the last lucid I had where I had developed a slight god complex.

      Anyway, back to the dream. Iím focusing more on the surroundings, and I see this door to the right of me open. There were two DCs, one was a guy who looked really ugly to me, and a girl who looked ugly as well.

      I was pretty cocky in this dream, usually in real life, I repressed those urges to compare people and just focused on myself, because it created unnecessary stress.

      Deep down, I was cognizant that these DCs were projections of myself, so naturally I ask the guy if he wanted to go with the girl that was in the locker room with him.

      I shook his hand in my attempt to be respectful, but I still sustained that judgmental facade behind me. I asked the girl who was in the room if she wanted to go with the guy, but she said that she wanted to be with me.

      I just didnít know how to react, I felt flattered really that a random DC didnít just accept what I predicted it to say, which was ďYES.Ē

      But no, this DC decided reject my assumption, I felt shocked in a way, and then the guy walked away. I couldnít tell if it was from disappointment or just because of the girl DCís response in not wanting to go with him that he became nothing to me.

      Then another DC who was a girl back in my direction, she wore a red dress outfit like she was going to Tango or something!

      She was beautiful, at least in my eyes, and she looked really familiar (letís call her E). She was Hispanic, and had black and long hair.

      She looked like she wanted to come up to me because she had some interest in her eyes. I asked her if she wanted to sit with me, and she did, but before I could talk to the two girls
      (not the ugly girl who said no to me mind you), my eyes crossed, I had the feeling of waking up again.

      I tried to retain my lucidity
      , but I woke up.

      Dream 5:

      This dream was short.

      Iím in High School, and I go into a random classroom, and it appears to be the room where I had my Chemistry teacher in Mayde Creek High School. I just assumed it was my Chemistry teacher since parts of it matched the real one, but at the same time, it resembled my Biology Class in Cypress Lakes when I was a sophomore.
      I see a few random DCs, but the one closest to me resembled a person who was on the tennis I was part of in Mayde Creek High School. Letís call him ďJ.Ē

      ďJĒ looked as if he was trying to avoid me, and in waking life (Iíll give you some insight of him so you can know why I think he reacted weirdly in the dream)Ö. I donít think he really thought of me as a friend since I never gave two shits about his being.

      I thought he was complete and utter amphibian shit because he looked so pathetic, I would sublimate my rage against him while still maintaining a blank faÁade. It was like being violent but doing so non-violently. I would be helpful to him at times, but his incompetence really irritated me, I wondered if he was going to be anybody in the future, just some idiot.

      What amazes me is people like him (please forgive me if Iím going too much into detail of my ďviolent non-violent hatred of himĒ) expect to do well, and still not work hard to get what they want. My interpretation of him is obviously narrow-minded. I canít explain, but I canít ignore it, I just HATED his EXISISTENCE. But that was before I got over it and just thought of him as another person we all have to accept and forget. Now, letís go back to the dream.

      ďJĒ pretended he didnít see me, or at least thatís what I wanted to think he was doing because of the complicated hatred and general respect I try to give to everyone, and yet still inverting intoÖwhateverÖ.

      Yeah, so I ignore him and go up to my Chemistry teacher. She was talking to another student, so I patiently waited, when the girl was done talking, I go up to my teacher, but someone enters the class and wanted to say something to her.

      But I quickly told my teacher that I would be moving somewhere and I was glad to have her as my Chemistry teacher. I honestly couldnít remember her face, but it really felt like I was shaking hands with her.

      Thatís all.

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    9. DC that looks like my mother scares me, I become lucid, slaps random DC with extreme rage.

      by , 12-11-2011 at 03:10 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)


      My mother was telling me how my father was taking 8PM and 9PM classes, and asked if I was studying as well. I opened my book really quick before she came into my room, and she gave me that cold stare that said “You better study.”

      Reading her facial expression, I turned a few pages to pretend like I was studying, and I was pretty scared at the moment at my mother’s sudden spontaneity of anger. The setting was probably around early morning (probably because I’m dreaming at around 5:30ish AM or so), and I needed more light in the room.

      I turn on the switch, the fan was on, but the light didn’t turn on. I reached over to screw in the casing that covers the light bulb, nothing works.

      Then I was like “Wait a second.” I did a Nose RC, and became lucid.

      From that moment, there was so much freaking rage within my body because I let some random Dream Character get the best of me.

      The rage was so small, but soooooo intense, that I thought I was going to rip someone's head of.

      But before I got too pumped up with adrenaline, I pretended I was sane and came out of my room. I saw the Dream Character, who is brushing her teeth at the moment (while sitting on a couch).

      She’s still looking at me with that cold stare, I decided to come up to her and just slap her silly with rage.

      Then I woke up.

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    10. Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender , Two lucids! Almost caught my DG!

      by , 12-08-2011 at 06:13 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)


      Dream 1:

      These were just random lapses between video games and cartoon shows. First was Resident Evil 4 I think (because I had to stop and aim at some red monster that was creeping behind me that looked like a Hellhound from Runescape, but just with better graphics). I was using a rocket launcher to aim, missed, and tried again, but I killed something else. The environment was mostly grassy, but with video games, it was sort of plated with green shades of pixels.

      More monsters started to come at me, but they came out of nowhere like in chopped segments, so I decided to just end the game.

      Then I believe Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender paralyzed Aang with Lightning. I thought he was going to die, but he just slammed to the floor saying ďI canít move!Ē

      Then fire starts to come out of nowhere behind him, and Azula has that smirk on her face (that smile that makes you think that you better get the hell out of her field of view before some real shit happens).

      I think she said that if Aang decides to open the door to get out, she will be there to take care of things and destroy him.

      The door closes, and as Aang tries to get up from being paralyzed, he opens the door, but some random figure outside of it is apparent, so he closes the door back. Thatís all I remember for that one.

      Dream 2:

      I was at some random school, and I picked up a shirt that I left for a while now that was exposed to the sun for a few days now, I see random DCs get their clothes off the fence of what seemed to be the entrance to some Football Stadium, but I wasnít too sure of it.

      I think when I left, I was hanging out with some random Asian guy I knew in my IPC class in High School. He wore glasses, wore a white shirt and pants I believe, and had spiky hair. I told him ďSee you later man.Ē And he responded, ďYeahĒ in a content voice.

      Then Iím in Mayde Creek High School, but I knew I was in college in this dream, so it wasnít just a memory that made the dream fade, but at the same time, I wasnít lucid at all. But the clarity and vividness imitating real was astonishing to me. (Dreams normally had a slightly mystical feel to it, which is why it didnít feel so compelling at times to become lucid I guess) I go my AP English 4 Literature teacher I had, and I see her inside with only 2 students.

      A girl was giving a presentation on something, and I believe she was wearing a white fluffy jacket (looked like it would feel like leather, but white), and some random DC with glasses with thick black rims to them.

      After a while my teacher got out, and I think she was just letting the girl talk more and more while she quickly attended to something. After the girl is done giving her speech, the teacher comes in and tells her what a good job she did. As they exit, I was talking to them about something, maybe college, I remember myself declaring to the girl about college, like ďYeah Itís pretty easy..Ē with a smile on my face. She was elated and asked ďReally???Ē

      But I lied to her, probably because Iím used to college now to brainwash potential applicants to get their hopes up. But I didnít care about how I felt at the time in this dream, I just went with the flow

      Then Iím outside in a weird environment. It was bright as day, maybe around 4:00 PM-ish, because there were some manifestations of the sun coming down a bit. I was walking and remembered what I said to the girl before about college being easy.

      I think I told myself that I should make myself into a Scumbag Black Man and make it into a meme.

      I was running like crazy in a random neighborhood. I dashed across to short distances at high speeds by putting one foot forward, and thrusting my whole body.

      (I was basically dashing like the guy in the video).

      At the time I wasnít lucid, but the feeling felt great. At certain points, when I met random DCs, I said things to them like ďHello there neighbor!Ē

      Then was Iím running more and more by dashing with thrusts, I see this girl I had in my previous dreams (letís call her C. Longoria). She was in a dark greenish jacket, and was wearing a cloth covering for her head (Iím not too keen as to the specific type of cloth), but as I pass her, she was smiling at me.

      Then as Iím going more into the neighborhood, I start to realize itís the one I used to be in Katy Texas (where I was in some bluish house with a slight green tint to it). Then when I see a certain vehicle that looked like an Equinox I believe that was RED, something was weird. I jumped up really quickly when I saw another vehicle almost make a collision with me; I believe it was a black jaguar or something of the nature.

      Then when I step on the grass to check out this Red Equinox, I do a RC check (for once I do it naturally!) and could breathe through my nose. I finally realized Iím dreaming, and to my amazement, I remained calmed and just looked at the vehicle again for a while. I go across from the house I saw the familiar vehicle in, and I saw another red Equinox.

      Before I moved like crazy again, I decided to stabilize my dream by saying that I will look more in detail on this Equinox. I screamed, ďI AM DREAMING!Ē while retaining a stoic demeanor, and I kept looking at the Equinox more and more.

      It felt that as I was analyzing it, it manifested more features, but some parts where a bit abstract, but everything around me looked just like reality, that it almost scared me. The girl, the random DCs (two of them I think), and then this.

      Then when I tell my subconscious that now that I know that Iím dreaming, my words to it were ďI will do more research to find out who I really am!Ē

      The environment started to digitalize itself, kind of like in Assassinís Creed: Revelations (I watched a few videos of the TobyGames channel on YouTube do a new commentary series on it).

      But for some freaking odd reason, despite this rare lucidity, I wanted to see if my thoughts could gear back to waking life. It took a while (which is good, meaning Iím getting a little bit better at dream control).

      Out of all moments of me complaining to myself of not having a lucid for several weeks now, I moved my eyes as if I was trying to look at my nose (crossed-eye myself basically) and I had the thought of saying ďWake up.Ē

      Back in waking life, but I sure was happy to become lucid after weeks of just remembering dreams!

      Dream 3:

      I believe Iím inside of some mini Asian house, it was temple looking like. Itís overall color was brown.

      I was inside my bedroom in my apartment though, so the room was basically attached to inside the Asian mini-temple. This girl named Angie that I knew in real life was trying to tell me something.

      I canít remember what she said, but she was complaining about something, so I decided to record what she said with my voice recorder I had in real life. After she was done talking, I told her ďThank you Angie for letting me record what you said.Ē

      I believe I did a RC to see if I was dreaming, but I knew I was dreaming. Instead of just running around like crazy whenever I get the chance to become lucid. I thought to myself ďOkay, itís time to meet my dream guideÖIím tired of this!Ē

      I walk outside of the Asian room, and went into another one. I screamed out ďEVA! I know youíre here somewhere!Ē As I go deeper into the other room, I turn left to another path, and I see an arm pass by quickly, and I could tell it was a person wearing a jacket, just like how EVA wore her outfit in Metal Gear Solid 3

      (If by now you donít know who Iím trying to find, Iím trying to find EVA from Metal Gear Solid 3, since I met her in a dream once, Iíve been fascinated in making her my dream guide, or at least, thatís what I want my actual dream guide to alter their form in).

      I started to chase where she was going, and Iím going through various rooms, and every time I turn my head to go to another area, I kept augmenting my confidence that I will see her! But I just kept seeing parts of her body dash to more rooms. I canít remember much after that though.

      I you EVA! :3

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    11. Shooting Enemies, Lucid Dream with some Inception elements to it, Looking through Black Folders

      by , 11-25-2011 at 11:49 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)


      I donít know if I was Snake from Metal Gear Solid or not, but I had to shoot many enemies one by one. Eventually, they found me, but I took advantage of the dark and kept shooting. Then it seems I quit the game and left.

      I woke up from this next dream at around 3:30 AM.

      I wake up in my apartment and tried turning all the lights, 2 out of the three didnít work. I assumed it was because I flipped the wrong switches. But then I had a flashlight in my hand, and it was glowing white.

      I look at the image it made at the wall at night. I saw some markings and I find out itís just markings of a jaguar.

      Then I peeked outside through the blinds, and the outside is NOT like my apartmentís exterior environment. Now I know I was dreaming because there was a huge lawn in front of me.

      The environment was gray and ominous, and I pinched my nose for a RC and was able to breathe through my noseÖdefinitely dreaming. When I head out, I could feel the wind blasting my face.

      Then I looked at my environment carefully and saw a few stores and some oncoming traffic. Then I realize Iím going down towards this area, like down the steps of a wider area
      (like the steps leading to the Lincoln statue or some kind of government monument, without the statue) in a setting that was grey and dark blue.

      People look at me with cold stares, I think I even saw Sidney Poitier driving a car that had a dull color, and heís looking at me earnestly as well.

      I decided to the stunt Leonardo did in Inception and pretend Iím just part of a dream. Then perspectives change and Iím some guy who looks like Irving Lambert from the Splinter Cell series.

      The stunt works and Sidney puts his eyes back on the road and everyone else around me went back to normal as well. I made sure to say that I was dreaming to stabilize it.

      Everything was vivid to me, and out of a scale of 1-10, the lucidity was probably a 8-9.

      Then I turn around and I see a guy from the show Seinfeld, Newman, I believe, walking somewhere. He turns around and looks at me with a surprised look with his mouth slightly opened and loose.

      For some reason I was scared again, but I still retained my lucidity, and I tried talking to him. I was like ďWoah woah now,Ē and decided to run away from him. Iím assuming heís chasing me, and I dashed down and I think I ducked under this middle age lady who was fairly large in her pink night gown and pushed her off I think to distract Newman.

      200 Cheeseburgers and it's almost like the one I saw.

      I continue running, ignoring all other people and saw a ledge above me. It was fairly high, and I jumped to it and grabbed on with my right hand and twisted my body to go with the gravity to land on top of the surface. Thatís when my eyes opened in waking life.

      Before this lucid dream, I was with my friend Rudy and we were inside some building and it had red carpet and white walls. This small chamber was open and it had black folders with some gold lettering or numbers to it. I look for my name, and as Iím doing so, Iím having a small conversation with Rudy about what would happen if we canít find out names on the folder.

      He said with a grin, ďWell I guess weíll be screwed.Ē And I added on and said, ďWhatís the worse that could happen? A nuclear explosion?Ē

      He starts to laugh, and then I finally found my name, but I had to move the folder a bit to the light to see my name in black engravings on a black folder. But my date of birth was in gold, and another folder had the same birth numbers, but it was a female name (weird). Then I see two papers on the red carpet and picked it up. They seem to be the lab sheet analysis I had for CHEM 111 LAB at Texas A&M University.

      I asked Rudy, ďWhat are these?Ē He didnít respond, so I said, ďOh from the tripÖĒ Then he laughed some more.

      Now Iím in a classroom and this black girl wears a shirt under her blue jacket (hard fabric) and the shirt was a skeleton with flames on the side I believe. The image was set up like an Internet meme. I knew I had more dreams, but they were really short.
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    12. Had Sex with a Blonde, Biology Lab Class, Going to restaurant with two girls, Code Lyoko, More Bio

      by , 10-26-2011 at 05:08 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Non-lucid Semi-Lucid Lucid

      I’m outside my apartment at night and went to the back and was looking through the windows of my neighbors. I was peeking inside of my own room, and the other ones as well.

      I didn’t pay attention to the one right of me though. I think I went inside and had sex with some blonde girl who looked like Hillary Scott with pony tails. She was pretty flexible and skinny, but I realized I wasn’t wearing a condom. I wasn’t sure if I was lucid or not. That’s all I’ll go into. O.O

      I was in class and we were waiting for a teacher, and she took a while to come, and she looked like my Biology Lab teacher, she came probably 5-10 minutes late. She starts teaching and smiles and apologizes for being so late. The class gets bigger, and we weren’t a lab, there were desks and chairs. From that, I became lucid, and didn’t focus on the people.

      I decided to get out of class and started to touch everything and become stable. I walk out and believe I’m in my apartment room.

      I decided to be a bit crazy by exiting it by going through the walls, but when I made impact, I got rebounded.
      Guess there was still doubt in my mind, and I woke up

      Then another dream, but I was non-lucid, is where I ask this guy if some other university was quiet like the one I asked him. I didn’t get a respond, but it looked like he wanted to say “Yes.”

      Then I’m walking with two girls, one is a blonde of course, but I couldn’t get a good image of her face, but we were going to some restaurant because there was free Rice Krispies? I decided to go with the flow with them, and the blonde girl was apparently named Hanna.

      We go into the restaurant and find a table, and got a free meal while we waited for our order.

      It was chicken I believe with lettuce, or a salad on a side. Then Hanna starts to choke because the food was spicy. Then we called to get someone to help her, but some random person decides to slap her.

      Then another dream is two black girls come out of a door and memorizes 9 of the 10 guys’ names that were sitting down, and apologizes for not remembering the last one.

      Then she asks, “Where’s Brandon?” I decided to hide my face with a folder, and she finds out and asks me if I think I’m so good that I could get the girls. I was basically thinking “WTF?” I just ignored her and decided to leave, she didn’t say anything.

      Then I go upstairs and see some guy I know in my university. Everything started to fade away after that.

      Then another dream is I’m a character in Code Lyoko. We were going to go get virtualized, but Jeremy went with us. It was basically just me and Aelita.

      But I don’t know if I was Jeremy or myself. But we were materialized in the desert area, or whatever you call it.

      Then Jeremy’s face appeared, and he says “Holy crap I need to go the computer to monitor things,” or something along those lines.

      Then Aelita said that she was a part of me. So that in the dream world, she would be my dream guide, but I was still confused because it seemed she was talking to Jeremy.

      Then I’m in another dream where I’m in a Biology Lab, and some guy named Ivan that I knew in waking life was a professor, and his girlfriend was there as well.

      He was talking about what Nitric Acid was, and labeled it as N3, but I responded and told him that it’s supposed to be NO3.

      He had orange words on top of the board, and blue on the bottom, and he corrected his mistake. The dream fades away.

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    13. Became Lucid after a series of Dreams, Possibly Met my Dream Guide

      by , 10-23-2011 at 01:54 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      NON-LUCID, LUCID Explaining and Talking SEMI-LUCID
      I was in this building, and a security guard asked me what I was doing here, and I told him a reason why and he said okay. I thought I was going to have to explain a bit more to him. I donít know where I am, but Iím in this place where there are a lot of doors. I believe I was taken to a foreign country, but it didnít feel any different.

      We were doing random things, probably related to college work, but it was like a scavenger hunt type of a game. I meet random people, and I recall one girl saying some nonsense and laughing because she went the wrong way. We even had this contest on who would get the most books on random selves. There was a piece of paper that was electronic that had a green bar fill up with a certain percentage depending on how many books were contained in the selves.

      I managed to reach the minimum amount and started bragging ďOh what now, what now!!?Ē Then I open this door and close it and see 3 people. One was my mother wearing a light green shirt, and on the right of her was lady with just the back of her body shown to me. And on the left my mother was this lawyer who was African-American who was fairly huge in size. I think he was wearing a suit, a dark blue suit and tie.

      It looked as if he halted his conversation he had with my mother and the lady, and probably just wanted to wait until I got out. I think he was even smiling, like he was going to say something about why I was here, but he just kept quiet. I exit the room from the same door I came in. I canít recall when I entered the same door again, but when I did, my mother and the lady appeared again, and my mother said ďHiĒ with a smile. The same lawyer was there who halted his conversation, but I donít think he was saying anything to the two people because they werenít even facing his direction.

      I leave the room again, but from a different door. I see the same security guard, but he didnít worry to approach me again. I go down the stairs, and the stairs were wide and I hear a voice that was on an intercom that talked about how students went on some trip to Europe, and I just went on that trip.

      Then I had this dream where me and a few girls (2-3) of them were looking for something. The area was pretty high, and it had a Prince of Persia feel to it.

      It had the fancy see-through curtains and doors that opened up and down. I was just following these girls; I believe we were in some competition. It felt like playing a video game. I met this black girl that looked familiar, I believe we met in middle school, but I didnít bother to pay attention to her too much. My mind still wasnít aware. We were on this train track and were racing with vehicles, and we had to avoid these small black mines with silver spikes on them.

      But we went pass them and they didnít explode.

      Then we reached the end of the track and it was me vs. the same black girl. I think we had to fight with weapons and armor, but it was very soft armor
      (kind of like fighting with a nerf bat lol).

      I canít remember much after that, so I woke up and decided to do a WBTB since I woke up probably a few minutes early before my alarm rang. I drink a glass of apple juice, and then ate a Rice Krispies bar. I started to sleep, but then I realized I should turn the alarm on my PC that was set for 4 something AM off and just sleep since I had another alarm clock that woke me up for 5:30 AM. I checked the timer on my PC and saw it was set for 2:45 AM, and thought I set it for 3:45 AM, but I was probably just being too observant and realized I started to sleep around 9 something PM. There was an hour left on the countdown before the alarm rang, which confused me, but I didnít bother dealing with that.

      I go to sleep, felt some heaviness on my nose and body, and I was counting down from 99 taking deep breathes and exhaling. I reached to 0 and started to count again, and thatís when I believe I started feeling some heaviness on certain parts of my body. Then the feeling eventually went away.

      Then I woke up, but it was a false awakening, I wasnít sure at the time. So I check my alarm clock. The time was 6:00 AM. But I knew I set the alarm for 5:30 AM, so I had to hear it before
      (trust me the alarm rings pretty loud, and I wouldíve had to made an effort to reach my arm to stop).

      I do a reality check my pinching my nose, and I could breathe in and out. I did it several times to make sure I wasnít breathing before I pinched my nose. I remained calm and tried to stabilize my dream by rubbing my hand. There was some light near the door to get out of my apartment, which was weird because I turned off all my lights before I slept, which helped proved I was dreaming.

      As I opened the door, I was still skeptical though, I was in my underwear, which I was in before I slept as well. This dream was really vivid, probably because it was close to morning in waking life. I didnít want to barge out in my underwear and make people think I was crazy.

      So I decided to open it slightly to observe the environment outside. The clouds were dark and gray, kind of ominous. The trees where fairly tall with bright green leaves, but I didnít pay attention to it that much. It was windy, almost as if a storm was about to manifest.

      Then I was sure I was dreaming. There was this large area with buildings with brown a brick-layered composition. I get out of my house and ran towards the school, but I believe it was a part of the university I go to (Texas A&M University). I think it was the Heldenfels building where I had my Chemistry and Biology lectures and labs.

      Iím inside the building; it still had that mildly dark setting outside with the dark clouds. I see all these students get out, and I believed I did another RC to not become to indulged with the dream.

      After a while, I looked at more DCs that were manifested, and I thought to myself ďI should meet my Dream Guide.Ē I remain calm, and headed for the restrooms. I see the menís restroom, but I knew that if I wanted to meet my Dream Guide, I should head for the Womenís restroom
      I always had females that tried to reach out to me in my dreams, that's why.

      I go in the womenís restroom, and I crouch down to see if there people in the bathroom. I just saw one pair of legs and decided to towards it.

      And guess what? Itís a blonde girl. Most of my dreams involved me meeting a blonde figure or hearing the voice of a blond I knew in waking life.

      She was doing her business, but the way she did it was weird. She had to stand and bend down on the urinal and was facing me instead of having her back turned (I was probably confused because I thought of the womenís restrooms in anime where the urinal was on the floor and they had to bend down).

      Spoiler for Pic for the position she was in (No private parts showing but may be disturbing to some people XD):

      Then I had this temptation to just look at her urinating. I didnít want to get too into it, so I just told her to stop. I think I fingered her to make her stop urinating (wait what?!?! LOL)

      I grabbed her, and the bathroom urinals were split apart of course, they had white borders on the side. I held her and leaned her against the wall on one of the borders. I looked into her eyes, and asked, ďAre you my Dream Guide?Ē

      She smiled and said ďYesss (Her face changed a little bit, I donít know, it just felt weird). She had her arms wrapped around my neck, not choking, just as if she was trying to hug me and seduce me.

      I think she said her name was Rebecca, it took me a few seconds to process that, but it was Rebecca. I wanted to make sure that this wasnít a DC trying to be a wannabe DG.

      So I replied, ďHow?Ē She replied, ďDo you want me to show you how? I can go into your mindÖĒ She started to bend her neck a little bit, her whole body was on me, and she was holding on to me by hugging around my neck. I didnít panic or anything. She slowly brings her head from bending her neck and her eyes are different. They started to get big.

      I paused her and said, ďWhat? Wait, what hold on hold on!Ē I look around the restroom to get some clarity, but she probably wanted me to just focus on her face. I saw some other girl come into the restroom, but she didnít scream seeing me in the restroom, but she left like she was afraid.

      I tried to talk to her more and more, I wasnít excited or anything, I was calm. She said that she would get into my mind. Then after that, everything turns pitch-black.

      Out of all of the DCs I met in that dream, she stood out the most, she didnít panic that I was in the Womenís Restroom, and she didnít just sit there looking lifeless like my other DCs. She was as aware as I was, but her face was altered when I got close to her, but I just couldnít get a good mental image on the change.

      I woke up, but my eyes werenít open, so I decided to do a DEILD. But I just had a sudden burst of energy and felt alive. I wasn't groggy or anything, I spend a few minutes thought remaining still, but I decided that I was too awake to try doing another WILD since I opened my eyes after attempting the DEILD.

      Oh and she said her name was Rebecca.

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    14. Became Lucid and attempted to call out Dream Guide

      by , 10-18-2011 at 01:35 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)


      I’m in some type of Middle school or High school. I was worried about the quiz tomorrow in the dream that we had to take. I meet my elementary teacher I had in a certain school named Ms. Coffee. She helped me with some concepts I needed to know before the quiz (it was something simple like memorizing the different phases of the moon like a full moon, crescent, etc), and then I had to wait for her to give me some pass to excuse me from being tardy in my next class. She thought I was supposed to be in her next class, but I explained it to her and then left with the pass.

      Then I’m in some room in college. I see myself do a reality check by pinching my nose….

      I can breathe. And like in the last lucid I had yesterday, I tried to stabilize it. I said “Ball” about 3 times and they formed. I believe I see too people in my room, and I’m wondering why they are here. They were fiddling with some things, and I told them some random nonsense that if they took anything, they would have their location traced down in quickly.
      (They weren't exactly like the image below, but they just stood there lol)

      They eventually left and I decided to just get out of this dream scene. I tried to jump really high inside a building and just launch myself up the ceiling to get outside, but I can’t recall actually getting out.

      But I’m outside, and it’s raining. I believe I’m in an environment that’s similar to the college I’m in now. -snipped-

      I see some random DCs, and I believe I was checking my backpack to make sure my Zune Mp3 player wasn’t going to go out should the rain soak my backpack and seep into it. It was okay, and I put it back.

      I believe that at one point while it was raining, I was trying to call out my Dream Guide, it felt so weird. I felt sad while it was raining, but it just felt so good to be sad for some odd reason. No one showed up.

      Then I’m suddenly in this different environment, but I don’t believe I was as lucid as before. Some random DC that looked like a college professor said that we will be having our quiz today. He even gave us a slideshow outside of a classroom of what the quiz would be like and allowed us to look up the answers to complete the 5 questions up in the board.

      It turned out that it was the quiz and that it was open-book. There were some spelling errors on the slideshow, like instead of Years, it said Yiers. I wasn’t aware of this and didn’t do a RC, but after the quiz time was over and we went over the answers, most of our answers were right, but I couldn’t remember if I got all of them right. Then I woke up.

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    15. Had another lucid, but my eyes freaking opened!

      by , 10-16-2011 at 12:38 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Non-lucid, Lucid

      I woke up just now at around 5:38 AM. Before that, I was sleeping with my back on the bed, and I was thinking of a few images. Then one came by really quick, like it was going inside of a vortex (like the one below, but it was dark blue and the picture was white with a bit of bright colors in it).

      To give you a better realization of what I experienced, watch this video from Code Lyoko when Aelita deactivates a tower.
      (The part at 30 seconds and the rest of the video is what I'm talking about, but it went spiral to the right for me. That same image that I saw in a rectangular medium was about to go into the darkness, I CLENCHED MY FISTS that VERY MOMENT BEFORE IT WAS GONE, then it just came back up.

      Before it went into the vortex, I clenched my fists and thought in my mind that I wanted it back. Then I feel this sudden rush of energy and feel myself laying down. I'm still thinking if I'm trying to induce sleep paralysis, but then my whole body gets bent and then.

      I feel this heavy object on me as I wake up, (I'm having one of those few lucid dreams where it's vivid as heck!)
      (When I was being elevated by the heavy object, it was something like this in this video)
      (around 30 seconds, except I didn't get pierced in the butt xD)

      I was shocked at first, but I sort of repressed the urge to open my eyes in waking life. I decided to do a reality check by pinching my nose, and I was able to breathe, but when I try to exhale air through my nose, I had some difficulty. The heavy object was suddenly elevated, I didn't even bother to look at it. My mind was just clear and aware, and I stood up and decided to look around my surroundings. The light was on,(It wasn't on in waking life) and see that my room is a little wider than it normally is. There is a black chair, and I believe my computer desk was there too,(it's in the living room in waking life). I tried my best not to panic or anything, I have full mobility.

      I wanted to have some medium that I use to remind myself that I am dreaming and to be aware of my senses in the dream world, so I called out "Ball," and a gray ball appeared in my hand that was similar to the knead eraser I had in waking life that I use for drawing.

      Then after I'm really aware that I'm dreaming, I tried to focus on finding my dream guide, but some kind of reflex in me wanted to open up my eyes in waking life, and I've been suggested to let the dream come to me, but trust me, this dream CAME TO ME ALREADY.

      Darn it! Oh well, I'll attempt it again tonight! I really need some help with making myself not open my eyes and learn to use my dream eyes.

      I feel as if I was following a certain technique when I clenched my fists, but I wasn't holding an object that allowed me to see my dream hands.

      It's just that when I have a dream this vivid, it's just so compelling to open your eyes, even though it was vivid enough with my dream eyes.

      I've read most of the popular guides and some that didn't get to have such glorifying recognition, it's just this eye problem that bothers me. If I can just find a way to stop opening them and use my dream eyes, I can get on with finding my DG.

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