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    My Subconcious is my Ultimate Companion....

    by , 01-09-2013 at 09:44 AM (706 Views)
    My Subconcious is my Ultimate Companion (Non-lucid)


    This dream I had with her was very confusing, so the whole plot of the dream might be skewed, but I'll try my best to recall as much as I can.

    Oh, and let's call her Kaytlan, so I can at least remember which lesbian I'm referring to in the future. >.>

    I'm inside a room with her, she seems pretty cheerful, and waiting for me to go to her.

    The outfits she's wearing changes a lot, or maybe I'm just having a lot of mini-dreams of her that somehow fit together. I'm sitting down, and she has her laptop that looks like a Macbook. She's looking at something online I'm guessing, and she eventually puts the laptop screen halfway down.

    Everything feels so calm, and I feel so content being here. I don't have any sexual thoughts about her as yet, I was busy fantasizing on the realism of her actually being here with me in some fancy hotel we probably got for a few days.

    For some reason I felt like I was her only friend because of the model life she has in waking life, and she wanted me only to keep herself from feeling lonely. She's busy doing random things I can't recall very well, but I enjoy every moment with her as a companion.

    It looked as if she was bored but couldn't do anything probably because she didn't want to go outside and have dream characters going crazy over her. Despite the stagnant environment, it was the safest place she could be in right now.

    She's now wearing a very short dress that ends at the middle of her thighs, and the sexual thoughts are apparent now for me and continue to augment, but this all feels wrong because of my assumption of her sexuality. I'm now confused as to whether or not she's my dream guide taking another form of a blonde or if it's just a randomly generated dream character.

    She's not passive, at least most of the time, and my presumption of this is probably because I'm actually passive overall in the dream. It's all too confusing, there isn't any conflict, there isn't random things occurring, it's just a simple encounter with me and her.

    The emotions to describe this is difficult to explain. It seems my actions contribute to her reacting in a certain way, a simple cause-and-effect contact with her. If I was bored, she was bored, if I was sexual, she would tease me with her sexuality of being a lesbian.

    She leans over me, and I probably look at her cleavage for a few seconds before looking at her face. She has beautiful blonde hair, slightly bleached in some areas, and then she expands her arms, waiting for me to embrace her as a companion.

    My reaction to this was to simply hug her as well and see how I would react. I felt like there was a emotional purging with sexual thoughts, cuddling thoughts, and more. I knew she couldn't be here with me because she's presumably in a far location in waking life. There's no point being sexual with her because her image and my assumption of her being lesbian kind of traumatizes me.

    But at the same time, even if I was non-lucid, this impossible encounter obviously was a dream, but there's not point in becoming lucid, and even if I were lucid, it wouldn't be so exhilirating seeing what she'll do to me when I'm unconsciously watching this interaction with her.

    The image gets stronger and stronger, and I submit myself to her. She has a motherly affection, testing me to see what I would do to her. Suddenly I get the sexual urge to slide one of my hands to the middle of her spine, hugging her tightly with my left hand, feeling this warm embrace.

    The image of her and my presumption of her sexuality becomes the least of my concerns, and I enjoy how slowly I'm sliding my hands down her back. I reach the arch of her rear, and I'm just a few moments from clenching her asscheeks....and I could do anything I want with her...anything....she would instantly submit to me.

    But why treat her like some sexual object when she openly wants me to embrace her as a companion, and not as a sexual partner?

    Exactly what should motivate me to become carnal with this woman? We're in a room by ourselves, no one would dare distract us.

    This room alone is sufficient for the both of us to do many many many sexual acts. The kitchen, the glass table, the couch, and even the fluffy vanilla floor are all enticing spots for making love with her. There's something holding me back though, and I feel she has that urge that I need to go down deeper on the scale of lust.

    I can do nothing but embrace her and constrain my hand movements only for her back, shoulders, and the area before the arch of her ass descends. She is my ultimate companion, the concept of sexuality is bullshit when I'm with her, and it doesn't matter what my sexuality is with her.

    These images instilled of what she should be, and yet she makes actions that contradict it makes me realize what she may be trying to portray to me.

    Destroy my sexuality now, enjoy what she has to offer me, enjoy the potential she can give me. I shouldn't be setting a sexuality on myself so aggressively. But it's really hard to do that because women is the image that I'm set to like, and I love every bit of this mental filter.

    Here she could be anyone I wanted her to be, any blonde I wanted her to be. I could express my sexism towards her, and she would love everything I give to her. Does she want me to experiment with her? Does she want me to break her, is she playing along just to make me feel better?

    This same hug, so many emotions to explain, just a simple hug from her, just a brief gesture of love for me and me only. It's hard to make it seem that it's not a possessive love. No one else but me and her are here in this room.

    She's not a lesbian.
    She's not a sexual partner.
    She's not a twin soul.
    She's not an enemy.

    But she can be if she wants to......and all it takes for her to be all those things is sliding my hand down to her ass cheeks.

    I take the risk, I go down, grope it, and just before I could go crazy with her, she gently pushes me back and waves her index finger left and right at me.

    "No no" was the expression on her face as she gives me a smile and stands straight up in front of me.

    Then she decides to put her face near my crotch and digs her nose deep into the edge of the couch I'm sitting on. I can tell she's giggling, as if she's trying to show me that she can do anything for me down there, and all I have to do is hold her head, move it so she can bite my zipper and slide it down slowly and.....and..and I can't do it.

    So she's bending down with her knees on the fluffy carpet, and she becomes dormant, waiting to see if I'm going to touch her head and use her mouth as another hole to fuck with. That's the implication I was getting from this random act of her, but I don't really do anything.

    Her image starts coming back to me....the image along with the assumption, so it doesn't feel right when she's using the face of a lesbian I used to know......


    Why did she have to wear the short dress.............


    Code Lyoko and Batwoman's Mini-jet Vehicle (Non-lucid)


    After recalling the dream with my subconscious, recalling this next dream seems like a waste honestly.

    So Odd is riding his board in the air, and I see that Batwoman's vehicle (The Mystery of Batwoman version) is below this green circular base. There's a tower about 30-40 feet above it, and I assume Aelita will deactivate the tower.

    I shift my focus in falling into this green base, infact, the whole environment is green and metallic, though the associations of the lime-green colors make me think it's the Forest Sector in Lyoko.

    The find that Batwoman's jet like vehicle runs on 4 Double A Batteries, and only 2 are inside the slots and the cover is missing. I tried stomping on the vehicle, and it's working just fine, for a while I guess. I jump on and ride around the air with it to do something.....
    forgot what happens next.

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