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    Pearl Necklace, Shooting to No Avail, Female Sword Slasher in 2D Side Scroller Fantasy Game

    by , 09-07-2014 at 03:14 AM (698 Views)
    Haven't posted in so long. A week or so ago, I almost panicked when I opened the program I use for my DJ, and it gave me an option to start a new dream journal, or open an existing one. Thank goodness that there was a back up, otherwise there would be over 1,000+ entries gone forever. I mean, there's this DJ, but I can't be bothered to store the content here into some other file format that won't have me pulling my hair.

    Pearl Necklace Placed In The Drawer (Non-lucid)


    Iím inside of a kitchen thatís akin to the one in real life, and I noticed that a familiar face at work is there fiddling around with something. Sheís the perfect replica of the lady with the old visage and slightly frail body composition. Sheís wearing a shirt that has blue, white, and red bled into each other, most likely what she wore to show national spirit at times, I guess.

    The kitchen in this dream was so real that it threw me off completely on whether or not I would be lucid at some point in the dream. Most of the area except the kitchen was fairly dark, or maybe my peripheral vision implied in the dream state was too blurry, thus enticing me to fixate my awareness to this specific location.

    Thereís a fairly large transparent bag made of hard plastic, but I canít recall whatís actually in there. I figured that with the type of material the bag is composed of, there were some elements of ice; so maybe some kind of dessert or cold items were stored there to sustain their temperature. I had an urge to take out some of the material within the ice, and with how I felt somewhat hungry in the dream, Iíd assume the material was edible.

    She (letís use ďNanĒ for distinction) proceeds to fiddle around some more with the bag, but not the content in it. I move the slightly huge bag around, and find felt something was odd about it. There was a slightly weird smell from the sink where the bag resides, and I immediately move the bag upwards to see whatís on the bottom.

    The moment I move it up, thereís maybe 2-3 creatures that look like white versions of slugs, or some kind of parasitic creatures with weird antennae like ears going diagonally from the frontal region of their heads. My lack of appetite for whatever content was in the bag augmented tremendously, and I had some weird feeling in my stomach.

    It was a sensation as if I was going to puke, or just cough in expression of disgust. I donít know when the next experience occurs, but it had to be within this same experience I recalled just now.

    Nan continues to exist in a way that looks as if sheís a living, breathing, and sentient dream character with her own capability of doing whatever is on her mind, or whatever unconscious predispositions and beliefs I may have about her in general. She barely utters a word, and mostly expresses herself through body language and hand motions.

    I pay attention to her eyes, noticing that same look that feigns a sense of authority. She shifts her eyes downwards, and I proceed to do the same along with my face. She points to her wrist, and she finally makes a declaration that this is her pearl necklace that sheís about to give to me. Iím in slight shock as to why she would offer me something that looks so valuable, but she doesnít communicate to me verbally after that.

    She merely opens a drawer, and puts the pearl necklace, and closes it shut. Before she did this, I noticed the necklace had a few missing pieces, or maybe the string was too long to contain the few white pearls.


    Shooting, But To No Avail (DILD)


    Iím clearly in a warzone in an area that has a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex-esque feeling to it. The overall color scheme consists of bright muddy colors, and some bright colors such as yellow mixed in with that as well.

    Iím not too sure of the weapon Iím carrying, but it seems to be one where I can fire hundreds of shots pretty quickly. Iím not really concerned on having to reload seeing how Iím going through an onslaught of soldiers that literally look like lo-polygon game entities. From their faceted look in general, and the blurry and blotchy textures applied to them, it all felt like I was just playing a run-down version of a game that probably would have better graphics with next-gen consoles.

    I canít really presume if I exist in a dream body that represents me, but I do feel sensations of walking, running, crouching, and things like that throughout the dream. Iím aimlessly going nowhere but forward, mowing down what appears to be enemies. Some of them just wonít die, no matter how much I aim at certain locations that would guarantee some kind of kill, or knockdown.

    I seemed to be in a state of no emotions, and just shifting in and out of spectator mode, and a third person view angle where the camera would be behind the individual in focus. I get a little irritated every now and then, and whenever enemies shoot me, I get weird vibrations around my body, and if I seem to be taking too much ďdamage,Ē things get a little blurry, and some weird spatters of liquid come up; probably to signify the potential of blood loss, even though there wasnít any red to begin with.

    There was one soldier that seemed to give me a hard time even though he was only 3-4 feet away from me. I have my back braced against a wall to the right side of this region that seems to have a dark brown road with gray sidewalks in each side thatís gradually going uphill.

    I take advantage of the fact that I can see their movements because I shift around spectator view, and a third person point of view, and I time my attacks the moment I see them having a delay in their shooting. I manage to pick off some soldiers, but while doing that, I tried putting in some bullets to the soldier in this very dark blue camo outfit. He has some kind of weird shaped helmet that would be shaped like a D-pad youíd find in a Wii Remote for example, except itís much more extruded, and blockier, but there is some smoothing on the edges.

    I can hear the loud and rapid gunshots, and I can gradually feel myself getting enraged at how this guy isnít being taken down. And whenever he tries to shoot me, it seems as if I could be affected, but Iím really not.

    Iím not sure if I took care of him at all, but I do know I took care of a lot of dream characters.


    2D Side Scroller Fantasy Sword Slashing Game (Non-lucid)


    Iím clearly playing a game, and Iím too lazy to go to great lengths in explaining the content, so Iíll be as concise as I can.

    - Iím playing as a female; blonde, long hair, chibi-like with an apricot colored visage. Sheís wearing some elongated white top that extends to the middle of her upper thighs with some black latex/bodysuit that covers her entire torso and legs

    - She seems to be proficient with two golden swords, and a brown bow and arrow weapon set as well.

    - The area seems to be somewhere that has large gray statues in ruins, and general buildings in ruins as well. Thereís grass forming around these structures, and the character is running the other way instead of the typical left to right movement youíd find in a side scroller 2D game.

    - Sheís finishing enemies off with ease, and seems to have completely mastery of when to use the bow and arrow, and when to get close and personal with her two golden swords (or maybe it was one; she couldíve slashed so fast that I presumed she had two).

    - No one is going to stop this female from wherever sheís fixated in arriving to. Iíd even presume this is some kind of chibi version of Marta from Tales of Symphonia 2: Dawn of the New World



    Except itís not really like her at all from head to toe, just the costume and accessories seem slightly similar.

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