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    Persuading a God while He Tries to Kill Me, Balloon Giraffe, Green Squares of Death

    by , 03-31-2014 at 05:41 AM (717 Views)
    Persuading a God while He Tries to Kill Me, Balloon Giraffe, Green Squares of Death (DILD)


    Iím inside of an educational facility, and apparently, thereís a news station crew that broadcast that itís dangerous to try and enter a certain room because criminals are inside of it. I had the intention of going into the office way before this announcement, but now, whatever plans I had were delayed.

    The ďcriminalsĒ come out, and thereís an outbreak. People are screaming, panicking, and running for their lives. I canít really see the criminals that well, because everything felt like a rushed blur, but the dream shifts to where I eventually get outside.

    Thereís a balloon giraffe thatís probably 300-500 in the air, and as for the actual height, at least 50 feet or so.

    It apparently has the ability to summon large light green squares, and can mentally break them apart into smaller cubes, and theyíre all being directed to me. This ends up being a dream where I just run for my life, trying to use whatever I can in the environment while gradually developing an escape plan, other than to wake up.

    I can feel my back tingling constantly in this dream, and even though it gets annoying, along with the head pressures, it helps a lot with avoiding the green cubes. I already know Iím at a major disadvantage since the floating giraffe can move about anywhere, and can get a quick aerial view of where I could be at. I couldnít cover large distances, so my general tactic was to hide in buildings while peeking to see if the giraffe is off looking at me in the other direction.

    But it seems that as long as the giraffe can locate me, the green squaresí composition can be manipulated to fit into the tightest corners, and then swoop in to try and inflict damage to me. Speaking for damage, Iím pretty sure I was attacked several times, but I didnít really feel any pain.

    The adrenaline, and other surging tendencies prevented me from noticing this. Maybe I knew it wouldnít be something as dangerous, but itís hard to know if I would be aware of that in the circumstance I was in. The giraffeís composition was nagging, and this made me realize why this giraffe may exist within the dream.

    I felt as if I was having to deal with a projection of how I conceptualized someoneís over-inflated ego. And because the visage of the giraffe was stationary, correlating its attacks at me, while it portrays no emotion whatsoever, since itís a balloon, makes things pretty intimidating.

    I speculated on whether or not the same individual I engaged in discussion with in waking life was either a Sociopath to remain calm, and yet still be so aggressive at the same time without even knowing that theyíre being so in the first place. Building after building, and crashing into so many random items and resources, I finally get some breathing time.

    I took that time to speculate why I havenít woken up as yet, especially when all the rushed surging of adrenaline was so overwhelming. I guess what helped sustained me within this dream was that I was fluctuating between going into a dream body, and then just viewing what was happening if things were too overwhelming. Itís hard to describe, itís almost as if I wanted to see how this dream would turn out, despite of its nonsensical nature.

    After a while, it seems the giraffe isnít going to win this hunt, so it decides to turn into what seems to be a godly entity. And I swear he looks exactly like the Advice God meme:

    He has a built chest, and is wearing white robes that seem to move around like smoke. He continues to use the green squares, keeping his distance away from me. I continue to play this game of chase and run, realizing that heís obviously not here to kill me, but rather to intimidate me, and wanting me to respond to his random queries.

    But then again, I donít think it wouldíve been wise to stop someone that turns into a giraffe to hunt you down in the first place. Iím now in a building, and I reach the top floor, and it almost feels as if itís some kind of public school in New York, or some kind of area where thereís mostly dull colored buildings.

    The flooring consists of a checkered tiling with dark gold and dark brown, and thereís all sorts of papers and fliers. The entity starts creating winds to swoosh into the area, and now heís augmented his size so much that I can see his whole eye extend probably up to 20 feet just from me looking at the window. He asks me at some point,

    ďWhy donít you believe?Ē

    I get confused, trying to strip away the obvious reasons why he would ask me this. After this, I believe I woke up at some point. After going back to sleep, Iím now in a building, except it seems like a mix of a laboratory, and a disco dance floor, exceptt with white tile flooring and walls, and no disco ball. Thereís an entity wearing a fancy suit, and had a body composition similar to what you would see in Team Fortress 2ís Spy (never played the game by the way).

    Except his suit is black, and he just has an expression, despite wearing a mask, that makes me feel really bad for this guy. I donít know what it is in particular, but something irks me about him.

    I think I was going to declare generalizations on nihilism to him. But what would be the point of telling a spy that his objectives have no inherent meaning?

    Get it? Get it? Geeeeeet it? Okay, enough cracking existential nihilism jokes.

    After avoiding conversation with the guy, it seems Iím headed for an elevator nearby, and itís really an open elevator where you can see some of the gears and metal bindings. OH, there was another dream shift before this I think where I'm Roxas, and I'm trying to run away from the giraffe, or the godly entity, can't remember who.

    After that, I canít remember what happens next.

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