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    Possible Dream Guide and Law and Order Actor passes out

    by , 06-14-2011 at 09:47 PM (839 Views)

    Okay, I don't know about this one, but I think I found my dream guide at the end, but it gets a bit weird after that, so I may have had one of those DC's that plays around with you (I don't know). Okay here goes.

    I have a dream that I was watching a law and order show, with one of the stars, (MARISKA Hargitay) from LAW AND ORDER, was doing some investigation with some random dude. Her partner's facade was vague, but I do recall him wearing a black cap backwards, and was wearing a black cardigan and goldish-yellowish shirt or something. Anyway, they were doing some investigation, and suddenly the guy does something she DIDN'T want them to do in the first place. This get hectic from her, but I don't remember. All I do remember is him carrying her (she was knocked out, I could SEE HER with her eyes closed with a scar on the right side on her head on the top I believe) to one of those stairs you see at the side of the apartments (look at pictures below). And I think for a moment, I was semi-lucid, and asked what the guy's name was, and he said "John." I asked "Are you my dream guide?" He paused for a little while, as if he was looking at something downwards diagonally, and said "Yes." He proceeded to walk with the lady from law and order, and a door was opened. Then I saw everything went dark from there. With a little light in the middle (like a speck of light spanning an oval or something. Then I see a female's legs. When I asked the dude if he was my dream guide, I asked, "Are you sure?" I couldn't remember anything after that, so he probably didn't even respond. But for some reason, the lady in the darkness was some girl I knew in High School, I asked what her name was, She said "Synne" or "Sinne" or something like that. I was like "synne? As is S-y-n-n-e?" Then she replied, "No, Sim." I nodded (I think), and probably tried to get more out of her, but she left with some lady who was larger than her (probably because I was laying down a bit). But as they opened the door to leave, I was trying to predict who would leave first, it looked like Sim (A girl) was going first, but then the lady, (who i believe had those green rolls females use to help curl their hair) leave, and then her. Then some random dream of Eminem rapping was apparent, and I think he was doing one of those "OKAY I'm PISSED AT YOU, SO I'M GONNA MAKE A RAP SONG TO DISS YOU" raps, but I don't know it was directed at me but I do remember one phrase saying (somewhat), "I'll even like all my Facebook statuses if I have to!!!" or something like that haha. Then he was picking up a bottle of ketchup and was like "UHHHH!" not the uhhh as in you don't know what to say, but like the forceful "UHHHH" as if one was going "YEAH!" After that, I woke up haha. BUT THEN AS I TIME THIS, THE SAME GIRL WHO TOLD ME SIM was her name, I don't think she was my DG because at first it was a guy before we entered the door, but then was speaking to myself in reality, "Sim...sim...sim...SIMONA!!!" Instantly I recognized her face, but I still have to do more dreaming to clarify this, I think I'm having a duality with conflicts on my possible DG and someone I've been ignoring in High School.

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